Ah, vaping mistakes.  We’ve all made them, and we will continue to do so.  Vaping requires many moving parts, and all of those moving parts must be carefully selected, properly maintained, and safely stored.  Otherwise, we can run into trouble that can interfere with our ability to enjoy a satisfying vaping experience.

The good news is that those of us who have made common vaping mistakes are here to prevent you from committing the same offences.  Today, we’ll be talking about the most common vaping errors, and how to prevent them from happening.


#1: Don’t Buy the Cheapest Vape Juice You Can Find
One huge mistake is opting for the e-liquid with the lowest price.  Cheap e-juice tends to be cheap for a reason, as it usually contains low-quality ingredients which cost less to produce.  You should always go with e-juice brands that have good reputations for creating high-quality products.  Not only will low-quality vape juice provide an unpleasant taste, but it can cause issues with your vaping hardware as well.

#2: Don’t Choose the Wrong Nicotine Strength
Many vapers go for the highest nicotine strength available, and this is often a mistake.  Too high of a nicotine concentration can make you feel unwell as your body simply isn’t used to it.  A similar problem is going with a nicotine strength that’s too low, which makes the user feel like their nicotine cravings aren’t being satisfied.  Stick with somewhere in the middle if you’re a beginner.

#3: Don’t Buy Freebase Nic for Your Pod Mod, or Salt Nic for Your Sub-Ohm System
Many vapers who aren’t familiar with the intricacies of different vaping styles mistakenly try to use the wrong type of e-liquid with their device in hopes that it will work.  Always use a vape juice that’s compatible with the hardware that you’re using.


#1: Don’t Let Your Batteries Go to Empty
It’s a good idea to avoid letting your batteries run to empty before you recharge them.  This can cause your battery to die sooner than later as you’re essentially draining its energy supply.  Ideally, you should charge your batteries when they go into the yellow, not the red, or, at 20 percent capacity.

#2: Don’t Carry Loose Batteries
Batteries have metal connections on either side that allow them to deliver power to the device that you’re using.  These metal connections can become destabilized if they interact with other metal, and they can become unusable if they get dirty.  Therefore, if you travel with spare batteries, make sure that you keep them in an appropriate container.

#3: Don’t Let Your Batteries Leak
This is a particularly important one.  If your battery happens to be leaking, it’s imperative that you throw it out and replace it immediately, otherwise it can be hazardous.

#4: Don’t Use Incompatible Batteries
Only use batteries that are compatible with your device, as per guidance from the manufacturer of the mod that you’re using.

#5: Don’t Be Without Spares
You should always have spare batteries ready to go, so make sure that you have at least two extras at all times.


#1: Don’t Go to the Highest Setting Right Away
Many vapers make the mistake of selecting the highest output level that a device offers, thinking it will bring them a more satisfying vaping experience.  This can instantly kill your coil, and burn your vape juice to the point that it’s not worth vaping.  Instead, start with a low output option and gradually work your way up until you hit your sweet spot.

#2: Don’t Try to Modify Your Device without Experience
A particularly risky mistake is trying to take apart your own device and modify it, without knowing what you’re doing.  In short, don’t try to modify your own mod unless you have experience working with this type of technology.

#3: Don’t Leave Your Device Outside
Leaving your device outdoors can damage it, either due to rain, wind causing it to fall and break, or high heat that fries the circuitry.

#4: Don’t Leave Your Device in the Car
Similarly, leaving your device in a car is a bad idea, because extreme heat as well as extreme cold can cause long-term damage.


#1: Don’t Let Yourself Be without Replacement Coils
Replacement coils should always be on hand.  Sometimes, we need to replace a coil suddenly, because we’ve accidentally burnt it out or because it’s clogged.  Always have a fresh pack waiting for you.

#2: Don’t Buy Coils That Are Incompatible with Your Tank or Device
A huge mistake is buying coils that are not compatible with your device or tank, or using coils that are not suited for the output range that you’re vaping at.  Hardware manufacturers clearly state which coils you should be using with your vaping setup, so follow these guidelines carefully.

#3: Don’t Vape with Dead Coils
Once a coil is dead, it must be replaced.  Vaping with a dead coil will cause a poor flavor, weak vapor production, and even run the risk of harming your device due to the compromised transference of heat.  Once your coil is no longer providing you with a satisfying vape, replace it immediately.

#4: Don’t Skip Priming
Priming a coil before using it is a process that involves saturating it with vape juice.  This step cannot be missed, because an unprimed coil will likely burn out once you fire your device.

#1: Don’t Let Your Tank Get Dirty
It’s crucial that you clean your tank regularly by removing all of its components and washing each one individually.  This should be done weekly or so, depending on how much you vape.  A dirty tank can interfere with your e-liquid’s flavor, and clog the coil, making it unusable.

#2: Don’t Forget to Wash Your Tank Before Refilling
Also, always give your tank a rinse before refilling it with a new flavor.  Otherwise, the debris from the old flavor will mix in with the new one, which can produce an unwanted flavor experience.

#3: Don’t Flood Your Tank
Most tanks have a maximum fill line, which you should adhere to.  Fill the tank to this line, because filling above it can flood your tank, causing e-liquid to leak everywhere.

#4: Don’t Forget Replacement Glass
Good idea to have a spare piece of glass ready to go in case you break or crack your tank.

Given the nature of vaping, it’s common to make some mistakes from time to time, especially when you’re just getting familiar with the technology.  But, some mistakes will cost you more than others.  By using this guide, you can prevent the most common mistakes from occurring.