Don’t Make these 10 Vaping Mistakes!

1. Bad Quality Vape Devices
Do some research before buying your vaping device. No matter if you vape nicotine or any other kind of e-juices, choose a high-quality vape that adapts to your vaping needs.

Many cheap vaping devices offer a horrible vaping experience and you will not enjoy vaping it. Furthermore, many of these cheap vaping devices have not passed exhaustive tests, which means that they can even harm you or injure you.

Vaping with a bad quality vaping device is a huge mistake. Therefore, you should always choose a vaping device from a reputable brand. Aspire has all kind of vapes, from powerful mods to versatile pod mods to classic pen style vapes.

2. Filling the Wrong Amount
Yeah, this is one of the most common vaping mistakes! Many users, specially beginners, experience what is known as a “dry hit”, which is basically a “burnt” taste and an unpleasant hot and distasteful flavor.

How do we prevent a dry hit?

There are many causes behind a “dry hit”. For example, it could be caused by poor e-liquid absorption. However, the most common mistake is caused by not having enough juice going through the coil.

The solution to avoid a dry hit is very simple. Avoid a depleted tank as this is the most common vaping mistake that causes a dry hit. When you get a dry hit, the wicking material isn’t getting enough liquid for its re-saturation, hence, the coil gets warmer and instead of vaporizing the e-juice you are burning cotton.

Furthermore, perhaps you are chain vaper, which is one of the most common causes of a dry hit. This happens when you don’t allow the wick to absorb enough e-liquid because of excessive puffing. Try not to puff continuously and let the wick absorb enough e-liquid.

Don’t confuse a “dry hit” with a “throat hit” which is the sensation in the throat caused by inhaling nicotine.

3. Bad Quality E-Juice
The product is key. Smokers know that not all tobacco brands taste the same, and although vaping doesn’t have anything in common with smoking, vaping e-juices aren’t any different, in other words, quality matters. Therefore, choosing the proper e-juice is very important for an amazing vaping experience.

There are many brands available that offer a wide range of e-juices. Firstly, you need to consider the type of e-juice that you like and its pros and cons.

For example, many vapers love sweet flavors, but be cautious as you might risk your coil to get gunky if you use too many sweet e-juices. This is caused by the sweeteners added in the e-juices that after a while will form what is known as “coil gunk”. Furthermore, you will get a dry heat sensation as the coil gunk will begin to burn.

Some users suggest that e-juices containing more vegetable glycerin (VG) contribute more to the buildup of coil gunk.

So, beware of your e-juice choice and check for high-quality ones!

4. From Bad quality E-Juices to Coil Gunk or Dirty Coils
You need to have a clean coil to have a great vaping experience. Obviously, coils need maintenance as they won’t stay clean forever. Therefore, keep in mind that a clean coil will offer you a better vaping experience. You will avoid this common mistake by following a simple regular coil maintenance.

As previously mentioned, a gunky coil will alter the flavor of your e-juice and hence you will experience a distasteful sensation.

In addition, if you are a nicotine vaper, you might consider increasing your nicotine intake and reduce your e-liquid consumption. Furthermore, we suggest you use smaller tanks to avoid the buildup of coil gunk.

5. Wrong Nicotine Concentration
Choosing e-juices with the wrong nicotine concentration is also a common vaping mistake. If you are an experienced nicotine vaper, then you won’t have a problem with the nicotine concentration. However, many vapers choose the wrong nicotine concentration and consequently they experience the side effects of a high nicotine intake.

Perhaps you remember the first time you smoked a cigarette? If yes, you know about the side effects caused by nicotine: nausea, dizziness, coughing, general discomfort…

E-juices have different nicotine concentrations, in other words, you need to find the nicotine levels that best works for you.

6. Vaping Like If You Were Smoking

A vaping puff isn’t the same as a smoking puff. Normally, you take shorter and faster puffs while smoking. Vaping offers a different puffing style which consisting of longer and softer puffs in comparison with smoking.

7. Give Up On Vaping too quickly
Vaping is slightly different from smoking. Firstly, smoking is very harmful because we combust the paper and tobacco (a process that produces many carcinogenic substances like, for instance, tar).

Vaping is a great option to transition from smoking to a not harmful nicotine intake process. Therefore, be patient and give vaping a chance.

Finally, remember that adults who vape are more likely to quit the health-risk habit of smoking!

8. Vape Maintenance
We have previously mentioned how important it is to keep the coil in good conditions and, if you are a heavy vaper, to replace it after 10-12 days.

To avoid any malfunctions, it is very important to keep a regular maintenance. Otherwise, you risk damaging your vaping device.

Some tips to keep it in perfect conditions are:

·Clean regularly the coil
·Replace the coil when needed (depending on how much you vape).
·Check if your battery is in good conditions. If you have problems to fully charge your battery, then you probably need to replace it for a new one.
·Turn your vaping device off when you keep it in your backpack or bag.
With these simple measures, you will avoid many common vaping mistakes.

9. PG/VG Ratio
Propylene glycol gives you a better throat hit, and it is also great to carry the e-juice flavor. On the other hand, vegetable glycol (VG) produces better vaping clouds and it’s also sweeter.

However, some users recommend propylene glycol (PG) for newbies as VG needs special designed coils. Nonetheless, PG offers a harder throat hit compared to VG and, therefore, some users recommend to start with vegetable glycol instead. 

10. Stay Hydrated
We have previously mentioned that propylene glycol gives a harder throat hit compared to vegetable glycol. Consequently, if you vape e-juices with a high PG content, don’t forget to stay hydrated as it can slightly irritate your throat.