The mouthpiece might be the last piece you are considering when picking out a new portable vaporizer. There are just so many other factors to look into. There are the temperature settings, battery life, heating technology, charging method, and overall design to consider as well. Oftentimes, these factors are portrayed as more important than the type of mouthpiece attached to the vape. But if you are an experienced vaper, you will know that even this small piece matters when it comes to picking out the perfect vaporizer. Lucky for you, a lot of mouthpieces can be replaced and there is a wide range of parts available these days.

What is a Drip Tip?
Oftentimes, the mouthpiece on a portable vaporizer is referred to as the “drip tip”. This is due to the term being created to describe the mouthpiece used on an RDA, or Rebuildable Drip Atomizer vaporizer. These vaporizers are more advanced and customizable than your average vape pen and have the mouthpieces, or drip tips, to match. Drip tips were originally designed to drip e-liquid onto the atomizer of the vape and large holes in the middle to accommodate this. However, the term drip tip is now a vape industry standard that is used to also describe a variety of modern vape mouthpieces.

A vape's mouthpiece is simply the part of the vaporizer where you place your mouth to inhale vapor. Most mouthpieces will contain a filter screen as well and are made with a variety of materials. They are also made in a variety of shapes to help enhance the flavor of your vapor and the ease of your vaping experience. 

Vape Mouthpiece Sizes
Mouthpieces for vaporizers typically come in three different sizes, including short, tall, and extra-long. Not only do they provide your portable vaporizer with a different look they each change the vaping experience you have. An extra-long mouthpiece can cool the vapor off even further and provide you with extra smooth hits. However, a short mouthpiece can make your handheld vaporizer even more compact and discreet to use on the go.

Common Drip Tip Shapes
The next factor to consider is the shape of the vape mouthpiece. There is a bit more variety when it comes to this factor, depending on the size and design of the portable vaporizer. A lot of dual-use vapes even come with interchangeable mouthpieces in different shapes to go with the different materials being vaped. What mainly influences a vape’s mouthpiece though is aesthetic design to match the look and feel of the rest of the vaporizer.

The most common shape you will see for mouthpieces is the basic round cut, which fits perfectly with the shape of a vape pen. They allow you to use the vape when it is turned in any direction, versus having a fixed hand position for vaping. Slash cut or flanged tips, however, need to be used in a specific fashion otherwise they might feel awkward in your mouth. These mouthpieces are normally angled or have a lip to them so that you can place your vape to your mouth at almost any angle, or a very specific one that fits your preferences. Another common type of mouthpiece is the flat mouthpiece, which allows users to inhale in a consistent fashion from their vaporizer. The flat mouthpiece can be popular with people who smoke pipes as well because it will feel familiar. Other types of modern vaporizers actually hide the mouthpiece flush with the design of the device.

Many Mouthpiece Materials
Since the mouthpiece on a vaporizer is the last part to be exposed to the heat of the vapor, it typically can be made with the widest variety of materials. While all of these materials need to be safe to place on your mouth and come in contact with heat, they are not actually heating your material.

The most common types of vape pen mouthpieces are made from plastic. This is partly due to the cost of manufacturing plastic mouthpieces being so low, and in part, because plastic acts as a decent insulator. Manufacturers also make plastic mouthpieces in a wide range of designs and colors that will give your vape a cool, unique look. However, plastic has been known to crack or melt when it comes in contact with high heat and acidic liquids, so the plastic mouthpiece might have to be replaced sooner rather than later.

Acrylic mouthpieces are a common alternative to mainstream plastic mouthpieces because they can withstand more heat. This material is also more durable than glass and difficult to break accidentally. Another benefit of acrylic mouthpieces is that they are crafted with cool colors and marble patterns that give your vaporizer an extra touch of uniqueness.

Metal mouthpieces are the most durable kind of drip tips available. They will not break down when they come in contact with potentially acidic e-liquid and can easily take being dropped a few times. However, they also conduct heat very easily and can become quite hot to touch in high-powered portable vaporizers. Metal also holds the cold too and, in the wintertime,, your vape mouthpiece might be a bit too cold to put your lips on. Metal vape mouthpieces can be made with aluminum, brass, copper, titanium, or stainless steel, depending on the vape they are meant to match.

Vaporizer mouthpieces made of glass are extra classy and also extra fragile. They provide an extra-clean taste though to your vapor and will not interfere with the flavor of the material you are vaping. Glass mouthpieces are also extremely easy to clean with a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol, to make sure that your vapor stays tasting clean. Glass can be an ideal material for a vape mouthpiece, as long as you store your vape safely.

Wooden mouthpieces are more unique and do a surprisingly good job at staying cool to the touch. Wood also has an all-natural appearance that will give your modern device a hint of old-school style. Wood mouthpieces are especially when they are coated in a layer of acrylic resin too, which prevents the wood from shrinking or expanding with heat.

You will also notice a variety of hybrid drip tips or vape mouthpieces online. These are made with a combination of the materials listed above, and more.
The long and the short of it is that the type of mouthpiece you have on your vaporizer does matter. But it really only matters to you and will influence how you like to vape. If you have a few vapes in your collection that you want to spruce up, then look at getting them a new mouthpiece first. This is a simple change-up that may lead to a great improvement to your vaping experience.