Does size matter? (Big vaping kits vs Small vaping kits)

There's quite a bit to consider when choosing a vaping device, one aspect that isn't always given much thought is size. There's advantages and disadvantages to both large and small kits that you might not have really thought about, especially if it's going to be your first vaping device. After size, weight is another factor that could be important to you. If you are going to be carrying it around all day, or need it to fit in with your lifestyle, hobbies and regular activities, then you need to buy something suitable.

There's a lot of different kit to choose from now, from the skinniest pen shapes to the largest box mods and everything in-between. 'Pods' became very popular last year mainly because of their tiny size and low weight. They are extremely easy to slip into your pocket, but they don't suit everyone. Almost all pods are really only suitable for MTL use and their low power doesn't offer the vapour production some people are used to. Larger mods often have larger inbuilt batteries or can hold more than one battery at a time, so they can be used for much longer without needing to be charged and for those who like to vape at higher wattage this is fairly essential. Many vapers will have different kit for different times and situations but if you are just about to buy your first vaping device here's some things to think about.

E-cigarette Shapes and Sizes
There's a few things to consider when it comes to overall shape and size. Is it going to be comfortable to hold and use? Is it going to be easy to fit into a pocket if you spend most of your day out and about? Do you need something that you can slip into a jacket top pocket? Do you go cycling or running? Before buying a vaping device think about when you'll be using it and make sure what you buy is going to fit in with your lifestyle.

Vaping Device Weight
Most devices are fairly light, even the largest mods these days are usually fairly lightweight without batteries in. When you start adding two or even three battery cells into the equation though, the weight can soon change from something you are happy to put into your pocket to something that starts to feel a little weighty. If you are looking at a device in a shop with removable battery cells then make sure you feel the weight of it with the batteries in place before you buy it. If you are buying online the weight of a device is often shown but be aware that if it takes removable batteries that extra weight will need to be added on.

Device Batteries
Your vaping kit can have batteries either built into the device or contain removable rechargeable cells, commonly 18650's. Generally speaking, with built in battery devices the larger the capacity of the battery, the bigger the device will need to be. So a 3000 mAh device will usually be larger and heavier than a 1500 mAh device. Obviously a mod that uses two 18650's will usually be larger than a mod that uses a single 18650.

It's worth thinking about what kind of battery power you really need. For me personally once you start adding a pair of 18650's into a device it starts getting a little heavy and a little chunky to carry around all the time. Higher wattage users will often need to carry spare batteries around with them in a separate battery box because they find they don't have enough battery life to see them through the day. That could be an inconvenience you'll need to consider too. How inconvenient that might be to you, will depend on your situation.

E-Cigarette Pods & Pens
The smallest and lightest vaping kit falls into this category and that is the primary reason for their popularity. For a number of years vaping devices seemed to just be getting bigger and bigger all the time. When Kangertech released a mod that took five 18650's a few years back, it thankfully seemed to draw a line under that trend. It was far too big to use as anything other than a 'desk top' device and still then, not a very comfortable mod to hold or very practical device to use. Over the last year or so the trend has very much been in the opposite direction for the most part, with small inexpensive devices seeing a huge growth. This is very good news for people that prefer these smaller vaping devices, as for a while they seemed to be few and far between.

In Conclusion
Thankfully there's enough choice in the market right now for everyone to have the most suitable vaping kit for their personal needs. It might have to be a compromise between size, weight, battery life and the wattage you vape at. If you vape in a mouth to lung style at lower power then you will have a much easier time finding something that's very easy to carry around with you, but even for higher power users dual 18650 mods can still be fairly lightweight and compact. Some people will always enjoy having a larger, more solid feeling device in their hand though, others will need the higher power and/or extended battery life that larger capacity batteries offer. So yes, in this instance size really does matter and it might matter more than you realised.

However bigger might not always be better, it really does come down to your personal situation, needs and preferences. If you don't know exactly what those are right now then it's worth having a good think about what will suit you personally and the times and situations you might need to have your vaporiser on you.