If you’re new to vaping, it’s tricky to know just where to start when purchasing your first device. You may have heard of disposable vapes and pod vapes. These are two of the most commonly used vape types used by beginners. But what are the differences between disposable and pod vapes, and which should you choose? Don’t worry, we will break it all down for you as well as explain the pros and cons of each. It’s important to note however, that no matter what the general advantages and disadvantages are, every vaper is unique and has their own particular style and preferences. Therefore, some trial and error is to be expected in your vape journey to find out what you like. But, don’t worry, it’s all part of the fun. So let’s get into it…

What’s the difference between pod vapes and disposables?
Let’s start with the basics. A disposable vape is a device that is ready to use as soon as you open the package. It doesn’t require any setup, charging, or connecting of components. These devices aren’t refillable, however, meaning that once you finish the vape juice supply, you’ll have to throw the vape out and purchase a new one. Traditionally, these vape pens were not rechargeable either, however more modern disposable devices allow you to recharge them because they contain a high quantity of vape juice. 

A pod vape is a refillable and rechargeable device that takes a bit more setup to use. You’ll need to fill the pod with separately-purchased e-liquid and charge the battery (usually via a USB cable). You’ll also need to understand how to connect the pod to the battery and ensure it is securely connected. Also, these devices tend to have more features such as various buttons, airflow adjustment controls, etc. Therefore, you’ll want to understand how these features work. Pod vapes require a bit more maintenance in terms of cleaning, refilling, and recharging to ensure they’ll last you a relatively long time.  

Are Pods or Disposables Better?
Now that we understand the basics of disposable and pod vapes, let’s explore the pros and cons of each… 

Disposable Vape Pros: 
1.Simple and intuitive to use: Like we mentioned, disposable vapes are ready to go right out of the box. There are no coils, buttons, settings, or pods to connect or fiddle with. You can just inhale and draw the vapor in to enjoy the flavor and experience. This is why they’re a great beginner choice. 

2.No Maintenance: Because these devices are very simple and are just meant to be used then discarded, there aren’t moving parts to swap out, replace, or clean. 

3.Cheaper Upfront: The cost of a disposable device is generally less than the cost of a pod vape and e-juice so you’ll be spending less upfront. 

4.More portable: While pod devices generally are compact, it’s hard to compete with the sleek, minimal profile of disposable devices. You also don’t have to worry about carrying around spare e juice or charging components. 

Disposable Vape Cons: 
1.Non-Refillable: The most obvious con of disposable devices is that once you run through the e-juice, you have to just throw the device away and purchase another one. This can prove inconvenient, especially on-the-go. 

2.Non-Rechargeable: Unless the device is more modern disposable, it is possible your battery will run out while you still have e-liquid remaining and there is nothing you can do about it, you just have to replace the device.

3.Less Eco Friendly: Having to throw away disposable vapes frequently makes them less sustainable than pod systems. 

4.Less flexibility: Disposable vapes don’t offer as much versatility as pod systems. For one, you can mix your own e-juice flavor combinations to use with pod systems. Also, many pod systems offer the ability to regulate temperature, airflow, etc, whereas disposable devices are static in their operation. 

5.More expensive in the long term: While the initial cost of purchasing a pod system is more expensive than buying a disposable, in the longer term it’s cheaper to keep using and refilling a pod device. 

Pod Vape Pros:
1.Refillable: Pod vapes are refillable and what’s more, you can swap pods in and out with ease, making it a breeze to swap flavors. You can even mix your own vape juice cocktails to get incredible flavor results. 

2.Rechargeable: Pod vapes can be recharged quickly and simply, meaning these devices will stay with you a lot longer than disposable devices. 

3.Flexibility: There is a lot more flexibility to customize components such as coils and pods with pod devices. In addition, features such as variable power output and airflow adjustment controls make regulating the pace of your session much easier than with a disposable device. 

4.More Eco-friendly: Being able to reuse the device and simply refill and recharge it rather than throwing it away makes pod systems the more environmentally-friendly option. 

Pod Vape Cons:
1.Maintenance: Pod devices require more setup and maintenance than disposable devices. Because of their small size and potentially higher output, shorter battery life can be an issue so recharging is important. Coils will burn out eventually and will need to be replaced. You’ll need to become adept at refilling e-juice to enjoy your device as well. 

2.Potential Leakages: Depending on the construction quality of the device, pods can leak e-liquid out which is messy and potentially dangerous. 

3.Size: Pod devices are generally bulkier than disposable devices and require you to bring accessories along to keep them running in good order. 

4.Learning Curve: Pod devices are more complex than disposable vapers so there is more of a learning curve to get used to them, particularly for first time vapers. 

Pod Systems vs Disposables
So there you have it, the difference between disposable vapes and pod devices will generally come down to user preference.