Disposable Vape vs. Pod System: What’s the Best E-Cigarette for Smokers?

If you’re a smoker switching to vaping, choosing what device to buy is important because it will determine what your vaping experience will be like.

If you’re a smoker and are about to try vaping for the first time, choosing what type of e-cigarette to buy is incredibly important because that’s what will determine what your vaping experience will be like. Any problems that you experience during your switch could potentially put you off from vaping, whether it’s a device that’s too hard to use, a flavour you don’t like or nicotine delivery that isn’t fully satisfying. Our goal is to prevent that from happening by helping you find the perfect vaping device for your needs, and to do that, we’re going to compare the two most popular types of vaping devices for beginners who are switching from cigarettes to vaping as part of a smoking cessation program: disposable vapes vs. pod systems.

Disposable vapes and pod systems are both ideal devices for first-time vapers for two reasons.

·Both types of devices are designed for the mouth-to-lung inhaling style, which means that vaping with either type of device will feel much like smoking.
·Both types of devices are designed to use high-strength nicotine salt e-liquid, so you’ll enjoy cigarette-like satisfaction when vaping.

It’s the details that make the difference, though – and when you compare disposable vapes vs. pod systems, you’re going to find that there are lot of differences to consider. So, what’s the best type of e-cigarette for smokers? We’ll discuss the pros and cons of both types.

Disposable E-Cigarettes

What Is a Disposable E-Cigarette?
A disposable e-cigarette is a vaping device that’s ready to use out of the box. You can remove it from the package and start vaping immediately. There are no settings to adjust and no components to maintain. Disposable e-cigarettes aren’t designed to be refilled or recharged, though, which means that you’ll need to dispose of the entire device when it runs out of e-liquid or the battery dies. If you intend to use disposable e-cigarettes as a full-time replacement for smoking, you can expect to use at least a few e-cigarettes per week.

How to Use a Disposable E-Cigarette
The greatest appeal of disposable e-cigarettes is that they’re so easy to use. You use one exactly as if you were smoking a cigarette – just by puffing on the device. The only difference between smoking and vaping is that, when using a disposable e-cigarette or any other vaping device, you need to puff slowly and gently to get the biggest possible vapour clouds. Since a disposable e-cigarette delivers about the same nicotine per puff as a cigarette, you should feel satisfied after a few puffs and can put the device down until later. When the device’s flavour quality begins to decline, it’s nearly out of e-liquid. When it stops producing vapour, the battery is dead. At that point, it’s time to dispose of the device and begin using a new one.

Benefits of Disposable E-Cigarettes
·Disposable e-cigarettes are the easiest way to vape. It’s the only type of vaping device that you can remove from the package and use immediately, so it’s the only vaping device that’s as convenient as smoking a cigarette.
·If you don’t enjoy tinkering with gadgets, you’ll probably enjoy using a disposable e-cigarette very much. They’re perfect for people who normally avoid electronic devices.
·Buying a disposable e-cigarette is a great way to introduce yourself to vaping. You can find out how it feels to vape and get an idea of what vaping tastes like without the expense and commitment of buying a full vape kit.

Drawbacks of Disposable E-Cigarettes
·Disposable e-cigarettes are expensive for daily use. Every time you buy one, you’re buying a complete electronic device with a microprocessor and a battery. Rechargeable vaping devices are significantly more affordable over the long term.
·Disposable e-cigarettes are limited in their flavour selections compared to pod-based vaping devices. A vaping device with pre-filled pods may have upwards of a dozen different flavours available, and a refillable pod system lets you choose from hundreds of different flavours.
·Disposable e-cigarettes can be harmful to the environment if you dispose of them in your household trash. To minimize the impact to the environment, you should bring your disposable e-cigarettes to a facility that handles e-waste.

Pod Vaping Systems

What Is a Pod Vaping System?
There are two varieties of pod vaping systems. You can buy a device that uses pre-filled disposable pods, or you can use a device that comes with refillable pods. Either way, the basic functioning of the device is the same. A pod-based e-cigarette stores its e-liquid in a plastic pod that also contains the device’s atomizer coil. When the battery is dead, you’ll recharge it. When the pod is empty, you’ll either refill it or replace it with a new pod. Since a pod system has a rechargeable battery, you can use the device for a fairly long time – usually several months to a year – before the battery no longer holds a charge. At that point, you’ll replace the device.

How to Use a Pod Vaping System
A pod vaping system isn’t ready to use out of the box. Before you can begin vaping, you’ll need to charge the battery. You can do that by connecting the included charging dock or cable to your computer. You’ll then connect the vaping device to the charger. When the device’s indicator light changes colour, it’s ready to use.

What you’ll do next will depend on the type of pod system that you’re using. If you have a system with pre-filled pods, you’ll simply remove a pod from its package and drop it into the device. If you have a device with a refillable pod, you’ll open the pod and fill it with e-liquid from a bottle. If you’re using a pre-filled pod, you can begin vaping right away. If you filled the pod yourself, you should wait several minutes before vaping to ensure that the wick inside the pod is completely wet.

Benefits of Pod Vaping Systems
·Compared to using disposable e-cigarettes, a pod system is a more affordable way to vape because the battery should last for several months before it stops holding a charge. In the meantime, replacement pods and/or bottled e-liquid will be your only recurring costs.
·Pod vaping systems often have larger atomizer coils than disposable e-cigarettes and may produce larger and more satisfying vapour clouds.
·If you’re using a pod system with a refillable pod, you’ll enjoy an enormous flavour selection. You can use any bottled e-liquid you like, and there are hundreds of different vape juice flavours on the market.

Drawbacks of Pod Vaping Systems
Compared to disposable cigarettes, pod systems have only one drawback in that they’re a bit more complicated to use. Unlike a disposable e-cigarette – which is always ready to use until you’ve exhausted the battery or e-liquid supply – you have to maintain a pod system to keep it working. That means you’ll need to replace or refill the pod when it’s empty, and it also means that you’ll need to recharge the battery at least once a day. If you think that maintaining a vaping device would reduce your enjoyment of using it, you’re exactly the type of person who should consider disposable e-cigarettes as an alternative.