Disposable Vape – 3 Great Tips to Maximize Your First-Time Experience

First time with a Disposable Vape?

If you switch from smoking to vaping, what is your first impression of the first puff? Does it taste too sweet, irritate your throat, or have a plastic-like taste? My first puff was not too bad, but what impressed me the most was my first cigarette. I coughed like crazy for half a minute. If you have decided to switch to vaping, I would like to provide you with a guide on how to use a disposable for the first time.

1. Choose the Right Disposable Vape
First, you need to choose the right disposable device. When choosing a new vape, consider key factors such as brand, flavor, and puff count.

A – Brand
With so many vape brands producing disposables,  online claiming to be the best, finding the true best can be quite challenging. Do you want to know the Best Disposable Vapes 2024? Click and check it out for yourself. We update this collection regularly.

B – Flavor
Thanks to the diversity of flavors, disposables have bought a lot of smokers to try a different thing and eventually quit single-flavor cancer sticks. The classic fruit flavor is the top choice of most vapers now. For instance, we have selected the Best Lost Mary Flavors.

However, if you find fruity vapes too sweet for you, Cool Mint flavor might be the best option. The fresh and cold mint flavor vapes can work as refreshments and help you relax.

C –  Puff Count
Smoking and vaping differ in various aspects. Puff count is one of the most symbolic distinctions. I used to have about half a pack every day. And I now use a 10000-puff disposable device for a full week. See the difference here? Puff Counts can vary widely depending on the brands, puff counts, and models of vapes.

We recently compared disposables with more than 25000 puffs. However, it will be a bummer if you need to throw away an unfinished vape because the flavor or the design does not suit you. So, we suggest you start with a relatively lower puff count, say 5000 puffs, so you will not waste money on flavors you do not like. 5000 Puff vapes are a lot less money than 10000 puff disposables.

2. Choose the Right Way of Vaping

The easiest and most welcome method is MTL vaping. Bearing a striking resemblance to smoking, MTL  is easy to learn and grasp.

Almost all disposables support basic MTL (mouth-to-lung) vaping, which adds to the convenience of disposable kits.

There are also other vaping methods for advanced vapers, such as DL vaping, RDL vaping, and so on. I’d like to tell you how to vape properly later on.

3. Recycle Disposable Vapes Properly

The composition of a disposable device is complicated, containing nicotine, usually nicotine salts, often an addictive substance to many. The laws and regulations vary but you should always be a responsible vaper and recycle your vapes.

4. Recommended Disposable Vapes
After testing numerous disposable devices, we’ve compiled our annual list of the best vapes.

(1) SMOK Priv Bar Turbo 15000

SMOK Priv Bar Turbo 15000 disposable features 16ml pre-filled vape juice, a rechargeable battery, a display screen for battery status and e-juice level, and can produce about 15000 puffs in total.

The SMOK Priv Bar Turbo is fully loaded with delicious e-juice. With the high-tech of SMOK Priv Bar delivers heavy vapor as well as satisfying strong nicotine hits. To make vaping convenient and easier, a display screen is attached to the Priv Bar Turbo. You can read the battery status and e-juice level.

(2) Cloud Bar TN15000

Cloud Bar TN15000 Disposable Kit is a smart disposable vape with a screen, featuring an incredible amount of e-juice (23ml), a reliable 650mAh battery, and a mesh coil for about 15000 puffs. Cloud Bar TN15000 belongs to the disposable vapes with a high puff count.

Thanks to the large juice capacity, TN15000 lasts longer and works well. The full screen displays both e-juice level and battery life in detail. A mesh coil is equipped as the heating element to vaporize the juice evenly and bring out the most natural flavors.

5. Summary
As the saying goes: Well begun is half done. If more and more smokers switch to vaping starting with disposable kits, their quality of life will certainly be improved. I hope you guys enjoy vaping and I’ll see you next time.