Common Vapes Problems and How to Fix Them

For many vapers, vaping is a relaxing and enjoyable way to unwind. However, the vaping experience can quickly turn from relaxing to unpleasant when vapes problems, or “issues” appear with your vape.

When this happens, the first thing on your mind will likely be that you need to buy a new vaping device.

However, depending on the issue, you may not need to replace the vape, as some are easily fixable. If you learn how to deal with the problem, you can save money and prolong your vape life. 

So, let’s see some of the most common vapes problems and their possible fixes.

Common Vapes Problems 

The most common vapes problems can be due to the following:
1.Problems with the vape battery
2.Vape overheating issues
3.Hissing or gurgling sounds 
4.Making your throat sore 
5.Leaking liquid
6.Burnt vapor taste.

How to Fix Common Vapes Problems
Modern vapes have become more sophisticated devices than their earlier counterparts. According to Vaping Advisor, they also last longer and offer more puffs. 

However, as modern vapes are more complicated, they are also prone to some issues, so let’s see how you can fix them should they appear.

Problems with the Vape Battery
If your vape is not working, the problem may be with the battery, so you should check to see if there is any damage. The damage may be rust or corrosion, or the outer wrapper may be peeling. If there is no visible damage, the problem may be that the battery is empty.

You should use the vape’s charger to charge the battery; it takes around three hours. The battery light turns on during charging and turns off when charging is finished. However, be careful with the charging time because if the charging period is longer than four hours, you can destroy the battery.

When a battery is continuously pumped more than 15 times or used for a prolonged period, it enters a protection state. After about 20 seconds, the battery can resume normal operation.

Vape Overheating Issue 
Here are a few potential causes if you have found that your vaping device becomes overheated while in use:

·Incorrect usage. Most likely, even when you are not inhaling, you hit the power button, which causes the vape coil to overheat. Or if you are taking longer puffs as you do with cigarettes, it can lead to vape overheating.
·Coil carbon buildup may cause the coil to overheat. You can resolve this problem by changing the coil, cleaning it, or dry burning it.
·The wick needs to be wet enough. It could be that the vape cartridge is too dense, or there needs to be more liquid in it.
·If you are using a high-density e-liquid, you can either refill the tank or add a few drops of distilled water to it.

Hissing or Gurgling Sounds
Sometimes your vape can start making weird noises like hissing, gurgling, or even spitting out, which is another common issue caused by several reasons.

·There is stuck liquid in the airflow. If you want to see any remaining e-liquid, disassemble the device, vigorously blow through the atomizer, and vape to eliminate it. It is important to note that the buildup of liquid on the airflow’s walls frequently causes the device to leak out when it is lying on a table.
·Reduce the amount of liquid put in to stop the gadget from gurgling and spitting.
·Other causes of strange sounds from your vape include insufficient cotton in the coil, exhaling more forcefully than your tank can handle, and having a damaged cartridge or evaporator.

Making your Throat Sore
If your throat is getting sore after vaping, then the problem is likely the PG (propylene glycol) in the e-liquid. Vapes with higher PG content are intended for people looking for more potent throat hits, which can be overwhelming for those not used to it.

You can try to resolve the issue by drinking water. However, if you want to avoid it happening again, you will need to switch to a vape with a higher VG (vegetable glycerine).

Leaking Liquid 

There are several reasons why your e-liquid may be leaking.
·Ensure the screws holding your atomizer and its components together are snug but not so tight that you cannot remove them for maintenance.
·The vape juice may still seep no matter how tightly everything is bolted down if you leave your device resting on its side for hours. So, always turn the tank over so that it is not lying on its side.
·Also, another issue may be that you have overfilled the tank with e-liquid. 
·Another reason for leaking may be that the liquid is too thin. You will need to add some VG to the mixture the next time.
·It may be time to swap the O-rings because they wear out over time. If you find a break or a snag in one of them, make sure to replace it.

Burnt vape taste
Every vaper has encountered this problem at least once; it is pretty common and easily fixed. Check your atomizer’s e-liquid levels first; it may be empty, and your vape is not burning anything, leaving the burnt taste in your mouth.

Check your wattage as well; if it is set higher than necessary, the oil may burn excessively.

You probably need a new coil if your e-liquid is full and your wattage is at a typical level. The metal component resembles a little cylinder within your tank where the oil is burned to produce the vapor.

Metal “wicks” are used in place of the coil, and as you vape, oil clings to these over time, reducing their efficiency. The burnt flavor is probably your vape informing you that a new coil is required.

Hopefully, now that you know the most common vapes problems and how to fix them, you will have a more enjoyable vaping experience. 

Not to mention the money you will save by not needing to go out and buy a new vape. It is always best to see first if you can fix the issue yourself before seeking help.