Cheap RDA with AMAZING Flavor? Simple: THIS One…

Looking for a cheap RDA that delivers great flavor but won’t break the bank? You’re in luck – this RDA is utterly brilliant and priced extraordinarily low for such a quality dripper

I love RDAs. Out of all the styles of vape tanks, they are my favorite. The reason? They’re simple, they look cool, most of them squonk, and they deliver the best flavor of any style of tank.

Top of the line RDAs are pricey; you’re looking at $60-$100 for a big name RDA – and that is far too pricey for most people. But fear not: you have options for cheaper RDAs that are just as good. And the best one right now is easily as good as anything from Kennedy and Custom 528…

Meet The HellVape Rebirth RDA – AKA The Best Cheap RDA On The Planet

HellVape Rebirth RDA Pros:
·Premium Design, Great Deck
·Amazing Airflow
·Brilliant Flavor (Best of 2019, In My Opinion)
·It Squonks
·Box Includes Loads of Accessories
·Room For All Kinds of Builds
·Outstanding Value For Money

Rebirth RDA Specs & Features DETAILED In Full
I bought the Rebirth RDA on a whim. It was sat on a shelf in my local vape store, looking all pretty, so I decided I’d give it a whirl – it only cost $20. And for that money, I don’t really mind if something isn’t quite as good as I’d like.

I took the Rebirth RDA home, unboxed it, marveling at all the goodies included in the box, and set it up for a vape. Even before I’d completed the install, I knew I was in for a treat. The deck and AFC are near-perfect. It was a breeze to set-up and wick.

The first hit told me everything I needed to know: I’d found a new, brilliant RDA tank for my collection, one I’d probably use for years to come. And best of all it cost me less than $30 – that’s about half the price of the Goon RDA.

Since then, I’ve been rocking the Rebirth RDA on a daily basis. For flavor and airflow, it is more or less unbeatable right now. Especially at this price point. No other RDA comes even remotely close in 2019’s market place.

For me, the Rebirth RDA is the highlight of 2019’s RDA market. Bar none.

Rebirth RDA Design
The design is fairly old school, looking quite a bit like the OG GOON RDA. You get a proper squat drip tip, an 810, and the tank’s chassis is linear with no curvature or spoils, save for a slight taper at the very top.

The logo on the front is fairly well hidden on most color options. It’s there, but it’s not in your face, just as any branding should be.

On the side, you have the airflow system, which is a honeycomb integration that is designed to be totally malleable in order to give you lots of control over your airflow.

It works great, and despite its low-down position, it doesn’t leak too much either; just be careful not to overdo it when you’re squonking or dripping. All in, the RDA is super-tidy looking. And at 24mm, it is perfectly sized for box mods, tube mods, and mech mods.

The Deck
I love installing coils on this deck, it’s just so simple. You have a 6mm juice well too, so that means the Rebirth RDA is great for dripping too if that’s your thing.

The deck itself is a two post setup with 2.5 x 3.5mm post holes. You have enough room for all kinds of coils, even the more exotic ones.

I had no trouble installing my first build; I didn’t even read the instructions – it’s all very intuitive.

But the Rebirth RDA’s main party trick is the versatility of its deck; you can install dual, single or even TRIPLE coil build in it. Crazy, right? I haven’t got around to installing three coils in mine yet, but it can be done – and that’s seriously cool.

Performance & Flavor
The Rebirth RDA, as noted earlier in this post, is easily my favorite RDA release of 2019. I’ve tested maybe 15-20 RDAs this year, and the Rebirth RDA quite literally craps all over them for flavor, looks, and performance.

It’s simple, it works great, it’s reliable, and it performs super-consistently. As someone that loves RDAs, and buys far too many of them, it’s still extremely rare to come across an RDA that does everything right. Even when you’re paying big money for them.

The Rebirth RDA, I’m happy to report, is one of these rarities. For the price and performance, this RDA is unbeatable right now. Nothing else comes close –regardless of price point. I own an OG GOON RDA, a Kennedy RDA, and a Goon 1.5 RDA and I still prefer using the Rebirth RDA.

And that should pretty much tell you everything you need to know…