Can You Use A Regular RDA On A Squonk Mod? (Solved)

Squonking & RDAs are certainly the best way to go for cloud-chasers, but RDA vaping is not perfect. The main problem you’re faced with when using an RDA is convenience. With an RDA, you’re constantly dripping your coils. Depending on how big your hits are, you’ll be dripping your coils every three to seven hits. It’s a process that quickly becomes tedious, but, thankfully, it’s a process that you no longer have to endure when using an RDA. Luckily, RDA vaping has evolved, and there’s now a much more convenient way to vape. 

That’s where squonking comes in! Squonking is the best way to use an RDA because it makes juicing your coils fast and effortless. Squonk mods actually store your e-liquid with themselves by using a built-in squonk bottle. It feeds e-liquid through the bottom of your RDA right to your coils! Get a squonk vape and never drip your coils again.

Can I Use A Regular RDA On A Squonk Mod?
Yes, a regular RDA will work with a squonk mod just fine. However, you won’t actually be able to squonk with such a vape setup. Were you to use a regular RDA with a squonk mod, the RDAs regular 510 thread would just screw into the mod’s squonk 510 thread. Your RDA’s 510 pin will cover the hole that’s been drilled into your squonk mod’s 510 thread, but the setup will still be functional and completely safe to use.

When it comes to squonking, using a squonk mod with a normal RDA is fine. However, using a regular mod with a squonk RDA is a very bad idea. Squonk RDA’s have a hole in the 510 thread that could allow e-liquid to fall through.

This could potentially damage your mod’s hardware. If you have any piece of squonk hardware, be it a mod or an RDA, you should splurge and purchase the matching squonk gear that you need to have a fully squonkable setup. Having only one will make squonking impossible, but having both will unlock your vaporizer’s squonking potential.

Why Isn’t My Regular RDA Working With My Squonk Mod?
As previously stated, there shouldn’t be any compatibility issues between your squonk mod and your RDA. If you’re trying to use a setup like this with no luck, something else is wrong. For those using a regulated mod, your mod will usually give you an error message on the screen if something is going wrong.

If you just got an RDA and it isn’t working with your squonk mod, your mod’s screen probably displayed a message along the lines of “atomizer short” or “atomizer not found.” This could mean that your coils aren’t properly tightened. Your mod is giving you that error message because as far as the mod can tell, there are no coils in your RDA. If the coils are properly tightened, your mod will detect them unless there’s something wrong with the mod itself. If the coils are the only problem, this is an easy fix. When tinkering with your RDA’s coils, its a lot easier if the RDA is on the mod. RDAs aren’t flat on the bottom, so adjusting them anywhere else is very problematic.

RDA Coil Rotates Out Of Control
Thanks to the 510 pin and its port, a detached RDA will rotate out of control on any flat surface. Plus, holding an RDA while building a coil is nearly impossible. However, for sake of safety, you don’t want power being supplied to your RDA while you’re working on it. Most mods have safety features to prevent this from happening, but there’s no point in taking a chance. If your RDA’s coils are the problem, you can fix them by following the simple steps listed below.
·Turn your mod off;
·Remove your mod’s batteries;
·DON’T detach your RDA from your mod;
·Take the cap off of your RDA;
·Closely examine your post holes (where you insert the ends of your coils);
·If you notice that some previously-used wicking material got caught in your post holes, it could be causing connection problems. In this case, you’ll need to disassemble, thoroughly clean, and rebuild your atomizer;
·In the case that there’s nothing but coil in your post holes, grab your screwdriver and tighten all of your post screws. If they’re already pretty tight, don’t overtighten them! This could strip your posts of their screw threads, and, as a result, your RDA’s screws won’t be able to keep a tight hold on your coils. If the screws are noticeably loose, that is almost definitely the issue.

510 Pin Not Making A Proper Connection
The above is a common issue, but it’s equally likely that your RDA’s 510 pin isn’t making a proper connection with your mod’s squonk thread. This likely has nothing to do with the fact that you’re using a regular RDA with a squonk mod. If your mod is giving you that “atomizer short” error message, it’s telling you that it isn’t able to supply power to the RDA. Don’t worry! That’s typically an easy fix. Just follow these steps:
·Turn your mod off;
·Unscrew your RDA from your mod;
·Look at the bottom of your RDA and locate the 510 pin;
·Find a flathead screwdriver and turn your 510 pin counter-clockwise just enough to make it extend towards you ever so slightly;
·Screw your RDA back into your mod;
·Turn your mod back on;
·Try to use your vape again.
This should fix the problem. If your mod continues to give you the same error message, repeat the last four steps until your 510 pin is extended enough to make contact with your mod’s squonk thread. Don’t extend your 510 pin so much that it’s able to fall out. I’ve done so before without realizing it, and the next time I removed my RDA, the pin fell out. Take it from me, these pins are very small and very hard to find once lost.

Can I Turn My Regular RDA Into A Squonk RDA?
That depends on which RDA you’re using. After squonking blew up, a lot of vape brands released squonk RDAs, but a lot of these brands also released compatible squonk pins for their existing RDAs. All RDAs have 510 pins. They’re located at the center of the RDA’s base where it screws into your mod.

Squonk RDAs are able to squonk thanks to their included squonk pins, but some regular RDAs have compatible squonk pins that you can buy separately. Converting your regular RDA into a squonk RDA is a simple process. All you need is the right RDA, its compatible squonk pin, and a flathead screwdriver. The squonk pin is the piece of the Squonk RDA that allows you to feed the e-liquid through the bottom of your RDA. To install a squonk pin, simply use your flathead screwdriver to remove your RDAs current 510 pin.

Turning the 510 pin counter-clockwise until it’s loose enough to remove should do the trick. Next, you’ll replace your RDAs 510 pin with your new squonk pin. Despite all 510 pins being the same size, not all 510 pins are compatible with all RDAs. That’s why you should only buy a squonk pin that’s made specifically for your RDA.

If there’s a squonk pin available for your RDA, it should be on the brand’s website, and it’ll likely be listed under accessories. I strongly advise against buying a squonk pin made for another RDA. Sometimes it’ll work, but there’s never a guarantee. I also strongly advise against modding your existing 510 pin. Drilling a hole through a regular 510 pin could render it useless. Squonk pins are intricately designed pieces of hardware, and there’s a lot more that goes into making one than drilling a hole into a regular 510 pin. Plus, doing so would void any existing warranty.

Additionally, modding your 510 pin could cause your mod to incorrectly supply power to the RDA. Consequently, this could cause major battery problems in the future. If you want to squonk but your current RDA doesn’t have an existing squonk pin, buying an RDA with a squonk pin is your only remaining option. On the other hand, if your RDA’s manufacturer sells a squonk pin that’s intended for use with your RDA, you can save yourself some cash by buying the squonk pin and converting your regular RDA into a squonk RDA. In most cases, these RDAs will perform just as well as any other squonk RDAs. Plus, converting an RDA that you already own into a squonk RDA will cost a lot less than buying a new squonk RDA.

Squonking: RDA Vaping Evolved!
Squonking is the future of RDA vaping! The squonking method makes the act of using an RDA far more convenient. Usually, with an RDA, you need to bring a bottle of e-liquid with you everywhere, and you need to drip your coil pretty regularly. This can admittedly get tedious at times. When you squonk, your squonk mod holds your e-liquid for you, and it can send it to your RDA whenever your coils get too dry. Now, you can efficiently and comfortably use an RDA for days without even removing the cap. For the most convenient RDA vaping experience, I highly recommend squonking.
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