Can You Transfer E-Liquid from a Pre-Filled Pod into an Open Cartridge?

There may come a point in your vaping life when the e-liquid that’s in a pre-filled cartridge, for one reason another, would do better in another cartridge that can be refilled with any vape juice in your possession. The question is, is it actually possible to do this, and if so, is there a specific procedure that needs to be done?

Why Someone Would Want to Move Vape Juice in a Pre-Filled Pod into an Open Cartridge
Bascially, the most common reason would be that there is something wrong with the pre-filled cartridge, such as a clog that cannot be fixed, damage to the connections or the loss of its compatible device. All of these reasons are perfectly valid, and we totally understand that a vaper would rather still be able to salvage the e-liquid inside the pre-filled pod than waste it altogether.

So, Can It Be Done Then?
Now, to answer the most important question: can you actually remove the e-liquid in a pre-filled pod in the first place, and successfully pour it into a new cartridge? Well, as it turns out, that depends. The bottom line is that some closed pods are easier to open than others, and some companies go to great lengths to prevent you from opening them at all.

What Does the Transferring Process Consist of?
If your pre-filled pod cartridge can be opened, here is the process to follow in order to successfully transfer the e-liquid to a new pod.

Step #1: Use some type of small, pointy object like the tip of a pen to wedge between the mouthpiece cap and the cartridge.

Step #2: Carefully lift up the mouthpiece to expose the e-juice inside.

Step #3: Pour the e-liquid out into a small, empty e-juice bottle after removing its spout.

Step #4: Pour the vape juice in the bottle into your refillable pod cartridge, just like you would with any e-liquid.

Step #5: Make sure that the settings and configurations of your device can accommodate the e-liquid formula’s nicotine type if you are using an open pod system for both freebase and salt-based nicotine e-juices.

What Should You Keep in Mind?
On the surface, this might look easy, however, there are some things yo need to remember before doing so:

·1.If the top of the mouthpiece does not want to come off, you shouldn’t try to force it. This could cause tiny pieces of the mouthpiece cap to break off and end up all over your room.
·2.Never try to squeeze it off, as this can cause e-liquid to get everywhere, which is especially dangerous for children and pets.
·3.Never try an alternative method such as slicing the pod in half. The e-liquid will leak out too quickly, and this can again be dangerous to children and pets in your home.
·4.Ultimately, whether or not you can transfer pre-filled e-juice to a new pod depends on the pre-filled pod design itself. If it can be opened up to expose the vape juice, then by all means, you can certainly make a successful transfer so as not to waste any liquid.