Can You Successfully Cloud Chase While Dripping?

Each vaper has their own unique priorities and goals when it comes to their hobby. Some simply just want the fastest and easiest way to get in their nicotine throughout the day, while others obsess over flavor, trying out different e-liquids throughout the week to expose their palates to unique flavor profiles. Then, there are cloud-chasers, who have one simple goal when vaping: to blow the thickest, fluffiest, and largest clouds possible.

If you belong to the latter category, you may have already heard of dripping. So, a vape setup that supports dripping may be what’s needed to transform you from a cloud-chasing amateur to an expert who dazzles even the most experienced vapers in your circle.

What is Dripping?
Dripping is a style of vaping that acts as an alternative to sub-ohm vaping. In order to drip, you need a Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer (RDA) to be used in place of a more traditional sub-ohm tank. An RDA’s main function is to give the user the ability to build their own coils by providing a deck and posts that give vapers this level of freedom. RDAs can be used with the same mods as sub-ohm tanks, meaning that if you already own a box mod, you can simply switch out the atomizer and you’re all set, rather than having to buy a totally new starter kit.

Dripping is not for the beginner, because it requires more effort and knowledge than the most user-friendly sub-ohm vaping style. While sub-ohm tanks have a large juice well to hold the e-liquid, RDAs do not. This is because when using an Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer, you drip small amounts of e-liquid directly onto the coil, which offers a couple of puffs’ worth of vapor at a time. The nature of this process supports more impressive clouds, which we will explain in further detail in just a bit.

How to Drip
With an RDA, the entire process of vaping is different from using a standard vaping setup. Once your coil has been built, you remove the mouthpiece which exposes the coil. Then, you pour a small number of drops of e-liquid onto the coil. From there, you put the mouthpiece back on, fire the device and take a hit. This process usually produces only 2 or 3 puffs, and then the vaper redoes the process to continue vaping.

What is Cloud Chasing?
Now that you have a good understanding of RDAs and the process of dripping, let’s move our attention over toward cloud-chasing. Cloud chasing, as we said earlier, refers to the process of vaping primarily to get the biggest and thickest clouds of vapor possible. Many vapers simply find that nothing about vaping is more satisfying than exhaling massive, fluffy clouds, and that this single aspect is even more exciting than the flavor of their e-liquid or the nicotine hit they get with each puff.

Cloud chasing has become so popular that there are even contests around the country in which experienced vapers compare clouds to win prizes. There are rewards for the biggest clouds blown, and there are also prizes for those who can do the best vape tricks, in which they blow out the clouds to produce unique shapes and patterns.

Can You Chase Clouds When Using a Dripping Setup?
So, why do so many cloud chasers use dripping setups? Well, it’s simple. A dripping setup can give you bigger clouds than a sub-ohm setup. This also has to do with the way in which the RDA vaporizes the e-liquid.

With a conventional sub-ohm setup, the juice well is always filled with e-liquid, which keeps the coil inside of the tank saturated so that when a hit is fired, it has plenty of vape juice to convert into vapor. But with dripping, you’re directly applying e-liquid to the coil, which is quickly heated to convert that liquid into vapor. Pouring e-liquid directly onto the coil therefore yields more vapor per hit, which translates to the biggest and thickest clouds possible.

Other Aspects of Your Setup That Can Enhance Your Cloud Game
While dripping is more conducive to cloud chasing, there are two key aspects of your setup that also play a role in cloud size and density.

·1.The e-liquid itself, as high-VG vape juices are better for cloud-chasing, because the e-liquid itself is denser as Vegetable Glycerin (VG) is a thicker and more viscous ingredient than Propylene Glycol (PG).
·2.The output level of your device determines how much e-liquid is vaporized with each puff.
·3.Higher wattages and temperatures are more conducive to the clouds that you’re hoping for.

Drip Your Vaping Way to Cloud Chasing Success!
Whether you dream of winning a cloud-chasing contest or simply enjoy the hobby of blowing out fluffy plumes of vapor, if you want to maximize your cloud potential, an RDA setup is the way to go. There are plenty of RDAs out there that can help you reach your vapor goals, but remember that this is a more advanced style of vaping, and so you’ll need to be willing to put more effort into your vaping hobby to achieve the luxurious clouds that you desire.