No, Dry Herb Vapes are Meant for Dry Herbs Only!
Because of the unique heating feature that comes with most convection or conduction dry herb vapes, neither is truly suited to handle the consistency of e-juices or any other type of liquid vape material. Special heating coils are needed to accommodate such things, and dry herb vapes can be permanently damaged by the use of any liquid concentrate or e-juice! The best thing you can do is keep your dry herb vape reserved for nothing other than just dry herbs. There are combination vapes out there that can actually convert into a wax, oil, and dry herb vape all in one.

What Happens if You Put Vape Juice in a Dry Herb Vape?
Do you really want to spend the money to find out? Allow us to tell you that nothing good would come of it, and you would not only be wasting your vape juice, you would also damage the dry herb vaporizer beyond repair. Unlike coils that are meant to heat up oils and other concentrates, dry herb vape pens operate on either a conduction or convection heating feature which is different from just a coil. The entire chamber is made to heat up while air blows through it, creating the vapors necessary to vape.

Can I Drip Juice on Dry Herbs Inside the Vape?
Yes & no. If you plan to just put a drop or two on top of your dry herbs, then this is usually fine to do, though any more than that will change the consistency of your dry herbs and as a result, could either drip down into the heating element and cause damage, or not vape at all due to the dampness of the herb itself. Heating it up more will not “dry” it as you would expect either, since it is not water but oil which usually vapes at an entirely different temperature. So be very careful!

Exceptions to the Rule – Ways to Put Vape Juice in a Dry Herb Vape
1.The vape Shops have some high-quality Oil Vape Tanks for Dry Herb Vaporizers in stock, perfect for the dry herb vapes that can accommodate the oil tank size. If your dry herb vaporizer has a cylindrically shaped heating chamber, then most likely these will work with your vape!
2.Different vape attachments can be utilized in certain vaporizers that can switch out their chambers and heating elements. If you use the specialized attachment made to convert your dry herb vape into an oil vape, then this is permissible. You want to make sure that you have the right kind of vaporizer before trying to convert it!

More Reasons to Not Use a Dry Herb Vape for Vape Juice
The good part about vaping products is that there is an assortment to choose from that can give you the experience you are looking for! Instead of risking your dry herb vape to vape juice or oil concentrates, either buy the compatible attachments or invest in a combination vape that can accommodate all your vaping preferences. Using e-juice can damage your dry herb vapes over time.