Can I Recycle My Vape Cartridges?

Recycle Vape Cartridges
Being conscious of the waste and trash you produce is always important, no matter what type of products you use.

Although in 2019, there has been a growing awareness about how much we impact our planet, it is still rare to see people encouraging recycling.

However, when it comes to certain types of products that produce a large amount of waste, it is always a smart idea to look for more ‘mindful’ options.

What Are Vape Cartridges? | Why Should They be Recycled?
Vape pens are made up of two main parts: a battery, and a cartridge. These disposable cartridges are usually filled with oil or e-liquids.

There are different types of cartridges, but the most commonly used are units that you screw on to a battery and throw away after use.

In these cartridges, users can choose oils that contain nicotine, THC, CBD and more, and enjoy their favourite materials in an easy way.

Although these cartridges are used to offer optimal vaporization and a stress-free vape experience, they are beginning to become a problem.

Due to the fact that vape cartridges need to be changed every few weeks, or more frequently depending on how much an individual vapes, the waste becomes scary.
Not only do vape cartridges create a lot of waste, but can also be incredibly harmful to the environment.

If vape cartridges that contain nicotine end up the landfill, they can leak into the earth they are placed on and do a lot more harm than expected.
Just like the millions of cigarettes that are incorrectly disposed of on a daily basis, vape cartridges and other vaporizer parts are beginning to become the same way.
Being aware of your vape products, where they go after you use them, and how to correctly dispose of them is something that all vape users should know.

How to Recycle Vape Cartridges – The Easy Way
Although recycling may sound like a difficult, annoying process, if done properly, it’s more than easy.

Instead of spending lots of your precious time on recycling, if you know the correct way of doing it, you’ll be done faster than you think.

By simply following these 3 simple steps, you will be on the way to becoming a professional recycler.

1.Rinsing: One of the most important steps for recycling vape cartridges is rinsing them. Although it may seem like a strange step, rinsing your cartridges will avoid environmental damage.
Be sure to give your cartridges a good rinse, and make sure that all the oils or liquids are out of the parts before moving on to the next step.

2.Separating: Depending on the types of materials your vape cartridges are made of, you are going to want to dispose of them in their respective places.
Although most cartridges are made from plastic, there can sometimes be unique types of cartridges, depending on the brand you purchase from.
Be sure to know the materials your cartridges are made from so you can then know exactly how to separate them and how to dispose of them properly.

3.Get Rid of Them the Right Way: Now that you have rinsed and separated your used vape cartridges, simply throw away your cartridges in their respective bins.

4.Some business will even take used cartridges for you. Take a look at your local vape shop and see if they do this. 

The best option is to look for recycling services near you. This way, once you begin to separate your cartridges into the right places, you will have a place to take them where they can actually be taken to the next step of the ‘recycling journey’.

Although at first, recycling may seem a little scary or overwhelming, making this decision and creating a ‘change’ will make more of an impact than you think.

Are There Other Options?
After learning more about the recycling process of disposable vape cartridges, you may be asking yourself if it’s even worth it.

Well, the truth is that vape cartridges are not the only option, and you can choose from a variety of other vape products that do not make such a negative impact on the environment.

By simply choosing a vaporizer that can be refilled, and that is non-disposable is a great place to start.

Also, looking for companies and brands that craft their vaporizers form reused materials is another way to make a “positive vape impact”.
There are countless options for those looking to be more environmentally mindful, and if you are one of these people, find products and ways that make you and our planet happy!