Caliburn Vs Caliburn G Review – What’s New?

With the exciting introduction of the Caliburn G, we’re going to explore the evolution of the Caliburn since it’s conception, and take a look at all the changes UWELL have introduced in their latest device.

Let’s take a look at the various upgrades and see how these affect the flavour, style, and function of the new Caliburn G.

Flavour & Coils

When it came to flavour, the Caliburn was the king of all pod systems, so it’s hardly a surprise that the new Caliburn G has taken that title. Capable of bringing out the very best of your e-liquid, every puff on the Caliburn G is intense and vivid, whether you’re using a smokey tobacco vape or a sweet fruit or dessert blend. 

So what’s changed? In short, the Caliburn G uses replaceable coils. This means you’ll no longer change the whole pod – just the coil!

UWELL are far from beginners when it comes to coil technology, meaning the new Caliburn G coils really hit the mark when it comes to flavour. They’re also push-fit, making it really easy to switch when you need to.

The new coils are mesh, which means they use a honeycomb design. This increases surface area, leading to increased vapour production and richer expression of your chosen e-liquid. Each coil is padded with highly-absorbent organic cotton, unlocking a purer flavour with even more intensity.

G coils have a 0.8ohm resistance, offering satisfying vapour production and a reasonable throat hit. For comparison, UWELL released the KOKO with 1.2ohm coils, and the original Caliburn had 1.4ohm coils. This means the new G device kicks up the power a notch compared to its predecessors.

If you’re not keen on the idea of a lower resistance coil, fear not – UWELL have plans to release a 1ohm coil for the Caliburn G sometime in the future. If you’re a mouth-to-lung vaper, these coils will be worth a shot.

Airflow & Draw

Where the Caliburn had a fixed airflow setting, the Caliburn G has a choice of two. Both options can be accessed simply by rotating the pod horizontally and then re-inserting it, perfect for tweaking your draw when you’re out and about.

One side provides a tighter, more restricted draw, while the other is looser and airy. Which setting you choose depends on your e-liquid type and personal preference. For example, you might use the tighter setting if you’re using a stronger e-liquid or a nicotine salt blend.

With the new coil and airflow changes, the Caliburn G can be used with an even greater range of e-liquids. Thicker VG-based e-liquids, strong PG liquids or smooth nicotine salts are all fully compatible with the kit, and while you won’t get the same cloud as you would on a box mod, the direct to lung option still offers plenty of flavour and vapour.

Much like its predecessors, the Caliburn G can be activated using the button, or simply by inhaling on the mouthpiece.

Battery & Charging
Both the Caliburn and KoKo had a 520mAh battery, which is still slightly above average for a pod vape. The Caliburn G has a considerably larger battery, now a whopping 690mAh, improving battery capacity by more than 30% without any significant difference in size.

Although the battery has gotten bigger, this doesn’t directly translate to a 30% longer battery life. As mentioned previously, the Caliburn G now uses 0.8ohm coils. Lower resistance coils use more power than higher resistance ones, which means the puff count from a full charge is roughly equivalent to both the Caliburn and KoKo – except each draw has better quality and flavour. We think that’s a fair trade-off!

When it comes to charging, the Caliburn G utilises a USB-C charging cable. This is a newer technology that’s faster than standard micro-USB – the kind used for the majority of vape kits right now. The charging cable, which is included with every Caliburn G starter kit, has a 1.5amp current, a significant upgrade on the Caliburn and KoKo’s 1amp current.

There isn’t an exact equation that can be done, as battery health and capacity changes over time, but the Caliburn G should charge around 20% faster than the Caliburn or the KoKo, even with its bigger battery.

Appearance & Design

There are a few obvious differences between the original Caliburn and the new G model, including mouthpiece shape, the texture of the device, and the button style.

The Caliburn G cartridge is similar to before, except that the coil is now inserted via the base of the pod, and the cap is now removed in a different way.

If you had the original Caliburn, you may have had trouble getting the cap off from time to time. The new G model has made refilling a lot easier, as the cap can now be removed simply by ‘snapping’ it off. You no longer need to remove the whole pod from the device, either.

Aesthetically, the new textured stripe body and gold-bordered button add a sleek and modern flair to what is otherwise a simple and sturdy device. The new mouthpiece also has a curved design, and is slightly wider than before, fitting comfortably in your mouth.

Final Thoughts
In conclusion, we’re confident that the new Caliburn G more than lives up to the legacy of the original. While coil changes may take a while to get used to, don’t let it put you off; the variety of upgrades built-in to the new G model truly are second to none.