Buying Your First Vape?  – 10 Important Points you must know

So you’ve decided to give up on smoking which is more lethal and opt for vaping? A big welcome new vaper-you have exciting times ahead! Here’s all you need to know before you buy your first Vape. Note them down and you will surely that us for it.

Decide on the type of Herb you want to use
It’s important to decide how you are going to begin your vaping experience. Concentrate? Wax? Oil or dry herbs. Each vape is specifically designed for different types of herbs and choose one according to what style you would follow. For instance, here are the best vapes for each type of herb.

§Best Vape Pens for E-Liquids – Juul
§Best Vape Pens for Dry Herbs – Mig Vapor Herb-E
§Best Vape Pens for Dabs and Wax – KandyPens Prism

Choose between Desktop and Portable Vaporizers
So that you may know, there are two types of vapes – desktop and portable. For those vaping on the go, portable is best. They are easy to carry in your pocket, and pull them out for a quick puff. Some of the best portable vaporizers in the market include the FireFly 2. On the other hand, desktop vapes don’t move around much. However, they are more powerful and versatile.

Figure out a Budget and choose Vapes accordingly
Know that the price of vapes varies vastly. Some vapes are available for as low as $20 which may be cheap and you can get them for as high as $200 for complex ones. Figure out your budget and choose the best one within it from reviews accordingly.

The difference between Convection and Conduction
All vapes come with different burning mechanisms. The convection vapes tend to heat air and filter it through the vape chamber. This helps to vaporize your herb. The advantages of convection vape include:

§Yield an even vape of the material in the chamber.
§Higher quality
§Tastier vapor

§Regular Cleaning
§Vape contents tend to melt into the screen and sides of the chamber causing bad tasting vapor.
Conduction vapes need to physically touch the herb to vape it with a heating element inside.

§Instantaneous temperature control
§Less expensive
Conduction vapes were earlier a staple choice since they were less expensive, but with the advent of convection vapes, they are the preferred choice among vaping enthusiasts.

Mouth-to-Lung Vs. Direct-to-Lung Devices
It is important to make this distinction since both tend to make you inhale differently. With mouth-to-lung devices like disposable e-cigs, you draw the vapor before inhaling into your mouth. Direct-to-lung devices like box mods and are inhaled directly into the lungs.

Choosing Nicotine Strength
It is not an easy task to find the nicotine levels for vaping based on a smoker’s experience with different types of cigarettes. Each vaper tends to absorb nicotine differently.

People who haven’t smoked earlier should choose 0mg/ml e-liquid. Those who are light smokers should try 3mg/ml. Regular smokers can opt for 6mg/ml. If you are a heavy smoker then 12 or 18mg/ml, may be for you.

Learn all about Vape Maintenance
Vapes are much more complex than traditional e-cigarettes, and need to be maintained carefully. Read the instructions carefully when you buy any vape and this will help you keep it safe for a long time. Clean the vapes only according to instructions.

Vaping is a Lot Healthier
Compared to smoking there are smaller concentrations of hazardous substances in vaping. Toxins inhaled through e-cigarettes are below threshold levels for exposure making them safer than smoking. Since vaping is relatively new, long term hazards on health are yet to be studied.

Don’t forget to do your Research!
With millions of people worldwide turning to vaping, there is no dearth of reviews on all popular sites worldwide. Read about the reviews of any vaporizer you zero in on, especially first-hand information from users and decide if the vape is good enough for you.