Buyers Guide - Which Vape Device Should You Pick?

Vaping as a means to quit smoking is proving more and more popular by the day with over four million now picking up an e-cigarette in the UK alone. But like with so many purchases in life, it’s a welcome yet intriguing challenge trying to find and decide what’s the ideal product that fits your needs. Whether you smoked 20 a day or a couple, each vape device is different in its own right.

To begin with, which technique will you use to vape? Traditionally mouth to lung (MTL) vaping is preferred for beginners as you give up cigarettes because it’s the same technique. While other vapers like drawing the e-liquids straight into the lung (direct lung, or DTL), this is just one aspect to consider. Let’s run through the various vapes you should buy online, how they differ in cost and which is best for your current level.

When you start thinking about what device will be the best entry into the world of vaping and allow a smooth transition away from smoking, disposables are the answer for many. Sure they’re not the most environmentally-friendly option as you continue to throw away the battery, but they provide the least confusing choice. That’s because disposables are the basic device we all crave. No e-liquid to refill, or batteries to recharge and even coils to swap. This removes what may be for some a daunting prospect to understanding vaping and simply helps smokers quit.

Not that because they’re often high 20mg strengths, the level of nicotine is intended to replicate a full pack of cigarettes. So these mouth to lung devices should be used for a couple of days at least and not vaped all at once. More recently we’re seeing more 10mg and even 0mg nic options so you can reduce your levels and still maintain the simplicity of an all-in-one kit you can throw away when finished. 

Nicotine is taken from the tobacco plant and extracted for use in the majority of freebase e-liquids. While vape juice doesn’t carry the same threat that inhaling combustible tobacco does, it’s still an addiction that acts as a relatable equivalent to use inside a vape device. And one of the reasons it’s proving to be the best replacement for cigarettes is its resemblance and how you use the product. There is no finer example of this than a ‘cigalike’, which is your run of the mill starter kit.

Looking very similar to a cigarette with a coloured cartridge that screws on to the battery, when vaping first began these were the first device you could get a hold of. Now with so many choices from pod mods to pens, vapers are spoilt for choice.

Nevertheless, many vapers and in particular those new to the cessation tool still go for a cigalike. This is because it looks exactly like a cigarette with the exception that it’s an electrical device that heats using a built-in coil like all vape devices.

Easy to use with prefilled cartridges and plenty of flavours to switch between at a moment's notice, it’s the logical choice when you put down the cigarette and need a nicotine alternative.

Vape Pens
Just like a pen that you carry around in your office shirt pocket or your handbag, a vape pen is as slim and handy as the ink type. Many vapers put their trust in a vape pen because of their slim and lightweight nature. Often thin with a small mouthpiece and tank or e-liquid chamber, setup is simple and they just feel comfortable plus reliable to hold in the hand.

In addition to the physical practicality, vape pens are straightforward to pick up and inhale too. Often auto-draw, operating on a singular fire button or a combination of the two, you usually don’t need to manually adjust any settings such as wattage. Some do have adjustable airflow switches or slots below the tank to open and close so the mouth to lung experience can vary based on preference. Browse through our top vape pen picks available this year that we rate highly.

Pod Vapes
A pod kit is an interesting step up from starter kits, disposables and vape pens. They still keep the user in mind and often tailor to beginners but with a few twists. Slightly wider than your average vape pen but with some of the features you see on a mod, it’s often a blend of the two these days, which some also class as ‘pod-mods’.. Initially offering pre filled pods you can dispose of, now you have a plethora of refillable options too.

This is much better for a long-term vaping solution to smaller kits like disposables, with less power and battery capacity. If you want something quick and easy a prefilled pod kit system is great. While refillables with adjustable wattage, airflow and even reversible pods create so many different options for flavour, throat hit and consistent performance. It’s a tough yet welcome choice to make, which boils down to personal preference.

Vape Mods
Why would you choose a vape mod, which is traditionally more bulky, heavy and less likely to compactly fit where you usually store your smaller device? Simply put - it’s the powerful, technically advanced and adjustable modified kit you could pick up. Traditionally for Sub-Ohm vaping, mods often contain larger batteries (rechargeable internal or dual external) for longer lasting higher wattage vaping.

Often fit with a stylish screen these days (some are touchscreen-capable like your smartphone), you can navigate and customise multiple settings with ease to maximise performance, longevity and delivery of predominantly high VG e-liquids. With more advanced tanks on top of your mod too, airflow is nearly always adjustable with plenty of room for 2ml of vape juice. Overall, a vape mod is the chosen vape kit of choice for those who want that extra wiggle room to tailor the e-cigarette experience to their liking and get clouds for days! 

Additional Tips and Questions About Picking Your Vape Kit

What’s Your Budget?
While the main reason to quit smoking is for your health, saving money is another. And with vaping, you can add a few more pounds to your wallet, whether that’s starting off with disposables or jumping straight into using more sustainable refillable e-liquid kits.

Mouth to Lung or Direct Lung?
Want to carry on vaping the same way as you did with a cigarette or try a new technique? Unlike smoking where you inhale into the mouth, hold for a few seconds and then into the lungs, you can also inhale directly into the lungs with a vape and puff out bigger clouds. Discover why in our in-depth analysis of the different techniques and which is better for you.

E-Liquids - High Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG) or a Balance?
It’s not just the right vape technique that’s needed to hit the sweet spot with your kit. You also need to decide which is the best mixture of ingredients in your vape juice to get the best experience. Too much VG and the clouds could be too much, or not enough PG and the throat hit might not be what you’re after. 

What Do You Prefer for Size, Style and Technical Features?
The beauty of vaping is all the different stylish devices you can pick up and use. Available in various power functions, with plenty of other adjustable features such as airflow and voltage, a vaper has true control over getting the right throat hit, a cool or warm vape and so many other features. What you may not know is what kind of device will suit your requirements the most because there are so many options. Whether it’s a bulky adjustable mod or a compact discreet pod vape, our comprehensive article below discusses everything you need to know about mods and pods and their key differences.

What Kind of Smoker are You?
The amount of cigarettes you smoked in the past will define the kind of vaping equipment you select. You will want to match the amount of nicotine you had before and the type of kit should replicate that. If you smoke a pack a day, then it’s best initially to start at the highest nicotine level of 20mg and work your way down. Likewise if you’re a casual smoker, try a lower strength e-liquid and mouth to lung kit that’s the equivalent.

Have You Vaped Before?
Perhaps you’ve tried vaping before and not had the best luck? This is a natural step for some who are unsure about the type of kit that they need and pairing their e-liquid with the different types of devices on offer. If it’s simply understanding each set up from vape pens to mods and not getting the basics right, we’ve got you covered with a run through of the various kits discussed above in greater depth with our different types of vapes guide.

So there you have it - your complete buyers guide to help you understand in greater depth which is the right vape kit for you. Whatever stage of the vaping journey you’re at after quitting smoking, we hope covering all of the different options out there highlights how much choice you have to pick a vape device to match your e-liquid preference. All of the factors like the nicotine strength you pick, viscosity of your e-liquid and preferred coil resistance matter, so choose wisely and don’t fret if it goes wrong initially. Keep tweaking your setup and testing what works best for you.