Box Mod Safety Guide

Fast becoming one of the most popular types of vaporizer on the market, box mods offer users the freedom to fully customise their vaping experience down to the tiniest detail. Larger in size than most other vape devices, box mods typically provide a much more powerful experience. They’re also ideal for both beginners and more advanced vapers.

Hugely sought after for their diversity and customisability, box mods can totally transform your vaping game – but safety is particularly important with this type of device. Regulated box mods come with the option to tinker with various settings, which can be a huge selling point, but can also make for an unpleasant experience if handled inappropriately.

On the other hand, mech mods can appeal to more experienced vapers. The need to have an in-depth knowledge about vaping is crucial as these unregulated mods come without the familiar built-in features offered by traditional box mods.

If you’re considering taking the next step in your vaping journey by trying out a box mod, our digestible safety guide can help. Read on for everything you need to know.

Are box mods safe?
Let’s start by debunking the myth that box mods are more dangerous than other types of vaping devices. In the right hands, box mods are completely safe to use and can enhance the vaping experience significantly. Whilst there is a slightly higher risk of potential issues arising if not used correctly, with proper care and instruction they offer vapers a safe and enjoyable experience. Typically, those brand new to vaping would be more drawn to a standard box mod which allows for a range of customisable features, with the built-in regulations to ensure a safe experience for that extra peace of mind.

This type of box mod comes with a circuit board and chip set, which works to ensure that safety features are in place whilst vaping. Thanks to these features which help to avoid overheating by cutting off the current after 10 seconds, box mods of this kind are more accessible to both advanced and new vapers alike.

That being said, mech mods, or unregulated mods, also have a number of benefits that can appeal to a range of vapers. Unregulated mods do not have those in-built safety features, nor do they have the option to customise the device. This means that whilst there’s no need to amend settings for the perfect temperature, there are also no features to prevent the device from overheating.

Mech mods are famed for their impressive vapour production that requires a simple hit on the fire button, but without a circuit board or chip set, vapers opting for a mech mod must first have a good understanding of ohm coils, variable wattage, and battery safety in order to have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Can box mods explode?
There’s no denying that box mods have become increasingly popular in recent years, but alongside this has been a number of horror stories connected to the devices. The question as to whether box mods are more likely to explode is one that we have been faced with a number of times over the years by concerned customers, but the reality is that regulated box mods are no more likely to explode than any other battery powered device.

Let’s break it down further. Regulated box mod battery safety is at the forefront of the design and manufacture of these vapes. This is why the inclusion of a circuit board and chip set is implemented. Whilst each type of vape device will differ in terms of how best to use it, any regulated vaporizer will have those safety features to prevent overheating, reducing strain on the battery with automatic shut off functions to give users extra security.

Mech mods which are unregulated do have a higher risk of overheating. In severe cases, this could lead to an explosion, however this is pretty unlikely. To ensure that mech mods are used to their full potential safely, it is imperative that they are handled by those with significant knowledge of the mechanics of a vaping device.

Box mod safety tips
Whether you’re opting for a traditional box mod vaporizer or want to learn more about mech mod devices, there are a number of things you can do to ensure your experience is both enjoyable and safe.

Don’t overcharge batteries
When it comes to vape safety, overheated box mod batteries are one of the most harmful things which you want to avoid. At best, an overcharged vape battery can cause its lifespan to drastically decrease. At worst, it can lead to overheating and explosions. Luckily, keeping your battery protected during charging is pretty simple. By following these tips, you can have a battery that is long-lasting and safe to use:

·Never leave your vape charging unattended
·Don’t leave your vape charging over night
·Keep your vape out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources during charging
·Charge your vape on a clean, flat surface

Check for short circuits regularly
A short circuit occurring in your device can be an indicator that there is something wrong with the box vape coil resistance. Usually, if the coil is causing your mod to short circuit it is because of a disruption in the current of energy and an error message should appear to warn you of the issue.

Another way to check if your box mod is short circuiting is to check the ohm reading. As a general rule of thumb, a coil will read anywhere between 1.5 and 3 ohms indicating the resistance. If your display is reading zero it is an indication that your coil is shorted.

Minimise misfires
One of the big differences between regulated box mods and mech mods is the automatic cut off that is built in. This cut off is designed to prevent the device from overheating and the coil burning out. In a mech mod, which doesn’t have those safety features, there is a greater risk of misfiring. Although it is possible for some vapes to be faulty and have loose connections which could cause firing issues, for the most part misfires can be avoided by being extra cautious about where the vape is stored when not in use, i.e. in a trouser pocket where the button could easily be pushed down.

Prevent pressure build ups with consistent airflow
Most box mods come equipped with built-in vents to allow you to adjust the airflow going to the coil. Increased air flow whilst vaping can prevent a build-up of pressure which reduces the risk of your device exploding.

Choosing the right batteries for box mods
Selecting the right type of battery for your box mod is imperative for both the correct and the safest vaping experience. With so many mods on the market now, it’s no wonder that there is such a huge variety of batteries to choose from. It goes without saying that a standard battery for a vape pen will fall short of the mark for those using a high-powered box mod – so how do you pick the right battery for your needs?

Lithium-ion batteries are probably amongst the most common when it comes to external vape batteries, and for good reason – they’re powerful! But most importantly, you want to be paying particular attention to the mAh (milliamp) and the amps. Milliamp indicates the battery life, whilst amps show how much power is deliverable in one go.

But why do these factors matter? Typically, a box mod with high mAh batteries will have a lower discharge rate (meaning less Amperage and therefore less power). That makes this type of battery ideal for devices with a lower wattage. However, for those looking for the perfect battery to fit in with their high wattage device, a lower mAh battery will have a higher Amperage and therefore more power.

What resistance should my box vape coils be?
If you’re interested in vaping with a box mod, then the chances are you’re familiar with Ohms. For those who aren’t, an Ohm is a unit of measurement. In this case, it is a way of measuring the electrical resistance of your box mods coil. A popular Ohm reading, or coil resistance, is between 2.4 and 2.8 – but what do the numbers mean?

In short, vapers looking to achieve a warm vape experience that offers impressive amounts of vapor may operate with a lower ohm coil. However, the downside to these types of coil is that they make for a much dryer throat hit and can also damage the battery as well as drinking up your vape juice at a much faster rate.

Higher ohm levels are much gentler on battery life as well as helping to prolong your e liquid. The downside to reduced heat is less impressive clouds – so if that’s your thing then it may take a bit of trial and error to find what works best.

Can you safely put any tank on any box mod?
One of the biggest selling points of any regulated box mod is the option for customisability. This extends all the way to the tank itself. For or the most part, you can switch up the way your box mod looks with different tanks thanks to the universal 510-threaded connection that comes as standard on most mods and tanks.

Whilst most of your favourite tanks and box mods will be interchangeable, there are a select few that should not be mixed as to avoid permanent damage to your battery. To avoid this, just be sure that the tank you’re opting for doesn’t require more wattage to operate effectively than your mod can offer.

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