Box Mod: A Guide to High Watt Vaping

A model of electronic cigarettes that have become extremely popular in recent years is the “box mod.” A mod is usually larger than your typical e-cigarettes or pen-style vape. Their simple operation look, and ability to handle powerful atomizers make them so much popular.

What is a Box Mod?
A box mod is a powerful square or rectangular vaporizer that can work with one or more rechargeable batteries (accumulators). You can get the best collection of box mods here.

Out of all the devices and accessories used for drawing e-liquid, the box mod is distinct for its use of advanced vaping technology.

This vaporizer features numerous electronic devices that offer unique properties and safety protections to enable vapers to get the best from their favorite e-juice. They carry a combination of powerful and high capacity batteries with tanks, either mouth-to-lung tanks or sub-ohm tanks.

Box mods are different from vape pens in terms of their larger batteries and longer-lasting capacity. They are designed to easily allow vapers to interchange various battery types, atomizers, and tanks.

So, if you’re searching for customizability, the box mods are a great option for you. You can visit our store to get the best brands and designs of box mods you can find in the market. We’ve done the homework on your behalf.

You can easily use the smart card (chipsets) built with box mods to personalise some of the settings. The power (wattage), intensity (voltage), and temperature are usually pre-set.

However, note that the working principle of a box mod is quite similar to that of other vaporisers. The battery mainly helps to heat the coil located inside the atomiser, and vapor is produced after the coils are heated up.

Why do Vapers love Box Mods?
Unlike smoking which involves lighting up a cigarette to pull a puff, vaping embraces the use of technological modifications.

A box mod allows you to adjust your wattage and power given to the atomiser. Allowing more wattage gives an intense experience, producing huge clouds and flavorful vapor. More so, the throat hit is awesome.

Box mods also come with a display (screen) fitted on them. This features several functions with icons compared to small-size vaping devices.

The most interesting advantage of box mods is that it allows vapers to vape at their desired temperature. This means you can decide the vaping temperature level. You can enjoy your e-liquid, not too dry or too hot.

Box mods are now very popular among vaping professionals due to their customizability properties. More so, the durability and lifespan of the batteries are amazing.

Types of Atomisers used with Box mods
There are different options of atomisers that are used with box mods, including oil, wax, e-juice, and dry herb atomizers.

Oil Atomizers
These are the recent types of atomisers in the market. They work well with box mods and allow these mods to hold power much longer than ordinary vape pens.

But keep in mind that oil atomizers are delicate and need much fewer watts. Little wonder users are always advised to start with the lowest setting and gradually increase it till they get their best level of vapour generation.

Wax Atomisers
Wax needs to melt before it can vaporise, and that means they require a lot of heat. The wax atomisers work well with box mod vapes to produce an amazing result.

The wattage setting is usually between 18 and 25 watts, which is the optimal range. Beyond this power range, the coil will burn out.

E-juice Atomisers
The E-juice atomisers are the most common attachments for box mod vapes. They carry the most wattage rating and produce the biggest vapor clouds.

This type of atomiser can produce as far as 200 watts to vaporise glycerin, which leads to the formation of huge clouds. However, the recommended wattage is always indicated in the atomiser manual.

Dry Herb Atomisers
The dry herb atomisers are built for the combustion / aporization of dry herbs. When you vape herbs, it eliminates all the carbon II and carcinogenic content. Only a few watts are needed to run this type of atomiser; a power range of 7 to 12 watts is often recommended, and beyond this range, the coil will spoil.

How to use a Box Mod Vape
There are different types of box mod vapes, and they come in varieties of colors, sizes, and functional features. You can check the best collections of box mods here.

Box mods give you absolute control over your vaping escapade. You can scale the wattage and temperature to suit your needs and preferences.

This high-tech vape comes with a PCB chip that you can operate to make the needed changes or adjustments.

Some designs are waterproof, meaning the user does not have to bother if the vape falls into the water.

You can easily read the data and functionality of the device on a LED display.
The starter kit comes with the necessary accessories that you require to vape your most preferred e-liquid. More so, they have a high charging ability, and you can use an average mod the whole day without having to recharge it.

As a beginner, you might find it a bit technical to use. But you don’t have to worry; we have put together the basic methods of doing things right.
Below is a step-by-step guide on how to use a box mod:

Select the right atomiser
Your choice of atomiser will be determined by the type of vape and e-juice you’re using. There’s a wide range of e-juices, oils, herbs, as well as wax concentrates and each serves a different purpose.

The wax concentrate, for instance, cannot be fed with dry herb, or vice versa. You can get the cheapest e-liquids here.

Always ensure that the atomiser you’re selecting fits properly into the box mod

Charge the mod
If you’re using a new vape, and you’re planning to go on a long journey, it is important that you fully charge the mod.

Most of these high-wattage vapes come with micro USB charging ports, where you can easily insert the charging USB outlet.

Some other mods have removable batteries that you can either charge with a USB charger or universal chargers.

But ensure you follow the user manual to get instructions on how to handle the device properly, including how to remove the battery.

Most times, an ordinary mod battery will take about three hours before getting charged fully.

Attach the atomiser
Attach your chosen atomiser to the mod and fit it in place with a screw. Keep in mind that overtightening could cause serious problems. Ensure they are left at a point that is easy to unscrew when removal is required.

Switch on the Mod and Use Appropriate wattage
Most mods turn on by simply clicking the power button five times. When the device is on, the LED display lights up to indicate that the mod is on. The same process of clicking a button five times is repeated to switch off the device.

Ordinarily, there are two buttons to adjust wattage and temperature- one to increase and the other to reduce.

The kind of atomiser you chose will determine the appropriate wattage to use. For example, wax atomizers use up to 200 watts and their limits are indicated on the coils.

Powering your box mod
When the atomizer is fed with electricity and the coils heat up, you can start enjoying your vape juice.

You’re required to hold down the fire button as you pull vapor to your lungs. E-juice atomizers put off vapor almost instantly, but the wax and dry herb atomizers may take a few seconds before reaching their chosen temperature and puff off vapor.

Note that holding the power button for too long can damage the coil. That’s why box mod vapes feature a cut-off timer. This shuts off the electricity if the vaper holds the fire button down for too long, thereby preventing damage to the device.

Final Remark
Box mods are one of the smartest vaping devices you can find around today. They are well-built with customizable/adjustable features that allow you to get the best experience from your e-liquids.

Listen, you might get confused with the hundreds of brands and designs of box mods in the market. We have done the homework for you and put together a collection of the best budget-friendly brands of box mods. Check it out on our store. Make your choice and vape like a genius!