Bigger the fog the better?

People who use their e-cigarettes often want to show off their vape kits. Of course, not everyone aims to do the same thing; however, the popular notion amongst vape owners is that the bigger the fog you would produce, the more skilled you are at vaping. Of course, that is not always true, as people usually use their e-cigarettes to relax rather than flaunt what they can do.
The thing is, vaping is all about the flavour rather than the size of the smoke. You can huff and puff all you want, but as long as you are not satisfied with the taste, you will never be able to blow off steam, literally and figuratively.
In such a case, there will always be proper ways for you to maximise the flavour from your e-cig. While this may not be common knowledge amongst first-time users, the more skilled ones have realised this long ago, well enough for them not to second-guess their flavour selections. 
If you want to learn what they gathered from their vaping experiences, no need to worry. We have listed a couple of tips below for your reference.

·Decrease the Airflow
Airflow is often something that e-cigarette users take advantage of whenever they feel like making a big smoke. Of course, the opposite method applies if they hope to make the most out of their e-liquid flavours. 
Airflow often concentrates and relies on the passive air that is both inhaled and blown through the vaping device, thus, limiting the sensation of taste that the users may utilise if they wish to dwell on the flavour itself. By decreasing the airflow, you can let the taste remain for a much longer time.

·Pick the Right Flavour Pod
Sometimes, the problem lies within the flavour container itself and not within the device. While pods and coils are generally similar in nature, some bring out the taste in a more efficient way. This makes them the ideal option when it comes to flavours.
You may argue that people’s preferences may always differ and that the stronger the option is, the more that it will be able to linger in the user’s nostrils. However, some pods are made to assist in making the flavour stand out rather than be blown in succession. This makes it even trickier to choose from a long line of options.
Luckily, you may inquire about the pod variants when buying a new flavour so that you wouldn’t make a mistake when choosing.

·Adjust the Temperature Settings
Some flavours are best experienced when the temperature is right. You will never be able to get a feel of the taste if you would just stick to a single setting all throughout. By familiarising yourself with the device and its full functionalities, you will be able to maximise the outcome of your e-liquid.
Remember, never hesitate to experiment and balance out the settings with each new flavour; you might just be missing out without even realising it.

Maximising the flavour of your e-liquid is just a matter of making the right choices whenever you are using your vape. It may not seem obvious at first, but by knowing its functionalities and settings, you may very well have a new vaping experience unlike ever before.
Decreasing the airflow, picking the right flavour pod, and adjusting the temperature may prove to be advantageous in the long run. Follow our tips above and have a smooth vaping experience filled with rich flavours and lingering taste.