Big Flavour, Bigger Clouds: We Explore Sub-Ohm Salts

The explosion of pod vape devices flipped the vaping game upside down. Vapers all over the world traded their favourite freebase nicotine E-liquids and bulky mods for a pod system and nicotine salt E-liquid, opting for its flavourful and effective nicotine delivery. Unfortunately, nicotine salts are designed to be heated at lower temperatures, in low-wattage devices. This means that nic salts can’t be used in large mods, and won’t produce large clouds of vapour either. Luckily, as the vape industry continues to innovate, a new range of E-liquid has delivered the best of both worlds!

What Are Sub-Ohm Salts?
Sub-Ohm salts are rich in flavour, and create incredible clouds of vapour.
Due to their bulky, tank-like nature, people believe a vape mod will handle anything, but that’s simply not true. The coils (and the devices themselves) are designed for freebase nicotine E-liquids, a thicker liquid to its salt-based cousin—high in Vegetable Glycerin to produce a hard throat hit and huge clouds. Combining the newly developed and wildly popular salt nicotine with the thicker, higher VG liquids, vape juice manufacturers (such as ourselves) can bring sub-ohm vapers with high-power devices the smooth taste of nic salts that we love.

Sub-ohm salts are the only nicotine salt-based liquid that should be used in a sub-ohm mod. Regular nicotine salt E-liquid has a thinner consistency, which is why the pods with smaller. 1.0Ω coils are usually the best nic salt device. When used in a mod, regular nic salts will typically lead to spitback, burnt coils, and about $30 wasted! Sub-ohm salts guarantee a thick liquid that will be slowly wicked and get a long flavoursome life out of your coil.

The Benefits of Sub-Ohm Salts
When it comes to sub-ohm salts, it’s truly all benefits! You’re not sacrificing anything. If you love a big ol’ vape mod and you like good flavour (and who doesn’t?!), this is the juice for you.

The best nic salt device isn’t necessarily a pod system anymore. With sub-ohm salts, you can get that smoother draw that is associated with low-wattage devices. No harsh hits, just that smooth nicotine-filled flavour explosion at the back of your throat. The higher nicotine strengths mean you won’t be hitting your vape as much and spending less and less on Vape Juice—there are no downsides.

The thing that makes sub-ohm salts are a slam-dunk is definitely the flavour. Sub-ohm mods have never seen such rich, tastebud-tingling flavour. No more sticking to that one freebase liquid you absolutely love—you can explore the world of salts, expecting a blast of incomparable flavour with every hit, all while enjoying the satisfying feeling of blowing huge clouds.

If you love your vape mod, don’t give it up for a pod system. Just switch your freebase juice for sub-ohm salts and enjoy the tornado of flavour as you exhale clouds bigger than a pod-vaper could ever imagine! No more sacrificing clouds for flavour.

Explore Sub-Ohm Salts
The best device for nic salts could be your current vape mod—you just need the right juice.