Best Vape Kits of 2023 Round-Up

The whole year of 2023 for the vaping industry has been packed with innovations, trend changes and news headlines that shock and awe. While every vaper likes something different, the message is the same. All adults should stop smoking to improve your health and wealth. And one of the best tools to help you quit and reduce your nicotine levels is by trying e-cigarettes instead.

With that in mind, we have evaluated the top vape kits of 2023, from single-use reliable disposables to impressive compact vape pod-mods. Let’s kick off with a bang, explaining our favourite vape kit of the year....

Vaporesso Luxe XR Max
Our number one pick for this year has to be the best-selling pocket-friendly mod kit that can do it all – the Vaporesso Luxe XR Max!

While some vape kits are handy in a tight spot if you need to vape just mouth-to-lung with a tight draw, or vape loads of clouds, you often have to pick between one or the other.

And if you want to switch between the two styles, or even a restrictive direct lung, it would typically mean compromising on the size of the device too. Usually mods that can pack a punch, booming out loads of vapour will be beefy and not fit in the pocket.

The Luxe XR Max is a different story. It can truly do it all. And even with its compact nature, the battery size is still a massive 2800mAh battery capacity!

If that wasn’t enough, it can hold all of the previous Vaporesso GX mesh coils, which is an extensive list, plus there is an adjustable wattage of 80W too, which is more than enough to please the majority of vapers.

In terms of the design (which is stunning with a stylish OLED display), performance and versatility, it will be difficult to beat even in 2024 as a compact allrounder.

Innokin Arcfire
Another top pick for MTL vapers in 2023 has been the Innokin Arcfire. Known for their easy-to-use starter kits that are perfect for beginners, the Arcfire delivers great results with minimum fuss.

The design of the device is very simple yet elegant, with our video review of the Innokin Arcfire showing how straightforward it is to turn on and navigate the design features.

With intuitive pods, a generous amount of cloud and some amazing flavour from your chosen e-liquids, this device is tailor-made for MTL or RDL vaping.

The coil life is fantastic for the Arcfire, producing flavour that lasts and great value overall when you add together the price of the device with the coils and pods.

Available in lots of different colour schemes, we love the look and feel of this device more than anything, which is why it’s been so popular in the past six months.

Elf Bar Elfa Pro
Elf Bar are a brand everyone knows. They grabbed the attention of vapers with some excellent disposables that produced fantastic flavour with each puff. But there were questions about the sustainability and cost-effectiveness of these type of devices.

Therefore, they delivered with a few high-quality pod kits in recent times that offer more options in terms of e-liquid flavours, plus the chance to recharge and reuse the device.

In 2023, we saw the introduction of the Elfa Pro, which followed on from the popular Elfa. What we loved about the Elfa Pro from Elf Bar was the new technology.

This new device features coil separation technology, which essentially keeps the e-liquid inside the pod away from the coil until the very last moment when you activate with auto-draw.

Once you do that, you get an instant fresh hit of flavour, which tastes consistently great from start to finish.

So, it’s much closer to the intensity you get from disposables for a fraction of the price! Each pod produces roughly 600 puffs like the disposables too, so you don’t have too much of a change other than you get a rechargeable battery, which is always welcomed by not just the customer but the environment too!

Uwell Caliburn Explorer
The Uwell Caliburn range has been around for some time now and doesn’t seem to be slowing down in terms of regularity. With more than 20+ versions to pick from, although the majority produce great flavour with their patented Pro Focs technology, the innovation has been lacking more recently.

But hold on – we have a new contender for pod kit of the year based on innovation?

That’s right, the Uwell Caliburn Explorer is something new and very exciting! This is because Uwell has created the first pod we have discovered that holds dual coils inside separate chambers.

Each is 1ml and can hold different e-liquids, which is where the true innovation stands out. Essentially, it’s perfect for beginners or just those that want to alternate between flavours with the same device.

By clicking the clover-leaf button system, you can even combine the flavours, or switch between two different flavours effortlessly. It’s a unique design we are fully on board with!

Elf Bar 600 V2
Last on the list is the top two disposable devices we have come across this year, and have been super popular with our customers. First up is the Elf Bar 600 V2, which follows on from the legendary Elf Bar 600, which put Elf Bar on the map!

The Elf Bar 600 V2 offers amazing flavour just like the original but a few subtle tweaks have advanced the brand even further. You can check out our video review of the best flavours and easy set up here.

Key features include the new modular battery design, which helps to keep performance steady and consistent with each puff. In the past with some disposables, the power starts to wane, which impacts the delivery of nicotine.

However, the Elf Bar 600 V2 has no flaw here!
In addition, the design is cool and fresh, with a different type of casing and the best feature of all is the QUAQ mesh coils, which creates stunning flavour throughout the 600 expected puffs. Nice one Elf Bar!

IVG 2400
Last up is the game changing IVG 2400, which is a new kind of disposable not seen before. The innovative new design features four interchangeable pods which you can switch between whenever you like. There are tons of flavours to pick from and means you can vape up to 2400 puffs instead of the standard max of 600 puffs from a disposable.

And there we have it, some of the best vapes available in 2023 to those of all levels and interests in the cessation tool. As we know, the industry is changing all the time and we plan to keep up with the pace for the remainder of the year by updating when the time arises with a vape kit that slots perfectly into one of these popular categories. Keep your eyes peeled and ears to the ground for the latest updates via our blogs and emails for various offers and tips on how best to vape.