Best vape brands 2024

There are so many vaping brands available it can make your head spin! While all of the brands we stock are trusted, high quality producers of e-liquids, vape kits, and disposable vapes, there have certainly been some stand out brands that have really caught our attention this year.

Whether you’re thinking about picking up a new device and want to explore what different brands we have available, or you want to find some new e-liquid manufacturers in the search for exciting new flavours, we hope you can find some inspiration in our 25 best brands of 2024.

25. ELUX
Kicking us off we have ELUX and their range of nicotine-free big vape bars. ELUX know that not all vapers have the same needs, and while the high nicotine strengths found in most disposable vapes will work for some, others are looking for a nicotine-free option.

Their disposable vapes have a nicotine-free formula, which means they are not limited by the 2ml maximum e-liquid capacity that nicotine-containing disposable vapes are. Each ELUX Legend 3500 disposable vape contains a whopping 10ml of e-liquid and has a 1500 mAh built-in battery, allowing for up to 3500 puffs per device.

The Legend 3500 range is available in 20 flavour options, with a wide variety of different options to suit all different preferences.

24. Dinner Lady
Dinner Lady are a veteran of the vaping market, known for their iconic vape liquid flavours like the award-winning lemon tart.

The FUYL by Dinner Lady range of disposable vapes are all filled with their delicious vape juice, and have a unique diamond cut design with a square shape that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. The 2ml of 20 mg/ml nic salt e-liquid and 500 mAh built-in battery work together to offer up to 600 puffs per device.

23. Just Juice
Just Juice are making their first appearance on this list this year, with their range of vape juices which specialise in fruit flavours and iced fruit flavours.

The Just Juice e-liquid range is available in 10ml 50/50 nic salts, which are ideal for use with small vape kits like starter kits. They are available in a choice of an 11 mg/ml or 20 mg/ml nicotine strength, so you can choose the one most suited to your needs. The flavours range from more traditional fruit flavours like blue raspberry or mango & passionfruit, to more exotic options like blood orange, citrus & guava, or ice citron & coconut, for a really comprehensive and diverse fruit-flavoured range.

They have also released their Just Juice x Oxbar RRD collaboration, which includes the Oxbar refillable and rechargeable disposable vape plus a bottle of Just Juice e-liquid in five of their most popular flavours. This makes a great alternative to traditional disposable vapes as the device can be refilled up to ten times and offer up to 6,000 puffs before it will need to be disposed of and replaced.

22. Strapped
Strapped are new to our list for 2024, and they are definitely one for the cloud chasers and sub-ohm vapers!

Their Strapped Reloaded range of high VG 100ml short fills are perfect for kicking out large, dense, and flavourful clouds. There are ten different flavours to choose from, ranging from candy flavours like bubblegum drumstick and strawberry sour belt, to beverage inspired flavours like grape soda storm and blue raspberry slush.

Strapped have a knack for create e-liquids that are positively bursting with flavour, and their 100ml short fills mean you can stock up on your favourite flavours easily.

21. Uwell
The Uwell Caliburn range is one of the most popular lines of pod vape kits on the market, with each iteration boasting new features that make for a truly lovely vaping experience.

Uwell have found ways to offer so many innovative options to their Caliburn pod kit range while maintaining the small size and user-friendly design that they are known for. Like adding adjustable airflow to the pods and haptic feedback in the Caliburn G2 device.

We actually have a blog post, ‘Which Uwell Caliburn is best’, which takes a deeper look at the Uwell range and lets you compare the devices to find the best one for you.

20. IVG
IVG are an award-winning e-liquid brand known for their high-quality and incredibly flavourful vape juice, and recently they’ve mixed it up a bit by including new products like bar salts and disposable vapes in their wide range.

Their IVG Salt Bar Favourites are inspired by all the most popular disposable vape flavours, helping you find all of your favourites in a 10ml 50/50 nic salt that can be used with any starter kit or refillable pod kit, offering a more cost-effective alternative to disposables.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a convenient little vape that you can take with you on your next trip, or even just keep in your pocket for those occasions when you need something quick, their unique disposable vapes are a fantastic option. Unlike standard disposable vapes which contain 2ml of e-liquid, the IVG 2400 disposables contain four e-liquid pods each containing 2ml of e-liquid, for a total of 8ml of e-liquid and up to 2400 puffs per device. Once one pod is empty, or if you just feel like switching flavour, you can twist the device to switch to the next pod.

19. Geekvape
Geekvape are a brand that really do cater to all different vapers. Their range offers everything from starter kits all the way to state-of-the-art advanced kits, and this diversity is one of the many reasons they are such a popular brand.

For those who are relatively new to vaping, their Sondar Q pod kit has everything you need while still being straight-forward and easy to use. It has options that let you personalise your vaping experience, like precise airflow control, and the choice between a mouth-to-lung or restricted-direct-to-lung vaping style.

On the other hand, their Aegis Legend 2 kit is for those advanced vapers who want all of the bells and whistles along with the latest vaping tech. It has a really luxurious feel, but it is also water, shock, and dust proof so it is super robust and durable.

18. SMOK
SMOK are one of the biggest names in vaping, and their extensive and diverse range of vape kits really demonstrates the benefits that come with the expertise they have gathered during their many years in the industry.

Whether you’re looking for a starter, intermediate, or advanced vape kit, chances are there is a SMOK device that will suit you. One of their most popular ranges is the Nord line of pod vape kits, which combine the ease of a refillable pod kit with a powerful built-in battery, for a versatile range of devices.

One of the things that we really enjoy about SMOK products is the huge variety of SMOK coil options that they offer. Almost all SMOK kits have multiple coil options to choose from, allowing you to select the one that feels most comfortable to you and best suits your preferred power output. It is little things like this that allow you to personalise your vaping experience and make SMOK products stand out among the rest.

17. JUUL
JUUL is an extremely well-known brand who specialise in prefilled pod kits which are designed to make the perfect first device for new vapers who are making the switch from smoking to vaping, and they are up three places from 20 on our list last year!

Their driving goal is to offer a satisfying and approachable alternative to combustible cigarettes that can help smokers all over the world make the switch.

We love the JUUL2 vape kit for its simplicity, and how approachable it is for those who are new to using an e-cigarette. The prefilled JUUL2 pods are available in a range of delicious flavours, and have been specifically designed to offer a similar feel to smoking a cigarette.

Not only is the JUUL2 approachable for those who have not used a vape kit before, but it also uses technology for built-in features that are not at all daunting, but instead make it easy to check your battery power, the level of e-liquid in your pod, and whether your pod is connecting correctly, making it an absolute breeze to use.

16. Monster Vape Labs
Monster Vape Labs have managed to hold on to the #16 spot for the second year in a row! Their range of disposable vapes may be small, but they have some unique flavour options that certainly stand out among the crowd, like milk cinnamon, which is not a flavour commonly seen in disposable vapes but is perfect if you’re looking for something sweet, comforting, and absolutely delicious.

Their round, rubberised design makes these convenient little disposable vape pens so comfortable to use, and they’re filled with 2ml of intensely flavourful e-liquid making them perfect for popping in your pocket.

15. RIOT
RIOT E-liquid is new to the list this year, and their e-liquid ranges are certainly making a splash!

If you’re looking for a bar salt e-liquid, the Riot BAR EDTN range includes 24 different flavours with a smooth nic salt formula, with a mix of popular disposable vape flavours like pink lemonade, watermelon ice, and blueberry sour raspberry, plus some other more unique flavours like peach ice tea, mango vanilla ice cream, and banana kiwi ice.

They also have their S:ALT hybrid e-liquid range which combines nicotine salts and freebase nicotine, letting you enjoy the best of both worlds. You get the throat hit of a freebase e-liquid, with the fast absorption of a nicotine salt, for a really unique vaping experience.

14. BrewBox
BrewBox disposable vapes have really taken the market by storm, and they have moved up five places from our list last year. The BrewBox range combines some of our favourite e-liquids with the simplicity of a disposable, what’s not to love?

BrewBox disposables are filled with 2ml of Ohm Brew e-liquid, and offer a great way to enjoy some of your favourite Ohm Brew flavours at those times when you need a small and simple device in place of your usual vape kit, like nights out, festivals, and events.

One of the things we love about BrewBox disposable vapes is that they are available in a choice of two nicotine strengths. While most disposable vapes are only available in a 20 mg/ml nicotine strength, which is the highest strength available, BrewBox recognise that not everyone will need such a high strength option. For this reason, they offer the choice of a 10 mg/ml or 20 mg/ml strength, so you can select the option that best reflects your needs.

MARYLIQ by Lost Mary is new for 2024, having only just hit the vaping market it has already proved extremely popular.

These bar salt e-liquids are manufactured by Lost Mary, who are well-known for their disposable vapes. Not only is the MARYLIQ range available in all of Lost Mary’s most popular disposable vape flavours, but they are the exact same e-liquid with the same smooth nic salt formula and 20 mg/ml nicotine strength.

If you’ve been using Lost Mary disposable vapes but want to make the transition to a reusable vape kit, these e-liquids mean you can continue to use the flavours you know and love, in a more economical and environmentally-friendly way.

12. Innokin
If you are looking for a reliable vape kit that is effective, robust, and really gets the job done, then Innokin have got you covered. They have over ten years of experience with manufacturing vape kits, and it really shows in each and every device that they produce.

The place that Innokin really shine for us is with their starter kits, many of their devices, like the Endura T18 II, are options we recommend to new vapers time and time again. From the airflow design to the power output, they feels so familiar and comfortable to use, which is exactly what you need when you are first making the switch.

Innokin products are some of the most timeless devices, that are simple and elegant but also incredibly effective, they really do epitomise everything that a good starter kits needs to be, and more!

11. Aspire
Aspire are probably best known for their PockeX kit, which is a phenomenal little starter kit that we have been recommending to vapers for many, many years. It is one of those devices that really demonstrates the meaning of the phrase, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it!

But the PockeX is not the only vape kit that makes Aspire such a great vaping brand, they also have the One Up R1 which is a refillable and rechargeable disposable vape that is a convenient vaping option that produces less plastic waste than standard disposables.

Aspire have been leading innovation in the vaping industry since 2013, and we see no signs that they are going to be slowing down any time soon!

VOOPOO are known for the high quality and craftsmanship of their vape kits, and the fact that their range extends all the way from starter vape kits like the Argus Z pod kit, to intermediate devices like the Drag X kit, to advanced kits like the Drag 4 kit.

With little touches like leather panels and sleek lines, the VOOPOO range both looks and feels sophisticated and modern, and always offer smooth and flavourful vapour, no matter which device you choose.

Their Drag range has proved to be particularly popular among vapers, with each iteration offering exciting new features and more advanced chipsets, that really demonstrate how VOOPOO are constantly at the forefront of innovation within the vaping industry.

9. ELFLIQ by Elf Bar
The ELFLIQ range was very hotly anticipated, and boy has it lived up to the hype! Elf Bar were previously known primarily for their disposable vape kits, but the release of their ELFLIQ range has meant that vapers can now enjoy their favourite Elf Bar flavours in any compatible refillable vape kit.

These e-liquids, often referred to as bar salts, have the exact same flavour concentrates and nicotine formula as those contained in the Elf Bar disposable vapes, offering a fantastic alternative if you have been using disposables but are now looking for an alternative that is a little more budget-friendly and less wasteful.

8. Vuse
Vuse are another of the vaping brands that has been around for many years, and they are constantly using this experience within the industry to create simple and effective products that are designed specifically with new vapers in mind, so it’s no wonder that they are up 3 spaces from #11 last year.

Vuse specialise in prefilled pod kits which offer one of the easiest and most user-friendly ways to get started with a vape kit. Their focus is on helping smokers make the switch to vaping, and the Vuse Pro is arguably one of the simplest starter vape kits available, making it perfect for those who want something simple that will keep their nicotine cravings at bay without any fuss and little maintenance.

Something that really stands out about the Vuse prefilled pods is the many different nicotine strengths they offer. They understand that not all vapers have the same needs, and those people who were previously quite light smokers will not need to same nicotine level as those who were heavy smokers. This not only lets you choose the exact strength that best reflects your previous smoking habits, but also gives you the option to lower your nicotine strength over time if this is something you are interested in pursuing.

7. Vaporesso
If you’re a lover of refillable pod kits, then chances are you will love the Vaporesso range. They specialise in refillable pod kits with options to suit both new and intermediate vapers, but their range actually offers options for vapers at all different stages.

One of the things that really stands out about Vaporesso’s range is how well they combine high quality products which are effective and user-friendly, with sleek and stylish designs which are eye-catching and striking.

Each of their devices, from the XROS 3 Mini to the LUXE XR Max has a unique look and are optomised to offer the most exquisite vaping experience, from flavour production, to airflow, to power output.

6. Vampire Vape 
Vampire Vape are what you could call veterans of the vaping industry, and most vapers will have heard of them if not used them at some point in their vaping journey. With award winning flavours like Heisenberg there is a reason that these e-liquids have been a staple on the vaping scene for so long, and that Vampire Vape has moved all the way from #14 on our list last year!

One of the many reasons we love Vampire Vape is for the freebase nicotine formula that is available in their purple lidded bottles. While we love a good nic salt, some vapers find that the satisfying throat hit of a freebase nicotine e-liquid is exactly what they need to make vaping feel comfortable and familiar to them as an ex-smoker.

Combine this with their range of phenomenal flavours and wide range of nicotine strengths and you’re got a range that is ideal for pairing with starter kits and pod systems, and perfect for new vapers! But don’t worry, all of their most popular flavours are also available in a smooth nic salt formula if that is what you prefer.

5. Double Brew Bar Series
Double Brew were quite new to the market when we wrote our best vape brands list last year, and in that time they have climbed up an incredible 10 spaces to be in the top five this year!

While disposable vapes are a convenient option for short-term use, like nights out and parties, they’re not the most cost effective or environmentally-friendly option when used all the time.

That’s why vaping brands like Double Brew have created their range of e-liquids which replicate the taste of some of your favourite disposable vape flavours, but can be used in any compatible refillable vape kit.

Unlike other ranges which have created e-liquids inspired by disposable vapes, Double Brew are not only available in 10ml nic salts, but also in 100ml 50/50 short fill e-liquids, so you can stock up on your favourite flavour.

Something we really love about the Double Brew range is that their nic salts are available in three different nicotine strengths: 5 mg, 10 mg, and 20 mg/ml. This means that not only can you enjoy delicious flavours like blue slush ice and kiwi passionfruit guava, but you can also select the strength that best suits your own personal needs.

4. SKE Crystal
SKE Crystal first rose in popularity with their huge range of Crystal Bar disposable vapes, with so many different flavour options that there really is something to suit every different flavour preference. But they weren’t satisfied at leaving it with that, and their e-liquids and pod kit have been so popular that they are up from #8 on our list last year.

Their Crystal Plus device is a prefilled pod kit, which looks just like one of their disposable vapes, but can be repeatedly recharged whenever needed so you can continue to use it for much, much longer than any disposable vape. The prefilled pods contain the same delicious e-liquids as their disposable vapes, and are available in all of their most popular flavour. So, if you have been thinking about transitioning to a reusable alternative, the Crystal Plus is a great little device with a fantastic flavour range.

They have also released their SKE Crystal Salts which are the same delicious e-liquids found in their disposable vapes and prefilled pods, but available in a 10ml bottles which can be used in any compatible vape kit, so everyone can get in on the Crystal action!

3. Lost Mary
Lost Mary may be relatively new to the vaping market but they have proved themselves to be an instant hit. Their range of disposable vapes have unique designs that make them extremely compact and discreet, and their range of flavours includes so many options you really will find yourself spoilt for choice.

Their new BM600S disposable vapes have the same iconic design as the original BM600 devices, but contain state-of-the-art QUAQ mesh coils which offer incredible depth of flavour and an even more consistent vaping experience, so every puff is just as good as the last!

But recently they have branched out to release the Lost Mary Tappo, which allows you to enjoy all of your favourite Lost Mary flavours in handy prefilled pods. This new device is already making waves and we think it's going to prove very popular this year.

2. Elf Bar
It will likely be no surprise that Elf Bar have taken the second place on our list for the second year in a row, as there is no denying that in only a couple of years they have become one of the most popular vaping manufacturers on the market.

They initially hit the vaping scene with their incredibly popular range of disposable vapes, the Elf Bar 600. They offer one of the biggest flavour ranges available, and something that holds them separate from many other vaping brands is the fact that they are available in multiple nicotine strengths, with all flavours available in a 20 mg/ml, and selected flavours also available in a 10 mg/ml and nicotine free option, to help you achieve your perfect nicotine satisfaction.

But they have since expanded their range to include prefilled pod kits like the Elf Bar ELFA PRO, which incorporate all of your favourite Elf Bar flavours with a rechargeable battery, letting you enjoy the same great taste but without as much waste. Their Elf Bar Mate 500 device is unique in that it is not only compatible with an extensive range of prefilled pods, but also with a refillable pod which can be paired with any compatible e-liquid in whichever strength and flavour you fancy.

These starter kits are an absolutely fantastic option if you are new to vaping and looking for a simple device to get starter with, or if you are looking for a way to transition from disposable vapes to a more economical alternative. They have also proved that Elf Bar are not just a one trick pony and they are certainly here to stay!

1. Ohm Brew
Ohm Brew are one of the most diverse e-liquid brands available, and they’ve taken the top spot on our list for the second year running! From nic salts to freebase, 50/50 to high VG, their e-liquid range includes every possible formula so there is an Ohm Brew e-liquid to suit every different vaper and every different vape kit.

Their 50/50 nic salt range is one that we are constantly recommending to new vapers, as the flavour range is unrivalled and the nicotine strengths range all the way from 3 mg/ml to 18 mg/ml, so you can find the exact strength that will satisfy your nicotine cravings and help you successfully make the switch from smoking to vaping. Plus, the nic salts offer an incredibly smooth inhale and satisfy cravings in a matter of seconds, and the 50/50 formula is perfect for pairing with starter vape kits and pod systems.

But sub-ohm and advanced vapers can also join in on the Ohm Brew fun with their Badass Blends, Badass XL, and Baltic Blends ranges of high VG short fill e-liquids. If you’re transitioning from their 50/50 range to a high VG formula you can find many of your favourite flavours in their short fill e-liquid range, and they’re perfect for creating thick, dense, and flavourful clouds.

Their most recent addition is actually a little bit different, as they have recently welcomed the Ohm Brew Refill Bar, which is a rechargeable and refillable disposable vape kit that can be refilled up to 15 times before it will need to be disposed of. For those disposable vape users who are looking for a way to reduce their plastic waste and also spend less money on disposable vapes, this is an absolutely fantastic option, and can be paired with bar salt e-liquids for that authentic disposable vapes taste.