Best Sub Ohm Vape Tank of 2024

How are you going to discover which is the best Sub-Ohm tank for flavour, cloud production or easy filling when there is so much choice in 2024? The UK is seeing an influx of high-quality tanks for vaping at a resistance below one Ohm and vapers love it! But with so much choice, which is the best option?

However, before we get to that, let’s check out what Sub-Ohm vaping means, what a Sub-Ohm tank does and everything else you need to know.

If you have stumbled across this vaping term but prefer mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping (Sub-Ohm vapers are advised to vape directly to the lungs (DTL) with vape mods because the increased airflow and higher wattage devices can make you cough if you try MTL), check out the best MTL tanks here for a more intense throat hit.

Sub-Ohm Vaping Explained
So, first of all, before we get into what the best Sub-Ohm tank on the market is, you need to understand what Sub-Ohm vaping is. Essentially, it’s using any vape device which is powered by a coil with a resistance of less than one Ohm. It heats up much faster but also goes through more e-liquid, so that’s something to bear in mind when choosing your ideal vape kit.

Sub-Ohm vapers are advised to vape directly to the lungs (DTL) with vape mods because the increased airflow and higher wattage from devices such as the Vaporesso Luxe XR Max can make you cough if you try vaping mouth to lung with a lower resistance coil. Therefore, you have to be smart and pick the right vape mod that’s tailored to your preference. For the best Sub-Ohm vaping experience, we recommend selecting a mesh coil with an increased surface area. This is to maximise flavour and enhance cloud production better than any standard wire coil.

Vapers need to look at the coil and keep to their suggested wattage output before hitting the fire button on their Sub-Ohm vape. How you pair the coil with the right Sub-Ohm tank matters greatly when on a quest to vape at a lower resistance to hit the right spot.

What is a Sub-Ohm Tank?
Sub-Ohm tanks house the Sub-Ohm coils and can be adjusted based on the wattage output and because vape wattage affects temperature there are often settings that you can tweak to suit your preference. When vaping first started, the technology was all geared around starter kits and low-wattage devices that simply helped people quit smoking. Fast forward to today and you have a massive division between vapers - either you are MTL or DTL and typically prefer high-wattage devices or low-powered vaping at a higher resistance.

Originally Sub-Ohm vaping seemed too challenging for many because of the complications surrounding the subject. From the outside, it looked like you needed to be a science whizz to understand Ohm Law or an environmentally aware individual who knows a lot about battery safety. However that all changed with the emergence and increasing popularity of Sub-Ohm tanks.

The Best Sub-Ohm Tanks for 2024
In the UK, Sub-Ohm tanks must all comply with EU laws - mainly that they have a max capacity of 2ml. But with so many choices out there from a range of top brands such as Vaporesso, Horizon and Innokin, how do you decide which is best? Sub-Ohm vapers typically seek either large clouds of vapour, improved taste with each vape which will feel warmer or a mixture of both. Let’s evaluate the top picks of the best vape tanks 2024 can offer to date.

Aspire Atlantis GT – Best for Flavour


First on this list is from highly respected brand Aspire, who are recognised in the industry and by its customers for producing vape kits and accessories that help with the transition from smoking to vaping effortlessly.

But it’s not just an effective easy option vapers are seeking after giving up cigarettes but also something to rekindle their taste buds. And with the Aspire Atlantis GT Sub-Ohm tank, there is flavour in abundance, and it’s not tricky to use regardless of level or experience vaping.

Expertly crafted with a stylish design, two coils in the kit and a protective cover to protect the glass tube from impact, it’s a minimum-fuss look that delivers huge flavour with each inhalation.

Vaporesso iTank 2 – Best for Chain Vaping

Sub-Ohm vapers are an interesting group in the industry. By this point in time, they are typically comfortably experienced vapers who have moved on from traditional MTL vapes to something a bit more customisable. And one of the best ways you can do that is by selecting the right tank, that gives you greater options.

The Vaporesso iTank 2 does exactly that, with adjustable ‘turbo’ airflow to optimise the performance fast when needed.

Another handy feature it has is the useful press and auto-open function, meaning you can quickly top up your vape juice, which tends to be more frequent with Sub-Ohm vaping.

Plus, with a great leak-proof design, offering a ‘self-cleaning’ system, you’ll maximise the liquid you have and avoid any dramas! With a sliding top fill mechanism, this is easy enough to do and the push-fit coils just add that additional simplicity to the whole experience.

Overall, it’s a fantastic Sub Ohm tank which provides decent flavour and is designed with the support of efficiency we have come to expect from Vaporesso.

Geekvape Z Fli – Best for Filling

Geekvape has over the years developed some of the best Sub-Ohm tanks for fantastic cloud performance and maximum flavour. With reliable devices, this is the perfect equation. But in the past, they haven’t always been the best to fill.

But the new Geekvape Z Fli tank changes all that with its super easy-to-fill method. The top fill simply pops open with a flip-top cap, which is not a common design among Sub-Ohm tanks. This means quick access and plenty of space to add the vape juice bottle dropper.

Plus, it supports the brand new XM coil series, which has an even longer lifespan for your e-liquids to get the best use from whatever flavour you prefer! And with a bunch of colourful or professional designs, you can pick to suit your mood.

Horizon Falcon Legend – Best for Clouds

Horizon is revered for its fantastic performance and has been one of the leading brands to manufacture tanks that are capable of puffing huge clouds. The Horizon Sakerz and Master are just a couple of examples but the new Horizon Falcon Legend may be the best yet for Sub-Ohm clouds.

It’s one of the most powerful tanks we have tested this year and features bottom-to-top adjustable airflow, as well as a simple top-fill method. Compatible with a range of Falcon Coils as well as the M8/M6 range, you’re spoilt for choice to find the flavour to match the clouds!

The excellent design, construction and high-quality materials ensure you can vape huge and look good while doing it.

Freemax Fireluke 4 – Best Design and Performance

Freemax always produces high-end products that make the switch to vaping from smoking for adults a breeze. They have some very easy-to-use and yet futuristic kits such as the Galex Nano and Pro series, and simple MTL pods to match. But if you want to take your vaping journey one step further, the Fireluke 4 Tank is a beast.

Available in three professional colours, such as stainless steel, black or blue, it’s elegantly made and shaped to perfection. There are tons of coils to pick from, a straightforward top-fill method and you even get two coils with the tank, which is a bargain!

Plus, you can replace the drip tip and the kit comes with a free replacement bubble glass too, so it’s always ready to go when needed. We couldn’t recommend it highly enough and its design is only matched by its stellar performance.

So far, we have seen some fantastic vape tanks on display for Sub-Ohm vaping, and we’re only halfway through the year. We can’t wait to see what else is in store in terms of design and craftsmanship from the leading brands.