Best Single Battery Mod: Innokin Oceanus 20700 Mod (Review)

The Innokin Oceanus is a very special mod that has a huge advantage over most of the mods on the market. This vaporizer offers a rather small form factor, and, of course, we’ve seen small form factor mods before. We have not, however, seen such a vaporizer offer so much power. This little guy is around the size of your standard 80-watt portable mod, but it offers a whopping 110 watts of power. 

If you’re a cloud-chaser looking for a pocketable cloud-machine, this is easily one of the most compelling options. I’ve been using the Oceanus as my daily driver for the last few months in order to really get a grasp of what it offers, and now I report to you with my findings. Without further ado, let’s talk about this one-of-a-kind vape.

Oceanus Build Quality
I’ve already bragged about the Oceanus’s size to power ratio, but upon first glance, it becomes obvious that this mod is more than just a portable powerhouse. It also has a premium quality that’s very hard to beat. It looks and feels great. The shell seems to be made of a zinc alloy that’s cool to the touch and very durable.

On the side of the Oceanus, we’re graced with a beautifully crisp OLED display. OLED displays are of a higher quality than the more-common LED display, because of the following reasons:
·Higher efficiency and of a higher quality build;
·It results in darker, more accurate blacks;
·Pixels in use appear to be brighter and more defined;
·LED displays need to turn on every pixel in order to display an image, while an OLED only lights up the pixels in use.

Interface & Design
You get a pretty simple, intuitive interface with the Oceanus. It’s just a fire button and a couple of buttons to increase and decrease your wattage. This is a fairly standard layout, but there’s no reason to overcomplicate something that can be effortless.
The Oceanus has a very comfortable, ergonomic design. One side is more curved so it rests nicely in your palm, while the other has a more angled curve for you to wrap your fingers around. Your experience may vary, but this mod fits my hand like a glove.
There’s a very stylish LED ring around the fire button. Some mods tend to overdo it with the lights, but, in my opinion, this simple little addition comes across as tasteful. Plus, it indicates your battery’s charge, so it’s actually a functional feature. Lastly, you get a strong, magnetic battery cover that conceals the 20700 battery which makes this insane power to size ration possible. The way that it easily snaps into place really adds to the Oceanus’s premium quality.

Oceanus Performance
In terms of performance, the Oceanus has blown past the boundaries that were in place before its release. That doesn’t mean that it’s perfect. I usually use this mod at its highest wattage, and I can attest to the fact that the power output drops a little once your battery falls below 50%. The difference isn’t drastic, but it’s noticeable.

Innokin ships this unit with two batteries that hold a charge for a respectable amount of time. This makes it easy and cost-efficient to charge one battery while the other is in use. I tend to swap them out after they hit that 50% mark, and I typically only need to swap them out once towards the end of the day, if at all. There’s some debate in regards to whether or not you should let your battery fully drain.

Fully draining your battery has theoretical advantages, but in this case, swapping them out at around 50% is going to result in an improved vaping experience. Plus, with two batteries, you’re using each batter half as often, so both will still last a pretty long time.
The Oceanus features pass-through charging, which allows you to vape while it’s plugged into the included micro-USB cable. Additionally, it’s using Innokin’s Atheon chipset. It isn’t the best chipset on the market, but it is rather impressive.  One drawback is its lack of temperature control. This is a feature that we see in most modern mods, and although some don’t even use it, it’s an amenity that others won’t want to give up.

What’s In The Box?
Let’s talk about what the Oceanus offers, what it costs, and whether or not the two add up. The Oceanus comes in two different kits, one of which comes with Innokin’s Scion Tank. For the sake of this value analysis, I’m going to focus on the Express Kit, which comes with the Oceanus mod and a couple of accessories.
·Innokin Oceanus Mod
·2 Ampking 3000 mAh 20700 Batteries
·2 Silicone 20700 Battery Sleeves
·Micro-USB Charging Cable

The Express Kit gives you everything you need to get started with the exception of a tank and e-liquid. The charging cable is a standard inclusion, although I don’t recommend using charging cables for any mod with a removable battery. The real standout inclusion here is that of the two Ampking batteries. These are powerful, high-capacity batteries that’ll really make the most of this mod.

I get the feeling that Innokin included them so every customer could really experience the Oceanus’s full capabilities, as lesser batteries wouldn’t unlock its full potential. Most mods don’t come with even a single battery, but Innokin was cool enough to include two.
This kit costs $57, a price you could expect to pay for any powerful, cutting edge mod on its own. In this case, you’re also getting two high-quality batteries that would end up costing over $30 by themselves. All things considered, this is a very generous offer from Innokin.

The Best RDA For Oceanus
Considering how powerful this little mod is, a lot of cloud-chasers are bound to pair it with their favorite RDA. Any RDA that’s 24mm or under will fit the Oceanus well without any overhang, so feel free to use it with whichever compatible RDA you prefer. If you’re looking for a suggestion, I have a couple that you might like.
Recently, one of my favorite RDAs has been The Drop Dead RDA by Hellvape and TVC. It’s awesome, because its a combination of two highly-praised RDAs: The Drop by TVC and The Dead Rabbit by Hellvape. Combine all of the best features from the two, and you get the Drop Dead RDA.

The build deck keeps your coils far apart, which is reminiscent of The Drop’s design. The airflow, on the other hand, is a hybrid system that incorporates elements from both The Dead Rabbit and The Drop. Like The Drop, The Drop Dead has airflow slots that consist of multiple air holes. However, The Drop Dead utilizes top-down airflow, much like the Dead Rabbit.

This combination results in cloud production that matches that of its predecessors and flavor that surpasses them both. Plus, it’s only $30 making it a budget RDA offering performance that far exceeds its price point.

Next, there’s The Goon V1.5. The Drop Dead is more of a budget RDA, while the Goon is for those that are less budget-oriented. At $60, it definitely isn’t cheap. In fact, it’s twice as much as The Drop Dead. It offers noticeably improved flavor, but the flavor definitely isn’t twice as good. Whether or not the increased performance justifies the huge price gap is up to you. This RDA is a cutting edge, enthusiast product for those that want the best of the best.

Innokin Oceanus Is The Best Single-Battery Mod
Are there single-battery mods with more features than the Oceanus? Yes, there are quite a few. The Oceanus doesn’t have the best chipset. This is evident when you realize that it doesn’t offer temperature control, and it becomes even more evident when you notice the drop in power that occurs when your battery drops below 50%.

It isn’t perfect, but it’ll be the best mod for a certain kind of vaper. Specifically, it’ll be the best mod for those that want a compact, powerful mod. Despite its shortcomings, this is a great mod. Furthermore, its the smallest mod to offer this much power. Its whopping 110 Watts of power leaves other mods in its size range in the dust, and the unit’s price is surprisingly generous.

$57 USD isn’t a bad price for this mod alone considering its cutting edge performance and premium build quality, but this offering becomes even more enticing when you realize that it comes with two $15 batteries. The performance, quality, and value offered by the Oceanus are superb.