Best Pod Kit for Nic Salts

With nicotine salts, it’s the best of both worlds for e-cigarette users. You don’t have to vape as often as you would with freebase nicotine e-liquids.  However, you still get a stronger delivery of nicotine thanks to the addition of benzoic acid which naturally balances the PH level to create a smoother throat hit. As it continues to take the industry by storm, the development of more nic salt e-liquids and compatible devices poses the question - which is the best pod kit for nic salts? Here are our picks for 2021 to date, which we will add to throughout the year. First up, we have the pre-filled category and in particular, disposables - the latest nic salt craze!

Pre-Filled Nic Salts Kits


We start off with a brand that needs no introduction - Smok has been a mainstay of the vaping world for some time now. With the MBAR, it’s a handy little disposable for mouth to lung inhalation. You get 300 puffs which should last a day if you’re not a heavy vaper and it’s powered by a 280mAh battery. Storing 1.3ml of e-liquid at 20mg nic salt (also measured as 2% nicotine salt), it’s strong and smooth enough to satisfy any cravings. A couple of other welcome features for any vaper, whether you’re a heavy smoker looking to convert or a day to day vaper needing a convenient disposable - the MBAR is an auto-inhale device for ease of use and leak free. Reaching 6-8W of consistent power, it provides a very discreet vape packed with flavour. You can pick from five different flavours including the fruity Grape Ice and traditional Menthol, all at 20mg.  When you're done, simply throw away and pick up another disposable.

GeekVape Geek Bar

Another contender for the  best disposable in the 2021 market is the Geek Bar from vaping giants GeekVape. Boasting 20 different flavours to select from, vapers are spoilt for choice with this 500mAh 20mg disposable vape. Because you can vape up to 575 puffs, they easily last a day considering the strength of these nic salt vapes. The flavour is delicious on them and you have so many options, ranging from Blueberry Bubble Gum to Passion Fruit or Peach Ice. Because there are no buttons to press, coils to change or settings to adjust, it’s a super simple kit for beginners and advanced vapers alike. It’s another device with auto activation that’s just what a mouth to lung vaper will seek to enjoy on the go.

Elf Bar

Next up in the nic salt pre-filled disposable range we have the Elf Bar vape pen which offers similar convenience to the Geek Bar with up to 600 puffs at 2% nic salt too. It’s got a smoother textured layer grip and a duck-shaped mouthpiece so it’s similar to the MBAR in terms of design. Built with organic cotton wick inside and auto-inhale, it’s practical and comfortable to vape all day and throw away when you’re done. They are lightweight like most disposable vapes so super easy to carry around in your bag or pocket. In terms of flavours, you have a plethora of choice with exciting blends like Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava and dessert options such as Strawberry Ice Cream.

GeekVape Geek Bar Lite

Last for the list of pre-filled disposables is the Geek Bar Lite, which is a new and more compact version than the original 500mAh version. In contrast, the Lite offers a smaller 350mAh battery which is still enough for most MTL vapers to use throughout the day,  which should be possible with nic salts being stronger. Roughly 350 puffs is a generous amount for a more compact vape, giving vapers even more flexibility if they’re seeking something even smaller to carry around. A 2% vape that’s auto-inhalation like the larger Geek Bar, it doesn’t give the option of as many flavours but you still have several choices, including fruity mixes like Mango Strawberry and Grape Raspberry - delicious!

Pre-Filled Pods for Vaping

Voom Pod Starter Kit

Next we have pre-filled kit options where you can keep the vape and only dispose of the prefilled pod, which works out as a cheaper option long-term. Regarding the Voom, you have a very stylish MTL kit available in gold or black for routine vaping on the go. It features a built-in 320mAh battery that comes with a USB charger and only takes an hour to fully charge. With 1.2ml of e-liquid, it’s not the max of 2ml TPD regulations allows but the magnetic nic salt pods are so easy to remove and replace that it doesn’t necessarily matter. Simply carry around a few spares in flavours such as flavours like Tobacco and Ice Strawberry. Alternatively, you can pick up some  empty refillables and add your own nic salt e-liquid.

Vype Pen

Vype, the US brand now making waves in the vaping industry with a change of name to Vuse, offers a practical option with the Vype ePod starter kit. Ideal for former smokers or as a backup, its simple ergonomic design is matched by the delicious nic salt flavoured pods such as Tropical Mango and Very Berry. The ePod kit has a 1.9ml pod capacity and 350mAh battery which you charge up via the USB. Affordable, puff activated and requiring no set up, it’s a fantastic starter kit for anyone wanting to get into vaping after quitting smoking.

iQ Air Vape Kit

Another slim e-cigarette kit which makes a great companion for easy vaping on the go. The nic salt pods that come with the device offer high mouth to lung resistance at 1.8 Ohms. The vape pen provides slightly less battery power than the others on the list at 200mAh so you might need to carry your charger around with you depending on how much you vape. The wattage is fixed so you don’t need to worry about any adjustments and 3.7 volts are generated through the device. You have three different nic salt pods in Tobacco, Menthol and Strawberry flavour so you can go for sweet or traditional options depending on personal preference. Each pod is 2% nic salt, so that’s the maximum strength for a smooth vape.

Refillable Nic Salt Pod Kits

SMOK Stick N18

We start in the refillable nic salt pod kit category with the new Smok Stick N18 kit, which offers a variety of functions and features to support nicotine salt enthusiasts. For the best performance with nic salts, you’ll want to vape at a low wattage and a high resistance coil. The handy thing about the N18 Kit is it’s compatible with the whole range of Nord coils so you can find one that matches your nicotine salt level. In addition, you have five fixed wattage settings so you can tweak the performance to match your expectations. The stick vape also boasts a 1300mAh battery which is more than enough for a full day of MTL or DTL vaping, although for the strength of nic salts we suggest only vaping mouth to lung as too much nicotine from too high a power can feel too strong on the throat.


A low wattage device from popular brand Voopoo that’s well liked by vapers for its simplicity, smart design and conventional refillable pods. You can get two different kinds of replacement pods - either with a 0.7 Ohm mesh coil which is great for flavour or a higher resistance 1.2 Ohm Gene Helix coil which is the best for nic salts. You can then add your own nic salt e-liquids by filling via the side port. The device itself has a built-in 900mAh battery, which is again auto-inhale which suits former smokers perfectly.

Innokin CoolFire Z50 Kit

Vapers in some cases find, especially when starting out with e-cigarettes, that they don’t get quite the same hit as cigarettes. However, with the introduction of nic salts this all changed. More nicotine content but less needed with each vape. All the industry needed to complete the transition and massively expand the range of e-liquids was transformational devices that could support it. The CoolFire Z50 pod-mod Kit was one of those vape kits, with a 2100mAh battery to support all-day vaping and a range of Z coils to utilise the full power of nic salts. 

The  Zlide Tank that comes with the kit supports mouth to lung and direct to lung vaping, which is great if you don’t just want to vape nic salts. However, as we stated earlier, nic salts is better suited to MTL vaping. You can top up your nic salt vape juice with ease thanks to the top fill design of the Zlide Tank, which sits comfortably on the pod-mod. It fires up to 50W, which you can alter to best support your chosen salt nic.

VOOPOO Vinci 2

Last on the list we have another popular device from Voopoo, the Vinci 2. It’s a stylish auto-inhale device with a comfortable mouthpiece for MTL vaping and DTL too. The airflow can be adjusted and it supports all the PnP coils so you can mix and match with your  nic salts. It also provides a 1500mAh battery capacity, up to 50W of power like the Z50 and lots of safety functions to keep your device in top condition.

Whichever vape kit you go for, rest assured the delivery of nic salt will be on point if you keep your settings low. For smokers it's the perfect way to start off your vaping journey as it mimics smoking cigarettes in many ways. Meanwhile, more advanced vapers may also appreciate it if they feel like freebase nicotine is not strong enough and finding it hard to resist cigarettes.