Electronic cigarettes have come a long way since their modern invention by Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik in 2003. Amazing technical innovations have led to the development of incredible e-cig devices at unbelievable prices. But with so many vaping products on the market today, how do you find the true e-cig standouts? Don’t worry, we have done the job for you, scouring the vast vape landscape to bring you this list of the Best E-cigs for 2022. Let’s jump right into it…

What’s the difference between a Pod Vape and an E-Cig?
E-cigs are portable, use draw activation and come pre-filled with vape juice making them a convenient choice for anyone looking to start vaping. Pod vapes, on the other hand, have replaceable e-liquid cartridges, longer battery life and have higher vapor production. If you’re looking to vape nicotine salts or change the ohm coil resistance a pod is a more flexible choice than an electronic cigarette, which works more like a disposable vape.

E-cigs were the first vaping product to produce a high-quality vaping experience, and started the whole vaping industry by replacing traditional cigarettes with alternative products like vape mods, box mods, vape pens and pod mods. 

Top Rated E-Cigs

1.Hyde Edge Rechargeable 3300 Puff Disposable Vape Pen
A rechargeable disposable e-cig that is rated for 3300 puffs? Wow! The Hyde Edge represents the next generation of portable disposable devices. Enjoy 50 mg of nicotine content in a multitude of incredible flavors like Summer Love and Minty O’s. A 600mAh battery keeps sessions going strong without interruption. Try yours today!

2.Meta Drop Synthetic Disposable Vape Pen
The Meta Drop is one of the best pod e cigs to come along in recent memory. Experience 6mL of delicious vape juice that is rated to last 2000 puffs. A 1.2 ohm coil ensures top-tier flavor. A wider drip tip nozzle makes for bigger, more voluminous clouds. Check out flavors like Strawberry Watermelon or Blueberry Ice. Order your Meta Drop today!

3.Keep It 100 Bar Synthetic Disposable Vape Pen
Simple, effective, and mouth-wateringly tasty, every Keep It 100 Synthetic Vape Pen is designed to satisfy. 50mg of nicotine is the perfect amount and 6.5mL of e liquid will last and last. Choose between awesome flavors like Maui Blast, OG Pink Iced, and more!   

4.YAYA MAX Disposable Vape Pen
Take your e cig game to the MAX with YAYA. A powerful 1000mAH internal battery powers your sessions. These incredible vape pens are available in a staggering array of incredible flavors from Banana Ice to Cool Mint to Honey Coco, and many more. Bet you can’t just try one! 

5.HITT XL Disposable Vape Pen
The HITT XL offers an unreal 10mL of e juice capacity in a portable package ready to take with you wherever you roam! The perfect on-the-go device, the HITT XL is one of the best e cig vape pens out there packed with 5% nicotine in every e-cig. Get 3000 puffs of flavors like Fresh Mint, Tropical Guava and Lush Ice just to name a few. Snag yours today. 

6.Pachamama SYN 1500 PUFF Disposable Vape Pen 
Pachamama has stood out from the crowd due to their expertly blended vape juice flavors. From Lychee Ice to Mango Tango to Pink Lemonade, and more, you’re sure to be in vaping valhalla. This durable, high quality pen is rated for 1200 puffs and features a long-lasting, resilient 700 mAh internal battery. Order several flavors of this amazing pen now and experience the quality for yourself! 

So there you have it, the top 6 e cigarettes for 2022.