Battery Chargers – what they can do and which one’s for you

There are a lot of battery chargers available.  Getting the right one is important.

Top Tip
Choosing your charger depends upon what batteries you want to charge and where.

If you’re looking for something small and portable, you might want to go for a single battery charger.  If you want something simple, you might go for a dual battery charger. If you have more than one mod and different batteries, a universal charger would be best.

Single Battery Charger

What it does:

·Charges a single battery at a time.  
·Charges batteries when you’re out and about.  It’s small enough to be kept in a pocket or a small bag so you can be sure you’ve got a charger with you wherever you go.
·Charge at your computer or in your car with the USB cable.

The Efest Slim K1 Charger is just £5.99 and it’s an ideal single-battery charger for vapers who are on the go.  Because it is slim and discreet, it is highly portable. You can easily carry it around with you in a bag or pocket and hardly notice it’s there.  Unlike some battery chargers, this can be plugged into a USB port rather than a plug socket, meaning it’s convenient to charge at your computer or in your car and you don’t have to wait until you get home to charge up your batteries.  It fits various 3.6 and 3.7V Li-ion batteries and has built-in safety features to protect against over-charging and short-circuits. With a portable battery charger like the Efest Slim K1, your vaping device will never run out of charge.

Dual Charger

What it does:

·Makes charging batteries simple.
·Charges two identical batteries at the same time so you can always have a spare ready for your e-cigarette.

The Efest Soda Dual Battery Charger is a top-quality charger for just £14.99.  It is compatible with a range of lithium batteries, making it versatile.  With independent slot-monitoring, it will detect when each battery is charged and will stop charging that one whilst still charging the other.  It means you can be sure both your batteries will be fully charged but that neither will be over-charged whilst waiting for the other to complete.  The LED light will indicate when charging is complete so you can take fully-charged batteries out straight away if you want (if you’re waiting for them to charge before you can fire up your vaping device).  The safety features include protection against over-charging, short circuits and reverse polarity as well as a fire-resistant shell.

Universal Charger

What it does:

·Makes charging multiple batteries simple.
·Removes the need for multiple chargers.  The universal charger is compatible with most rechargeable batteries so, no matter what batteries you have, you can use this for all your battery-charging needs.
·Adjusts the power according to which battery is being charged in each slot, meaning you can safely charge a range of different batteries at the same time.

The i4 Battery Charger by Nitecore improves upon the original design with six new features.  These include 100% Charging Acceleration, which means it can charge up to 1500mA current in one slot.  The Active Current Distribution (ACD) allows it to distribute power in the most efficient way. For example, if two batteries are being charged and one battery completes charging, all power will automatically divert to the other battery to charge it at the fastest rate.  The i4 Battery Charger allows you to charge a range of different batteries at the same time and you can set the voltage of each slot independently. It has a rigorous set of safety features, including monitoring, protection against over-charging and over-heating, as well as being fire retardant so you don’t have to worry while your batteries are charging.