Aspire Gotek Pro Pod Kit Review: Go For Pro!

The all-new Gotek Pro pod vape from Aspire delivers an upgraded alternative to disposable vapes with a massive 1500mAh battery, inhale activation, and a buttonless interface. Let’s dive into my impressions of this sturdy little starter kit!

Aspire is an industry leader when it comes to vape kits. Their PockeX vape kit is perhaps the longest-standing model in the industry, still bought and used and updated after debuting 7 years ago. Aspire vape kits have staying power. 

The Gotek Pro is an evolution of the Gotek X, delivering premium craftsmanship and a massive internal battery while maintaining the Gotek’s hallmark beginner-friendly interface. 

I was thrilled to get to try this one for myself after hearing all the praise for the Gotek X. Let’s dive into my impressions!

Aspire Gotek Pro Pod Kit

The Aspire Gotek Pro Pod Kit is a state-of-the-art pod vape for MTL vapers. Its 1500mAh battery can last up to 2 days, perfect for those on the go. This beginner-friendly vape features inhale activation, adjustable airflow, and a no-button interface, making it an ideal starter kit.

·For MTL vaping
·Large 1500mAh battery
·1A USB Type-C charging
·Buttonless inhale activation
·Adjustable airflow

Included with the kit:
·1 x Aspire Gotek Pro Device
·1 x Aspire Gotek Pod – 0.8Ω (ohm) mesh
·1 x USB Type-C charging cable
·User Manual

Aspire Gotek Pro Overview
The Gotek Pro is the latest in Aspire’s Gotek series, designed to be minimal and user-friendly to supplant your disposable vape habit. 

Its predecessor, the Gotek X, was a cheap and easy-to-use vape for beginners—a sort of stepping stone away from disposable vapes—while the Gotek Pro is designed to be the ideal all-in-one starter vape kit that’ll stay by your side.

With a whopping 1500mAh battery delivering up to 2 days of use per charge, plus simple inhale activation and an adjustable airflow toggle, this vape is as premium as it is simple.

I was so excited to try the Gotek Pro, especially after hearing vapers rave about the original model. I’m not usually huge on the matchbox-style vapes, but this one seemed too good to pass up.

Let’s dive in!

Design & Appearance
I received the gunmetal finish, though truthfully, all of the finishes seem pretty drab except for the Rose Gold one. Your colour options are dark grey (gunmetal), light grey (stainless steel), musty grey (titanium), and rose gold.

I really wish there were some more finishes to choose from, but the colours are neutral enough that they should suit just about anyone. This is a small con.

Overall, you can really feel the premium oozing off of this vape. The sleek brushed metal casing is detailed and durable with a really nice feel. The metal is a bit of a fingerprint magnet, but I know only some people care about this. 

On either face of the device, you’ll find the Aspire and the Gotek Pro logos. The bottom of the device houses the USB-C port and the adjustable airflow switch, while the top of the device has a spot for you to attach a lanyard (though no lanyard is included, for some reason). 

I don’t usually care much about whether a vape comes with a lanyard, but if there’s a spot for you to connect one, I think it should come with one.

One side of the device comprises a sturdy PCTG housing for the included pod. You slot the pod in from the top, and it’s held magnetically in place. The clear plastic window helps you keep an eye on your E-Liquid levels, and the detail around the outside lends a cool, techy look. 

The Gotek Pro is incredibly sturdy and durable, and when I accidentally dropped it on the hardwood floor in my flat, I was convinced the plastic would crack. It didn’t. While the plastic part of the body is very thick and sturdy, and the metal casing feels incredibly solid, I don’t want to tempt fate. 

Key Specs
·Weight: 81g
·Dimensions: 81mm x 46mm x 20.6mm
·Materials: Aluminium Alloy, PCTG

Interface & Features
The Gotek Pro has virtually no interface save for the LED indicator light located on the side below the pod window. There are no buttons, menus, or settings—just simple inhale activation which allows you to draw on the mouthpiece to fire the vape.

I found the inhale activation on the Gotek Pro to be absolutely seamless. 

The vape also features an adjustable airflow switch on the bottom, which allows you to tailor your draw to better suit your vaping style.

LED Indicator
The LED indicator light will flash white once when inserting or removing a pod, and it will glow while vaping, with the colour corresponding to your current battery level:

·Green light: 60% – 100% battery
·Blue light: 30% – 60% battery
·Red light: 0% – 30% battery

The light will also flash for various errors and safety features, and you can find all of the individual signals laid out in the user manual. 

The first time I ran the battery all the way down to 0%, I laughed when the light flashed red 15 times. Fifteen times! When it was done charging, it flashed green 20 times and I laughed some more. These were definitely overkill on Aspire’s part. It felt like the thing was going to self-destruct.

Adjustable Airflow
The Gotek Pro features an adjustable airflow switch on the bottom, which allows you to tighten or loosen your inhale to better suit your vaping style.

It has a pretty wide range of options despite appearing quite small, offering a loose RDTL all the way down to a tight disposable-style MTL draw, so there’s plenty of room for you to find the right airflow.

The switch is incredibly sturdy and difficult to move. This is really refreshing after trying so many vapes where the airflow adjustment switch could be shifted by a light breeze.

The Gotek Pro’s airflow stays put, and because the switch is set in a depression in the metal, it’s really hard to accidentally swipe it and mess up your airflow setting.

The adjustment is quite minute, and even a millimetre change is very noticeable when you inhale. This means that it may take a few tries to get your airflow right, but once you do, you’re golden. You can set it and leave it.

Because the Gotek Pro is inhale activated, if your airflow is set too wide for your vaping style when you try to use the vape, the auto-draw sensor may not sense your inhale. If the sensor isn’t triggered, the vape won’t fire. 

I didn’t have this issue at all with the Gotek Pro, but given the wide range of airflow options, newbies might run into this issue if they’re not used to adjustable airflow. So, if you find that the vape doesn’t always fire when you inhale, you’ll need to tighten your airflow.

Key Specs
·Power output: 13W – 16W
·Activation mode(s): Inhale activation
·Indicator: LED indicator

Battery Life & Performance
This is where I was really, really excited. To see a 1500mAh battery on a small MTL kit using high-resistance coils is huge. 

For reference, the higher the coil resistance, the less battery each puff will consume—so the 0.8Ω coil inside the Gotek Pro pod will use less battery than, for example, a 0.6Ω or a 0.4Ω coil. 

For most vapers, a 1500mAh battery should last around 2 days from 100% before requiring a recharge via the supplied USB-C cable. 

As a very frequent vaper, the Gotek Pro battery lasted me roughly a day plus a few hours, which was excellent. I’m lucky if my daily vape lasts me half a day before it dies.

One con I have for the battery is that while the capacity is great (and I wish more vape manufacturers used high-capacity batteries), the device is slow to charge because the charging current is only 1A. If it had 2A fast charging, you could cut about half an hour off the charging time.

As it stands, the Aspire Gotek Pro takes about an hour and a half to charge from 0% to 100%, which is quite long. I understand the need to keep the device cheap and accessible to beginners (which I also suspect is why there’s no lanyard or spare pod included), but fast-charging would really take this kit over the top. 

Key Specs
·Battery size: 1500mAh
·Charging type: USB Type-C
·Charging current: 5V/1A
·Total charging time: 90 mins.

Aspire Gotek Pro Pods
The Gotek Pro kit uses Aspire Gotek pods, which are sold in packs of 2 for £5.99 with a 0.8Ω (ohm) mesh coil resistance. These are the same pods used in the original Gotek X. The pods have built-in coils, so in lieu of messy coil changes, you’ll need to replace the entire pod when it’s time for a change. You can tell it’s time to change the pod when the flavour starts to wane or you get a burnt taste.

The Gotek Pro comes with only one pod included, which is pretty standard for cheaper disposable alternatives nowadays, but I would’ve expected a spare in the box for a kit priced at £19.99.

I will say that condensation tends to build up very quickly in the nooks and crannies of the pod, between the various rubber plugs and vacuum areas—hence the state of the pod in my photos.

Regardless, I really enjoyed the flavour and vapour production from the pod. 

Refilling the Gotek Pro Pod
The Gotek pod is tall and narrow with a 2ml space in the middle for your E-Liquid. I was particularly impressed by the fill port, which has a large, easy-grip orange tab to open and close. I’ve seen a lot of tough, tiny fill ports, so this one was nice. 

However, there’s no way to move the tab out of the way when you want to refill, so you have to do a little dance of using the E-Liquid bottle nib to hold up the tab before slipping the nib inside, which inevitably results in a mess on the outside of the pod.

Refills are a little odd, because the location of the fill port lines up with the base of the coil inside. This means it’s hard to fit the whole nib of your E-Liquid bottle inside, and you have to tilt it at an awkward angle to refill. I’ve definitely seen worse, but it’s worth noting.

The pod looks very cool and sleek, and the flavour is really great, but I’m not huge on the refill process. It feels like Aspire cared more about aesthetics than they did everyday usage when designing the pods.

Key Specs
·Capacity: 2ml
·Fill port: Side-fill
·Coil resistance: 0.8Ω
·Coil type: mesh (built-in)
·Compatible E-Liquids: nic salts & 50/50 freebase 10ml E-Liquids

Vaping the Aspire Gotek Pro
The Aspire Gotek Pro makes it easier than ever to start vaping. Simply fill the pod, wait 5 minutes for the coil to get fully saturated with juice, adjust your airflow to suit your vaping style, and that’s it! All you have to do is inhale on the mouthpiece to fire the vape. 

The flavour production from the Gotek pods is really nice. I used a 20mg (2%) strength Lost Mary nic salt, and the flavour was outstanding. I have no notes on the flavour production, and after a week of use, the taste is just as strong as when I started using it.

I’ve experienced no hiccups so far. The auto-draw sensor is quite sensitive, so there was no delay with the inhale activation. Overall, operation was faultless.

Who should get the Gotek Pro?
The Gotek Pro is ideal for vapers converting from either smoking cigarettes or using disposable vapes thanks to its buttonless interface and ease-of-use. Plus, it’s compatible with high-nicotine E-Liquids, making it excellent for those trying to transition. 

It’s fuss-free, mess-free, and low-maintenance, which makes for a really perfect starter kit no matter your circumstances. 

I think the only (very obvious) group to whom I wouldn’t recommend the Gotek Pro would be sub-ohm vapers, since the vape simply isn’t sub-ohm.

But if you’re an MTL or RDTL vaper looking for an easy yet premium kit, the Gotek Pro is the one to beat. It’s a handy pocket-friendly companion when you’re on the go, and its sturdy build makes it an excellent everyday vape.

Aspire Gotek Pro Accessibility
I always try to cover the accessibility of a given vape in my reviews due to the sheer number of smokers converting to vaping—many of whom are in their later years and have trouble with their vision or dexterity. 

While I don’t see the Gotek Pro as being accessible for those with a vision impairment, it may be a good option if you have dexterity issues like arthritis. The fill port is large and easy to open (despite my qualms, I still think the fill port is accessible), and because there are no buttons or menus, it’s a good option for vapers who have trouble with small buttons.

As always, vapers with dexterity problems may have trouble performing refills with small 10ml bottles, but this is an issue with TPD legislation—not the device.

Aspire Gotek Pro FAQs

What type of E-Liquid works with the Gotek Pro?
You should only be using high-PG vape juice—like salt nicotine or freebase 10ml liquids—in your Gotek Pro. 

How long does the Gotek Pro battery last?
I’m a very heavy vaper, and the Gotek Pro lasted me about a day plus a few hours. Most standard vapers should get at least 2 days of use out of each full charge.

How long does the Gotek Pro take to charge?
The device takes roughly an hour and a half to reach 100% from an empty battery. As with all vape batteries, you should plug the USB cable into a high-quality wall adapter, like the one that came with your phone. Avoid charging it through a laptop or console, as doing so will degrade the battery faster over time.

How often do the Gotek Pro pods need to be changed?
You should replace your pod once it starts to taste burnt or the flavour begins to fade. The pod should generally last at least a week to a week and a half.

This will vary greatly based on the level of sweetness in your juice and how much you vape. The more frequently you vape and the sweeter your E-Liquids are, the more often you’ll need to change pods.

How do I adjust the airflow on the Gotek Pro?
You can adjust the airflow using the switch located on the bottom of the device to tighten or loosen your draw.

How do I turn off the Aspire Gotek Pro?
The device has no buttons, so it cannot be powered off.

Why is my Gotek Pro flashing?
If the light flashes red 15 times, the battery needs recharging. For other light colours and patterns, check the user manual. You’ll find all the different light signals clearly laid out with explanations.

Pros & Cons of the Aspire Gotek Pro
As usual, some of my pros and cons are subjective, and some won’t matter to you, so take them as you will!

·Huge 1500mAh battery
·Durable build quality
·Buttonless interface
·Seamless inhale activation
·Sturdy adjustable airflow switch
·Stellar flavour production
·Delicious pods with built-in coils
·Good value for the price

·Battery is slow to charge (90 mins.)
·No lanyard included despite there being a spot to connect one
·Only 1 pod included
·Metal casing is a fingerprint magnet
·More pod options would be nice (subjective)
·Would love to see some other finishes (subjective)


Conclusion: Disposable Vapers Go Pro!
Overall, I really loved using the Aspire Gotek Pro. While I would’ve liked to see faster charging and a few more finishes to choose from, the flavour was really excellent and operation was seamless.

If you’re new to vaping and you’re looking for a nice, affordable, easy-to-use starter vape kit, the Gotek Pro is an excellent choice. I’d recommend it to just about any MTL or RDTL vaper looking for a sleek matchbox-style kit.

As always, we’re here if you need assistance. Reach out and contact us via email or live chat if you need personalised vaping advice and one of our expert advisors will help you get started.