Argus Z by Voopoo

Voopoo Argus Z Kit Review – Argus, Simplified!

Indeed, we have another Argus to review from Voopoo! This time, it’s a pod kit that is the latest addition to this burgeoning line of vape kits – the Argus Z!

This kit was provided to me for review purposes by Voopoo 

The Argus line of pod kits is growing, with the Argus P1 being the most recent prior release. This time, the Argus Z brings this series back to basics, as it were, but without compromising on performance.

As always, my review will be from my own experience of using the device as a regular vaper, as most of you vapers buying this device will be.

Packaging and Contents

I was sent a sample pack that included:

§The Argus Z device/mod.
§1 x refillable Argus Pod cartridge with 2 mL capacity and a 0.7-ohm coil. And yes, this pod is the same pod that we’ve seen in the Argus Pod Kit and Argus P1, therefore both device and pod are backwards compatible!
§USB-C cable.
§User Manual.

Salient Features include:

§The device has a 900 mAh battery.
§For the whole kit, the dimensions are around 91 x 28 x 15 mm. Very pocketable and convenient to carry around!
§Generates up to 17W of power, depending on the pod/cartridge used.
§With an output voltage of 3.2-3.5 V, and reads 0.5-3.0 ohms in resistance.
§Uses Voopoo’s ITO atomisation technology for its coils.
§Auto-draw functionality.
§And of course, has the standard protections we are familiar with.

Impressions and Experience
The kit comes in a small and compact grey box with a viewing window at the front displaying the device. The box lists kit contents and features, Voopoo’s socials, and standard manufacturer information and warning language. A plastic tray containing the device slides out, with the pod and kit accessories underneath. Straightforward and neat looking, I really like how the Argus Z is packaged. My only comment is really that the pack should contain at least 2 pods. But I can see that recently, more and more manufacturers seem to be releasing basic kits with just 1 pod or coil…

A. Argus Z Device/Battery

A word that I will use to describe the Argus Z device is refined. Made from aluminium alloy and PC, the ribbed plastic up top contrasts nicely with the smooth metal. It has well-defined curves that help with how comfortable it is to hold; it feels like it belongs in the palm of your hand!

Owing to the materials used, it actually doesn’t really weigh much, which is impressive given the 900 mAh battery capacity it has. Coupled with the pod, it looks like a classy and impressive starter kit.

And as compared to other Voopoo devices I’ve used, the Argus Z (device and pod) has very minimal branding, which just adds to the appeal, in my opinion. Voopoo has made style choices that are unique enough to make it stand out on its own, amongst the sea of pod devices, and without resorting to massive branding. Always a big pro for me!

The pod contacts and magnets are inside the pod cradle up top. There are three LED lights in front of the device, and these light up when the device is in use or when charging. The USB-C port is at the back, enabling upright charging.

There are no buttons or anything at all to adjust with this device. As it operates via auto-draw, you’ll just need to pop the pod in and vape! Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy!

The auto-draw engages super quickly as well, even with a slight draw, which is always something I look for in auto-draw devices. There is no airflow control on the device or pod, but I felt that I didn’t really need it anyway, with the medium MTL draw coming from the stock pod.

The draw is wonderfully warm with this device and pod combination, which (again) I was really impressed with since the device is limited to 3.5 V! I have tested and used many pod kits in the last few years, and I would say that only a handful can really provide a warm, satisfying, hits-the-spot MTL experience. The Argus Z kit ticks all of those boxes for me!

Another impressive point of note is its battery life. I was thinking that the 2-day battery life claim by Voopoo may be a little optimistic, especially after experiencing the warm vape this kit provides. But I was glad to be proven wrong- it did take me about 2 days before needing to recharge the device. In e-liquid mLs, this was about 8 mL worth of e-liquid for me. So, using up 900 mAh for 8 mL of e-liquid- that’s pretty darn awesome! The device also recharges fairly quickly with its 0.7 A charging feature.

B. Argus Cartridge/Pod
The pod is made from PCTG. As compared to the previous Argus Pod I’ve reviewed, this one looks to be clearer in colour (or tinted ever so slightly) which is a dream for easily seeing e-liquid levels. When installed in the device, the pod sits in such a way that the coil wick holes and therefore bottom of the pod is actually visible! No need to guess at all if you’re running low on e-liquid, which is always a good thing.

The duckbill mouthpiece narrows and thins towards the top. I don’t normally like wide and flat mouthpieces but this one was quite nice and very comfortable to use.

There is a side fill hole towards the bottom of the pod that is sealed by a rubber bung. The fill hole is generous enough for most e-liquid bottles, so I don’t expect (and didn’t experience) any problems on this front. I didn’t experience any leaking problems either, whether during refilling or when the pod was left to stand for hours between uses.

The Argus Pod has a U-shaped airflow system. Air comes in via 4 small airflow holes at the base of the pod, directing the air towards the bottom of the installed coil and upwards. Great engineering here to really maximise the flavour of your e-liquids!

The 0.7-ohm pre-installed coil in the pod is just- a jackpot! Truly, just a very flavourful (7.5/10), warm, and dense MTL vape coming from this pod and coil combination. Honestly, for someone very new to vaping, this is the perfect starter kit to recommend, for the flavour quality alone!

Overall: Yay or Nay?
A straight Yay from yours truly for the Argus Z kit! This setup may look unassuming at first glance, but man, does it pack a punch! Medium MTL vapers will surely enjoy using this kit, and as mentioned earlier, I strongly recommend this kit for beginners for its fuss-free and leak-free operation, alongside its impressive flavour and draw warmth.