Argus MT Kit by Voopoo

A review today for a Mod and Tank kit and this is the Argus MT Kit by Voopoo. They have released others in the Argus range before and this kit adds to that popular series with new functions and design. Hobbyist vapers and even starter vapers will know of Voopoo due to their very good and reliable ranges of vape hardware. Their Drag range seemed to be the most popular and now it seems the Argus range is getting more attention from them. You can check out the Voopoo range of products via their website on the links above.

So let’s check out how this new Argus MT kit comes and what it’s about.

Contents & Packaging

Voopoo’s Argus MT kit comes in a shaped Aluminium presentation tin (also seen with the Argus GT kit) and has a cardboard sleeve wrapped around it. The top of the sleeve has a printed embossed title and branding, along with an image of the kit alongside a printed ‘Gene TT’ indicating the Voopoo chipset used.

The top side of the sleeve has the printed title along with the colour of the device inside, which in this case is Pearl White. There is also a tear-off strip in the middle, even though the sleeve just slides off the tin. On the bottom side is 4 printed QR codes directing to Voopoo’s website, social media and Tech support.

On the bottom of the outer sleeve are printed package contents, warnings, Voopoo’s contact info, device colour and barcode. There are also 2 labels; one is the serial number and the other is a scratch-for-authenticity panel. The sleeve slides off revealing the flip-open tin. On the top of the tin is an etched design with; ‘Solid and Compact Argus Outdoor – To create a better life experience’. Printed on the side in black where the tin flips open is ‘Designed by Voopoo’

The contents inside are:

§Voopoo Argus MT Device.
§Voopoo Maat Sub-ohm tank.
§1 x TPP-DM2 Coil (0.2Ω).
§1 x TPP-DM4 Coil (0.3Ω).
§Multi-language User manual.
§Type-C Charge/Upgrade cable.
§Spare Tank glass.
§Spare O-rings.

Voopoo Argus MT Device

The Argus MT device runs on a built-in internal battery with a capacity of 3000mAh. It has an output power of 5-100W and voltage of 0-8.5V. The charging voltage is 5V/3A via the Type-C cable. The kit measures 145mm (with the Maat tank attached), 40mm in depth and a width of 30mm.

It is built in Zinc Alloy with a leather design panel around the back of the device, which has an etched ‘Argus MT’ title and the Argus ‘A’ logo above. At the top of the leather design panel and part of the panel that goes around the leather is a Lanyard ring, so you can connect one to this if you so wish. On the front of the Argus MT is the main power/fire button at the top, above a 0.96″ colour TFT display screen. Within the display panel at the bottom is a QS lock switch which simply clicks right and left to lock or unlock the Argus MT. Beneath the display panel are the -/down and +/up buttons and under that is the charge port, which is hidden and protected by a flip-down drawer panel on the device.

On the left side of the device on the main body is a subtle printed ‘Gene TT’. On the top of the Argus MT is a stainless steel plate with a centre-mounted 510 and on the very bottom of the mod is a rubber base for protection.

As you can see from the design, the Argus MT device is built for protection. It is certificated IP68 rating and includes being water-proof, dust-proof and drop-proof, as well as having a complete holeless appearance.

The Argus MT is currently available in 5 colours; Pearl White (as reviewed), Graphite, Carbon Fibre, Lime Green and Dark Blue.

Modes & Settings
The Argus MT runs on Voopoo’s Gene.TT 2.0 chipset and has various settings for your vaping experience. To power on or off the device, it is the usual 5 fast clicks of the main button and to enter the menu, simply hold the -/down and +/up buttons simultaneously. Here there a 4 options on the menu which you select by using the +/up and -/down, then pressing the main fire/power button;

§Mode – Select between 4 modes; Smart, RBA, Turbo and Temp Control.
§Setting – Puff will reset the puff counter, Brightness changes display brightness and Display time selects the time-out for the main display idle time.
§About Device – Displays the Chip ID and Level code.
§Exit – Takes you back to the main display.

The Smart mode is intelligent and will set the best wattage power to the resistance of the coil attached. It will even set a max power to the resistance so you cannot go above that in Smart mode and so protect the coil. RBA mode is the open user-defined setting to set your wattage between 5-100W. Turbo mode will increase vapour volume by 25% for the first second of vaping giving a powerful hit on every vape. Temp Control mode can save 3 custom Temperature control settings supporting 3 kinds of wire.

On the main display screen, everything is laid out and listed clearly. In large font at the top is the current power with the current mode displayed underneath. The smaller panels at the bottom include the current battery capacity, a 5-digit puff counter, current resistance of the coil, Voltage and last puff time.

The Argus MT being a regulated device comes with multiple protections with the Gene.TT 2.0 chip. These include overtime, overcharge, short-circuit and overheating protections. There is also intelligent battery protection on the Argus MT that will monitor real-time temperature and close off firing for 30 seconds to make it safer for maximum output.

Voopoo Maat Tank

The Argus MT in kit form also includes the Maat Sub-ohm tank by Voopoo. This tank runs on Voopoo’s TPP stock coils and 2 coils are supplied in the kit. One is the TPP-DM2 Coil at 0.2Ω resistance and the TPP-DM4 at 0.3Ω. There are a few other TPP coils at different resistances available separately.

The Maat tank is 26mm in diameter and 52mm in height. The standard juice capacity of the tank is a large 6.5mL or 2mL if being supplied in a TPD-governed country. It is built with stainless steel and a pyrex glass tube. There is a spare glass tube in the kit.

Airflow is fed from the bottom of the Maat which can be adjusted by moving either slider button on each side of the base. This in turn opens or closes two large slots on both sides of the tank. Coils are inserted by simply screwing off the base and pushing the TPP coil up into the tank from the bottom. To refill the Maat tank, you simply unscrew the top cap a quarter turn to reveal two holes in each slot at the top of the rubber.

On top of the Maat tank is a removable drip tip, so you can change this out if you would prefer to use something different.

The TPP mesh coils are advertised by Voopoo as bringing fuller clouds and the lifespan of the TPP coils is now increased by 30%.

My Thoughts
For the sake of posting the review up for the Argus MT Kit initial release, I have only used the kit for a few days. So, it is not so much an out-of-the-box review, but not really too far off. That being said, I have hammered using it the last few days and haven’t put it down yet.

The packaging is worth mentioning in wrapping up (no pun intended) as it is presented so well. Coming in a sturdy tin case, it is clear Voopoo are portraying the strength of the device inside and everything (other than the juice) is in the box to get you going straight away!

The Argus MT device I have taken to straight away. I love a white device and this is very white with a pearlescent coating so it shines well with a nice glowy effect. I have the same colour on an Asmodus Minikin 2 and it is probably my favourite colour on a device. You can also pair this colour device with any colour tank and it matches perfectly (if you are into your matchy game). It almost makes me forget this is also currently available in another 4 colours mentioned above.

On the vape, both the Argus MT paired with the Maat tank is perfect! Big clouds and plenty of flavour are produced on both coils supplied in the kit. I did get a tad more clouds on the TPP DM-2 but I think it was mostly due to being able to push a bit more power. Other than that, there isn’t really much difference that I found in overall cloudage and flavour. I also didn’t experience leaks in the limited time I have used the Maat with the TPP coils, just some minor condensation which is to be expected. I can’t answer if there are any leaks using it long-term than what I have.

The settings and function of the Argus MT device are a breeze to use and very user-friendly for even start-up vapers to get to grips with. I left it mostly on smart mode and let the Gene chipset set the power for me, but you can go up and down slightly on its recommended level if you need to. The device is also very comfortable to use, moulding nicely to the hand shape with a good definite fire button for the thumb to click on. It is built very ruggedly, but this does not affect its look aesthetically, by still keeping it a very stylish device without being wrapped in rubber everywhere.

I also found the battery life very good and charges fast from flat within an hour.

If I was pressed on any cons; there is a very slight rattle from the little USB protector flap on movement, but let’s face it, you don’t shake a mod around like a set of Latin Maracas, so it’s hardly a big problem.

For sure, I’d recommend this kit to sub-ohm vapers, both the Argus MT and Maat tank give an amazing vape when paired. If you have the Maat tank already or want to use your own atomiser, maybe as a small MTL vape, you can also buy the Argus MT device separately from the kit. Likewise with the Maat tank, if you are in the market for a very decent stock sub-ohm tank.