When it comes to vaping, many new users tend to have a few questions. Common ones can include things such as: “do you inhale the vapor?”, “which technique provides a more powerful hit?”, or “how many inhalation methods are there?”. While questions of this nature might sound ridiculous, they are not foolish. After all, every person who vapes wants to have the best experience they can get, and there are multiple inhalation methods for users to choose from (with each method providing a different overall experience)

Inhalation Methods
In general, there are two main methods for inhalation while vaping - mouth to lung and direct lung. The best option is dependent on the user and the vape. To help determine the optimum choice, here is a breakdown of these two distinct approaches.

Mouth to Lung
The mouth to lung approach is a simple approach to vaping that most vape devices are designed to use and feels similar to the act of smoking. It creates a type of draw and hit to the throat that many smokers desire. This approach is very straight forward and can be accomplished in three quick steps. Once your device is ready, you simply inhale by:

1.Draw the vapor slowly into your mouth for the desired amount of time and hold the vapor in your mouth for a few seconds
2.Next, breathe in the vapor by opening your mouth and taking a breath. (Do not ‘swallow’ the vapor.
3.Lastly, exhale the vapor from your lungs.

The mouth to lung approach is the most popular choice for new vapers and is the ideal approach to anyone who prefers the flavor of the material they are smoking. This is due to the vapor being exposed to your taste buds longer than the direct lung approach. Mouth to lung also uses less battery power and each pull requires less of your dry herb material. However, the downside to this approach is the overall affects you experience are not as powerful or intense as you would experience with the direct lung approach.

Direct Lung
The direct to lungs (also known as the straight to lung approach) is a two-step approach to vaping. This type of inhalation process requires a deep inhalation and creates the most vapor. Unlike the mouth to lungs method, the direct to lungs approach provides a similar feeling to taking a hit off of a bong. To use this technique, you:

1 Quickly pull the vapor from your device directly into your lungs.
2 Exhale the vapor

The direct lung approach provides a more powerful hit than the mouth to lungs method. It is more ideal for experienced vapors, or users who are more familiar with (or are looking for) more intense effects. The direct lung technique can cause the vaporizer and vapor to get hot (as you are pulling for much longer than the alternative mouth to lungs approach). Therefore, it is best to inhale as quickly and deeply as possible.

What Happens When You Inhale A Dry Herb Vape?

While what you inhale does not change how you inhale the vapor, the biggest difference (aside from the type of product consumed) between dry herb versus oil or wax concentrate is how you use your vaporizer and the strength of the hit. Dry herb vaporizers vape dry herb flowers and use an herb chamber designed similar to a convection oven. This chamber is used to heat the dry herbs to the correct temperature to produce vapor. Dry herb vaporizers require a lower temperature to provide the vapor and produce a lower strength hit than concentrates.

What Happens When You Inhale A Wax Pen Vape?
Wax pen vapes are one of the more popular choices for concentrate users. They are extremely portable and provide an easy to use and discreet way to vape. In fact, wax vape pens are often mistaken for e-cigarettes. To inhale, simply load the wax concentrate directly onto the coils within the chamber of the pen and push the button to heat the device. Once it is ready, inhale to your desired hit size. Keep in mind wax concentrate tends to require a higher temperature setting than other materials. Therefore, if you are not careful the temperature could provide a harsher vapor that is more smoke-like.

What Happens When You Inhale an Oil Vape?
Most users typically purchase oil concentrate in pre-filled liquid cartridges. This is mainly due to its convenience. They are easy to use, relatively cheap, and can provide a nice strength vapor. All you have to do is attach the cartridge, push the button, and inhale. While you can purchase refillable cartridges, these can be messy, require more cost upfront, and require additional tools (such as needles, mixer liquids, syringe caps, and more) for use.

What Happens When You Inhale A Box Mod Vape?
Box mod vapes can be used for oil and wax concentrates as well as dry herbs.  But ultimately what you can vape will depend on the vape tank attachment equipped to the box mod. There are two major differences between vape pens and box mod vape - hit strength and size. Box mods are much larger than pens. Due to this, they can provide more power, and thus more vapor. These devices are great for users who only vape occasionally or vapers who have a higher tolerance. To inhale using a box mod vape, simply insert your concentrate pod and ignite your atomizer (generally this is completed by pushing a button). Once it has reached the desired temperature, inhale through the mouthpiece until your desired hit size is accomplished.

What inhalation process works best is dependent on the user. It is based on their specific vaping wants and needs. Regardless of what decision you make for the device and which method you choose for inhalation, once the vapor is inhaled into your lungs, users should always wait at least a few seconds prior to exhaling. Otherwise, you will diminish or even miss out on the effects of the vapor.