Are Vapes Vegan? Everything You Need to Know

Are Vapes Vegan or Do They Include Animal Products?
Are vapes vegan? Is vaping vegan in general? If you’re following a plant-based or vegan lifestyle, then these are questions you’ll be desperate to know the answer to!

Veganism and plant-based diets have sky-rocketed in recent years, with more people opting for these lifestyle choices than ever before. At the same time, vaping has also enjoyed a meteoric rise with millions ditching traditional cigarettes in favour of an electronic alternative. 

So with the popularity of both vaping and veganism on the rise, it’s not surprising that many people are now heading to Google to ask “are vapes vegan?” 

So are vapes vegan or do they contain animal products? Let’s find out!

Does E-Liquid Contain Any Animal Products?
If we’re trying to establish whether vapes are vegan, the most helpful place to start is by looking at the e-liquid. Afterall, this is where you’ll most likely find animal-derived ingredients. 

With thousands of different types of e-liquid on the market, countless ingredients are used to achieve those distinctive flavours. In most cases these are either natural extracts from plants, or artificial additives/flavourings. 

With that said, it’s not unheard of for manufacturers to use ingredients that are derived from animal products. For instance, some vanilla raspberry and strawberry flavourings can contain castoreum which is derived from beavers’ castor glands (yuk!), while the colourings in some e-liquids are made from ground-up beetles! (double yuk!)

To be absolutely certain that none of the ingredients in your e-liquid are derived from animals, be sure to purchase all your liquids from a manufacturer who states their e-liquids are vegan-friendly – like us!

Are Disposable Vapes Vegan?
Now that we’ve covered e-liquid, another thing that needs addressing is whether disposable vapes are vegan. Afterall, the sale of disposables is completely off the charts right now with around half of all vapers saying they use throw-away units, so without a doubt many of them will be vegan!

So, are disposable vapes vegan? Again, it all depends on the manufacturer. Although most disposables are vegan, ingredients used to flavour the vape will differ depending on the brand you’re using, so whilst many won’t contain animal products, others might well do.

With so many different brands out there, it’s unwise to paint a universal picture about disposables and whether they’re vegan or not. To be absolutely certain, your best bet is to contact the manufacturer and ask them directly – that way there’s no confusion!

Is Vaping Vegan in General?
Now we know that most e liquids and disposable vapes are vegan and how to avoid the ones that aren’t, is there anything else about vaping that might not be vegan-friendly?

Aside from the liquids, the only other things you’ll need is a vape kit and some vape coils. As these are made from electrical components, thankfully we can be sure that these most definitely don’t contain animal products!

So if you’re wondering ‘is vaping vegan?’ then you’ll be glad to know that in the vast majority of cases it is. Just be sure to stick to manufacturers who state that no animal products are used in the production of their products and you’ll have nothing to worry about.