ANYX Earns grand praise at VAPEXPO-SPAIN with its “SENSIT Coil” technology

The VAPEXPO-SPAIN was held in Madrid. The cutting-edge vape brand ANYX was crowded by branches of distributors and users, and highly praised by the industry with its unique SENSIT Coil technology and Eco-Friendly product concept.

SENSIT Coil. Real Vape, Real Flavor
SENSIT, taken from Sense+It, means “tasting”, we engineered a solution to keep the taste of each puff consistent in a closed pod system, using our unique e-liquid and coil separation storage structure, the e-liquid storage tank is completely sealed before use, allowing us to avoid accidental leakage and possible composition changes, due to the volatilization of the fume e-liquid needed for successful long transportation in storage. By using material composed of cotton plant fibers of varying thicknesses and densities, ANYX cotton coil has been the foundation for our industry-leading taste advantage. Compared with ordinary coils on the market, the SENSIT Coil has a 55% increase in taste consistency.

“It’s amazing, I would say it’s perfect, the SENSIT Coil solution has largely improved my vaping experience, and more importantly, its e-liquid and coil separation structure can solve the problem of closed pod storage shelf life that has been bothering me for a long time,” said David, from a well-known Spanish distributor, who’s excited about ANYX products.

Sara is a professional vaper from Madrid. said that she felt a perfect balance in terms of vaping experience, richness, and sweetness.

The flagship product ANYX PRO showcased at the event, as the world’s first dual-mode closed pod system, has a perfect balance of function and design. The unique design of Tri-click (3-time pull and insert the pod) easily switch between normal mode and turbo mode, which can meet the needs of different users. It is also equipped with a child lock function, and the family striped LED light design provides a personalized experience. In addition, the function of hiding easter eggs inspires users to explore more fun.
ANYX GO is the best choice for entry-level vapers. It adopts e-liquid storage cotton technology, plus the high reduction and low attenuation technology of “SENSIT Coil”, which provides users with the ultimate taste experience.

Our goal is to minimize the amount of battery waste caused by disposable vapes while still offering a high-quality product that is reliable, reusable, and recyclable.

About ANYX
“Providing users with fulfilling and delightful sensory experiences allowed by high quality, aesthetically pleasing products” is the mission of ANYX. As a user-driven brand, ANYX has been widely recognized by the market for its innovative products and services.
ANYX continues to bring a unique vaping lifestyle to our customers, explores design aesthetics with products that better meet the needs of consumers, shows the brand characteristics of joy, confidence, vitality, and tolerance, and inspires consumers to be more interested in beautiful vaping. yearning for life.

We are a vaping technology company integrating a strong R&D team (consisting of 120+ engineers), production, and sales, and an advanced digital marketing inventory management system. We are proud of owning more than 2300 industry patents and 120 production lines covering 3 production bases. Our list of management certifications is extensive, which includes ISO9001/ISO14001/ISO20000/GMP, etc.

Moving forward, ANYX continue innovating and creating even more industry-leading and user-driven products and technology for our users while simultaneously creating value for our partners. We always put enjoyment and sensory pleasure at the top of our core values.