Anatomy of the Perfect Vape

If you are already a vaper the chances are that you have already tried a good few vapes in your time. There might have been different battery mod and vape tank combos, random vape juice flavours and DL or MTL vapes. But out of all these things, what features and functions make up the perfect vape?

Now each person is different. Some want wide open airflow and huge clouds of vapour. Others chase the ultimate e-liquid flavour. Some it’s all about aesthetics and how their vape looks. But there tend to be certain key features that are universal in the hunt for a great vape.

Let’s take a look at the anatomy of the perfect vape.

Fast charging vape battery
We live in a breakneck society. Everything is at speed, instantly accessible and done now. A lot of people simply don’t have hours spare waiting for electrical devices to charge.

When that electrical device is a vape, it becomes even more important. As ex-smokers who need their nicotine hit, a dead battery that takes an age to get back to full is a new vapers nightmare. So these days slow charging just doesn’t cut it.

No matter if you use a vape pen or box mod / vape tank combo, fast charging is usually number one on most lists. There are different types of quick charge. But if you are shopping for a vape and want this feature, look out for USB-C fast charge, or 2A charging.

Keep in mind you might need the right hardware, such as a wall plug and the right charging cable.

Top filling vape tank
Let me take you back 6 years. This was the method for most vapers who were refilling their vape tank:

1.Unscrew your vape tank from your battery
2.Unscrew the bottom of your vape tank
3.Remove the vape coil or atomizer head
4.Tilt your vape tank at an angle
5.Slowly pour e-liquid down the sides of the tank
6.Avoid the centre tube
7.Reinstall your vape coil
8.Screw the base of the tank back on
9.Put the tank back on your battery

So. Many. Steps. Not forgetting that if you did get e-liquid down the centre tube (known as the chimney), you either flooded your vape or lost a load of juice. It’s no wonder that people got frustrated with early e-cigs.

With top filling tanks there are three steps. Open the top fill, fill with e-liquid, close the top fill. That’s it. Now, some people love their bottom fills and they have come on leaps from where they were, with modern iterations being much easier to use. But in terms of convenience, it’s top fill all the way.

Easy to replace vape coils
To be fair, most vape coils are easy to maintain now, so while this is a bit of a stretch I prefer push fit coils and I am writing this, so I get to say it.
Push fit vape coils are just easier. Swift changes with no faffing and worrying if I have screwed a coil in properly, job done.

Vape tank colour
This is a simple one, but is actually important for all vapers. If your tank has a very dark coloured glass or plastic and you can’t see easily the amount of e-liquid you have left in your tank (especially as we have a 2ml tank limit in the UK), it is extremely easy to suffer dry hits and prematurely burnt out vape coils.
The easier it is to see in your tank, the better.

Again, this might just be one for me as I am clumsy and apparently love throwing my e-cig on the kitchen floor. But durability is a must. My vape has to be able to withstand everyday life.

Cards on the table again, most modern e-cigs are extremely well made. Gone are the days that all you had to do was look at your e-cig and the tank would pop apart. But with a lot of magnets being used now and even more settings and functions, these have to be the highest quality.

Ok so we have gone over some of the anatomy of the perfect vape. But what kit would you recommend Rachel I hear you cry. I’ve got you.