All About Waterproof Vape Mods

These days, everything from iPhones to digital cameras come with waterproofing as a standard feature. This is a good thing, as modern smart devices can do so much more than their predecessors, warranting a significant increase in price. Within the vaping industry, high-end models are no different. They come at a considerably higher price than more basic models, but manufacturers make sure to throw in plenty of durability-oriented features to compensate. Enter waterproof vape mods, which are quickly becoming the new norm throughout the industry.

The first waterproof box mod by a major manufacturer was the iJoy Crebox C75, released in early 2016. Soon after came the Geekvape Aegis, which caused a wave of social media videos showing off the extent of the device’s novel submersibility. However, vapes couldn’t always pass today’s IP67 waterproofing standard; it took a decade’s worth of gradual progression and development, creating sub-classifications and categories along the way. In this post, we’ll go into what the three primary waterproofing classifications mean and some of the ways manufacturers achieve them.

·Splash-Resistant means that your device may survive if you get caught in a light rain shower, but not much else. The most common way this is achieved is by tightening gaps between analog buttons and other attachments, or taping to further secure fittings. Needless to say, this doesn’t really make much of a difference in terms of longevity, so it’s easy to see why most vape manufacturers don’t bother with extra production costs to guarantee this.

·Water-Resistant means that you can avoid water damage from most day-to-day accidents, but only guaranteed to a point. This is achieved by the use of more glue or silicone gel to seal any gaps in the body of a vape mod, sometimes even plugs for charging ports and secure top cap covers. Since this includes a wide range of protection from water damage, companies usually use IP (or "Ingress Protection") ratings to provide consumers with the specific limitations of guaranteed protection.

IP ratings are comprised of 2 numbers: the first identifies the level of “intrusion protections” (referring to permeability by solid objects like dust); the second identifies the level of “moisture protection” (considering exposure to varying pressure and temperatures). Most “waterproof” devices will fall within the higher ranges of IP ratings.

·Waterproof is an absolute rating of impermeability by moisture of any kind with consideration of extreme pressure. This rating is only given to equipment used for diving or otherwise intended for use in water. However, the term is used loosely by most product manufacturers whose devices meet an IP67 rating. An IP67 rating means that the device is “dust tight” and can withstand immersion in water for 30 minutes at depths of 150mm - 1000mm, which is more than sufficient for the hazards of everyday life.

It’s easy to understand why the shift toward water resistance is a good one that’s well worth the money – at least among vapers who can afford the added protection for their devices and e-liquids. Let’s close out the post with a quick look at the top three waterproof vape mods in the market today.

Geekvape Aegis Legend
The Geekvape Aegis Legend vape mod kit showcases a 200w box mod that has been widely praised by reviewers for its durability. It’s an upgraded dual battery version of the popular single battery mod, the GeekVape Aegis. The Aegis Legend mod is truly built to last and with the user in mind. It is rated to be IP67 waterproof, as well as dust and shock-resistant.

VandyVape Jackaroo
The VandyVape Jackaroo 100w mod is another favorite. VandyVape boasts the use of silica gel for its “extreme water, shock and dust protection,” along with an IP67 waterproof rating on their site. It also features an anti-skidding grip design, making it a pretty heavy-duty vape mod.

GeekVape Aegis Mini
The GeekVape Aegis Mini also tops the charts for waterproof vape mods because of its size and durability. It was named “Best Durable Vape Mod” of 2020 by a popular UK site that tested over 350 different mods.