Airflow: A Key Element for a Better Vaping Experience

Just like a carbonated drink should be chilled to give you the better taste, vaping implies somewhat the same approach as well.  

Vaping: Then and now
Early vaping devices were created to imitate the look and feel of cigarettes. The idea was to faux the traditional way of smoking since sucking on the vapors and then exhaling simulates the practice of smoking. It made smokers believe that this vaping device is crafted as close to a conventional cigarette, which psychologically helped smokers to quit smoking. However, it used to be one-size-fits-all kind of deal. There were not many options as airflow was limited. That time, vapers weren't able to control airflow, or monitor their e-liquid levels or any other popular vaping feature that it offers now. Owing to this, manufacturing was easier and didn't cost much fortune as well. 
Currently, this is no longer the case. In fact, majority of Vaping devices are designed to provide a customizable experience due to its adjustable airflow. The beauty of today's vaping products lies in availability of different vaping setups. This allows vapers to make their decision regarding what they want, either more vapor output or maximum flavor. 

Why Airflow matters? 
Flavor and vaping experience are two most crucial things in the world of Vaping. Both components are directly affected by airflow. Hence, the facts that airflow affects vapor temperature and flavor will assist you comprehend how to get increased flavor intensity or more harshness. 

How can Airflow control help in producing increased flavor? 
The purpose of airflow in a vaping device is to flow freely through the coils to mouth. When air enters the coil, it dilutes the vape cloud and causes them to be cooled. Thus, it changes the harshness and warmness of vape byproduct that you get when you vape. 
Simply put, more air means more dilution of flavor, and less overall taste. On the contrary, when less air encounters the coils, it causes less flavor dilution. Thus, flavor comes out fuller than when large airflow is used. So, whether you want an intense vaping flavor or less of a harsh throat hit, adjustable airflow can help you do just that. 

How Airflow can influence Cloud Temperature? 
Airflow also affects temperature of cloud or vapor that you inhale. If there is less airflow, the cloud will be warmer. If more airflow, vapor will be cooler and smoother. Those who prefer to enjoy traditional cigarette experience, warmer clouds tend to offer a different vaping experience as compared to cooler clouds. Therefore, the key is to invest on a vape that will suit you perfectly. 

How Airflow can affect amount of e-liquid? 
With low airflow, coils will be kept at higher temperature thus increase the consumption of juice. Accordingly, high airflow allows more juice to retain on coils and thus juice lasts longer.

Which Factors Affect Airflow?  

To maximize airflow, you must ponder over few factors. 
Always keep the internal components (if any) of your device clean because this will help optimize your vaping experience. If not cleaned, then debris can clog up the air holes, which will eventually limit the airflow. At this time, no tweaking will work except cleaning. This is why many vape manufacturers suggest cleaning of internal components, typically written in instruction manual. 
Look At The Design Of Your Vaping Device 
Not all vaping devices are same. While, some comes with larger mouthpieces, but smaller coil compartments. Similarly, others have large coils and small mouthpieces. This is why vapers should know what they really want before purchasing the product. 
Vaping devices are available in numerous styles. Not every device is designed to offer you an adjustable airflow as a feature. So, in case, you have a preferred style or flavor or temperature, make sure you know capabilities of device before you purchase. 

Due to increased popularity and usability, vaping is becoming a good alternative to regular cigarettes. Good part is they are solely customizable. Adjust atomizer’s airflow intake to your liking and meet your preferences.