Add sharp tool to Anti-counterfeiting, true or false just at a glance

Fight against fakes with all effort

As the leading brand in the electronic cigarette industry, SMOK has always been loved and trusted by consumers with its powerful steam, fashionable design and soft taste. At the same time, it also becomes the "favored target" of counterfeiters. Now, counterfeit and shoddy products are emerging in endlessly, what's more, consumers are lost in "real and fake". Not only bear the physical and mental exhaustion, but also lose different degrees of property.


Therefore, SMOK persists in fighting against fakes and has zero tolerance to this kind of behavior. In the past we use back-end anti-fake AB code, which solves problems of counterfeiting and illegal manufacturers in some way. Today we take one more step, utilize the new type of laser anti-counterfeit label making high-tech front-end anti-fake into the security system which is extremely hard to copy and can tell just at a glance, doing great benefit to anti-counterfeit. It has become a big deal in SMOK to fight against fakes with our technology, money and hard work.

Take a look, true or false

The new laser security code uses optical zoom imaging technique”. Under normal lighting, you can observe the changes of two "S" with our naked eyes which will rotate at 360 degrees from different perspectives.

Fight against fakes - you and me

When you purchase a SMOK product, please pay attention to the batch number (Batch NO.): If the product batch number starts with 19, please confirm whether there is a new laser anti-fake label on the package, otherwise is fake. For more information of the new laser anti-counterfeiting, please refer to the website: