A New Vaping Trend in 2022: Vape Wedding Photos

If you stay on top of your vaping trends, you might have noticed that more and more couples are flaunting their vaping lifestyles in their wedding photos. Whether the photo is of a bride holding a pod mod in one hand and a bouquet in the other, or both the bride and groom blowing massive clouds into the camera, it’s clear that couples are happy to show off their hobby on their big day.

Now, before you decide that this trend is cringey, consider the reasons why couples may be proud to show off their mods on their wedding day. As it turns out, there’s often a very meaningful reason behind making such a bold choice.

Yes, Vape Wedding Photos are All the Rage
Basically, couples are deciding that their wedding portraits should feature some element of their vaping hobby, whether it be their cloud-chasing skills or their beautiful mods. If you search the internet, you might find some incredibly impressive and beautiful photos featuring billows of vapor that surround the happy bride and groom.

This New Trend Might Be More Meaningful Than You Think
Sure, on the surface, this trend may be giving you second-hand embarrassment. But, look a little deeper. Remember, most vapers have taken up this hobby because they wanted to quit smoking, and nothing else worked.

For many couples, getting married marks a milestone, and so the bride and groom feel inspired to make positive changes in their lives leading up to the big day. Often, that positive change is quitting smoking. So, consider the fact that many of the couples showing off their vaping skills in their official wedding photos could mark the fact that they’ve recently quit smoking once and for all thanks to the magic of this new technology.

That Photo Will Help You Two Keep Each Other Accountable
There’s another factor at play when it comes to this trend, and it’s the fact that it can help the couple hold each other accountable. If your official wedding portraits feature both of you holding your vaping devices, and you have to look at that photo every day, wouldn’t it act as a reminder to stay off of cigarettes for good, even when that temptation rises?

If Vaping is Your Passion, Who Cares What Anyone Else Says?
Even if you didn’t switch to vaping in order to get off of cigarettes, couples are allowed to do whatever they want in their wedding photos. After all, they’re the ones who are going to hold onto those photos forever. If both the bride and groom are extremely passionate about vaping, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t incorporate their hobby into their big day. Many couples find ways to include their personal passions in their wedding photos, after all.

Tips For Your Vape Wedding Photos
Vape wedding photos might seem tacky on the surface, but they can represent a meaningful decision that two people have made together. So, If you’re interested in trying out this trend, follow these tips below.

Tip #1: Let Your Photographer Know Ahead of Time
First, make sure that your photographer knows ahead of time that you wish to include an element of your vaping hobby in your wedding photos. This will give them ample time to prepare, and then will also allow them to come up with their own ideas regarding how to best capture this important element in your life.

Tip #2: Practice Together Beforehand
If you want your photo to feature your cloud-chasing talents, practice blowing clouds together beforehand in order to see if you can synchronize those skills. Consider taking a photo set on a timer that features both of you blowing clouds at the same time. This will give you a better idea of which direction to blow those clouds in, how big they should be and more.

Tip #3: Consider Matching Your Vaping Setups to Your General Wedding Aesthetic
If you want to go all out, consider finding a way to match your vaping setup to your wedding aesthetic. You can match your mods to your flower colors or deck those devices out in rhinestones to match the bling of the occasion.