Cloud chasers, who are always in competitions looking to create the most vapor vape tricks belong to the class of people who love to drip. Another set of people who gravitate towards dripping are those who like to buy gourmet e-liquids. Because you want to get the most accurate of flavors money can buy, you spend a lot on connoisseur e-juice. However, many people swear that the best way to do that is by dripping.

Dripping can be done with any box mod vape available today, and with variable temperature, wattage and settings for different coil types like stainless steel, nickel or titanium. There are many different kinds of wires you can use which have their different effects on your vaping experience, so it’s important that you do some research. As long as you have a set-up that works perfectly for sub ohm vaping, then you are good to go. Sub Ohm vaping refers to vaping with coils with 1 ohm or less resistance, another method that ensures you get the best flavor and vapor production.

A drip tip is a mouthpiece that is fitted over the atomizer and makes it possible for vapor to flow from the atomizer to the mouth. You can get drip tips in many different styles and materials. There is always one that suits your style.

Between the drip tip and the atomizer are the drip shields - open ended simple tubes that help in catching the e-liquid that leaks out of the atomizer, although this doesn’t happen frequently. Also, a drip shield always boosts the look of an atomizer.

The key equipment for dripping is the atomizer. Without it, it is impossible to drip. atomizers are of two types, and they are rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA) and bridge-less best dripping atomizer. The more preferred category are RDAs. Keep in mind that while typical atomizers have a coil that heats the e-juice in a tank, dripping atomizer does not have a tank. Instead, it has a deck, sometimes called a table, where a wire coil is mounted. This coil is surrounded by cotton, which soaks up juice, so it produces vapor as it comes in contacted with the heated wire. While coils can be bought off the shelf, many drippers prefer to build their own coils.

When there is no tank, where will the e-liquid go? There is a small reservoir underneath the coil that is capable of holding a limited amount of e-liquid. These reservoirs come in different sizes, with some holding up to a ml or two of e-liquid but most are typically shallow. Because of its small size, it needs to be refilled frequently. This can be done by dripping e-liquid right into the reservoir and directly on the cotton.

There is a tubular shell with a mouthpiece that covers the coil deck and is called a drip tip. The cover is removed to expose the deck as well as the juice reservoir so you can drip into it. Some dripping atomizers come with extra wide drip tips that let you drip your e-liquid straight from the top.

·The first thing you should know when it comes to drip vaping is to have patience. Making a perfect dish on the first day isn’t always possible, so dripping right the first time may not happen. 

·Use a thicker e-juice with a VG base when getting started. Don’t start with a PG base at the beginning. You can begin to try other liquids once you have learned the art of dripping.

·Begin slowly when you get into dripping. Use only a few drops of e-liquids and go from there. By hit and trial, you will begin to understand dripping better. You will typically get about 5-7 inhales with every 2-3 drops of e-liquid. If you start with more, this can lead to flooding of e-liquid onto the atomizer battery or directly into your mouth.

·Always clean the drip tips and atomizer. In instances where two e-liquids have been mixed, this will lead to not just an unpleasant taste but buildup of residue. So, ensure you regularly clean the vaping equipment. Either you blow through the atomizer and the tips or you can rinse them in warm water.

·If you are addicted to nicotine or find it hard to fill the liquid after a few inhales, you may not enjoy dripping. On the contrary, if the full flavor of an e-liquid is what you want, then dripping will make you enjoy this. If you love to experiment, you’ll love dripping. You can get an exceptional experience by drip vaping with different vaping equipment and e-liquids.

Dripping itself is a simple process. All you need is to remove the drip tip, find the coil and with your dropper add a few drops of vape pen juice straight to the coil. Put back your drip tip and take a draw. After taking a few hits, repeat the process and continue to enjoy vaping.

We won’t end this article without running through a few Do’s and Don’ts to help you nail down the technique in no time. 

·Do take some time out up to 2-3 hours to perfect your dripping method. A great time of the day to do this is at the day’s end when you are at home, rather than in the middle of a busy schedule.

·Dripping too much vape juice at a go wastes juice, so avoid dripping too much so you don’t flood the coil. This can also give a “spitback” and lower quality of hit overall.

·Don’t use your vape juice too frugally like a dry herb vaporizer. When you first notice a dry hit, ensure you add new drops onto the coil. If you try to stretch your juice beyond its limit, this could lead to a dry hit, which is very unpleasant.