A Helpful Guide to Maintain Your Vape

Everything will degenerate as time went by, including your vape device. when something is wrong with your vape device or something needs to be cleaned, please do not throw it, try to keep it in a good condition is both good to give you an enjoyable vaping experience and save money. Here is a helpful guide for you, please read on to get what you want to know.

The Anatomy of a vape kit
Before we start to do the maintenance work, what we need to do is to get to know the anatomy of a vape device. The main parts that influence your vape experience are the tank, coil, e-liquid, and battery.

Tank: it is where to place your vape juice

Coil: it is used for heating your vape juice and turning it into vapour.

Battery: it is a power supplier.

Clean your mouthpiece
If your mouthpiece is removable from your vape, please clear it since much fluff and dust may be settled in your mouthpiece. You can simply blow through it to clear or grab a piece of tissue paper to widen away any condensed e-juice. If you want to clean it deeply, you can rinse it in warm water and dry it then.

Correctly store your e-liquid
Keeping your vape juice in a good condition and prevent from deteriorating is necessary to provide you with premium flavours and a vape experience. 

Room temperature
Neither too hot nor too cold, room temperature is the most suitable for storing e-liquid. If placing it in the car on a very hot day, you will not taste the original flavour as it is broken down. If keep it in the coldest place, the e-liquid may be thicker so that the coil cannot heat it better and even cause a dry burnt.

Avoid direct sunlight
Your vape juice will be discolored if you put it in the sun, due to the nicotine enhancing its possibility of oxidation. If so, you will taste a weaker flavour and nicotine strength.

Keep it sealed
Same as the oxidation in the sun, keeping it in the air without a cap will accelerate the speed of oxidation. It may last long as the expiration date.

Keep it in the original bottle
Wherever feasible, e-liquid should be kept in the bottle it was packaged in because keeping it in your tank might clog your coils, and, after about a day, you'll start to notice a significant change in flavour. As we just explained, oxidation results in a bad flavour, as tanks are specifically made to maintain a constant airflow.

Preserve It securely locked
Maintenance is essential, but so is safety. Keep in mind that nicotine will likely be present in the majority of your e-liquid. When nicotine is in a liquid state, it is harmful and frequently fatal when ingested orally, especially by kids and animals. Keep them out of sight and out of reach at all times to prevent incidents.

Different ways to clean your pod/tank/atomizer

How often should you clean your atomizer? Normally you should clean it monthly. If you are into sub-ohm vaping, you’d better wash it once a week. Here are three ways for you to clean your tanks or pods.

1.The simplest way:
Check your seal to prevent leaking e-liquid.

Dismantle the mouthpiece and mod, take out your tank

Rinse your tank with warm water

Make it dry with a twist of tissue and place it upright for several hours.

Screw it to your vape device, not too tight, and tighten by hand only

2.Using household items:

·Baking soda---It is a reliable cleaning solution that may be used to bring the cleanness back to tanks again.
·Ethanol--- Another incredibly powerful cleaning agent, which is also known as grain alcohol. Pay attention, it defers to isopropyl alcohol, which you shouldn't use on the interior of your tank.
·Cheap vodka---Although it isn't a common home staple, you can probably get it at the grocery store. It will work and won't cost you anything.
·Vinegar--- it is a very acidic cleaning agent, but it needs to be completely rinsed to avoid leaving a residual scent.
·Dish soap or lemon juice ---Mix them with water, it may help your cleaning but notify you again, you should rinse it thoroughly after application.

3.The ultrasonic cleaner
If you want your tank to get deeply cleaned, please use an ultrasonic cleaner. Just like the way to clean the jewelry and precious metals, many people worldwide use it for cleaning their atomizers. While you don't need an ultrasonic cleaner developed especially for vaping equipment, the ones that can operate for 10-minute cycles are great.

Properly maintain and carry your vape devices

Clear the atomizer base
To ensure that there is a great connection between the battery terminal and the atomizer base. You can clear both things with a dry cloth or cotton bud to get rid of any dirt and left vape juice. Remember, no water is needy to avoid no working.

Keep away from water and high temperature
Just like its name, it is an electronic device, so it is necessary to be kept away from water and high temperature to save its life.

Make it upright while not using
Make it upright, it is to avoid e-liquid flooding the airspace in the tank.

Carry your e-cig in a case or on a lanyard when on transport
To keep your e-cigarette safe, it is suggested that use a case containing it or wear it with a lanyard. Kindly be aware of the condition when sliding into your pocket, it may be like an e-cig assassin, bending your vape and suddenly hearing a sound of broken.

Wipe down the appearance
Cleanliness is a good notion in general, but it is much more important with vaping equipment. An expensive error to make is to let a vape device with stray e-liquid on it fall out of your hands like a bar of soap. To prevent any accidents, we advise wiping off your gadget occasionally with a clean, dry towel.

How to prolong the life of batteries

Protect the battery wrap
Once your battery wrap got broken, it is could be dangerous for you to vape. So if you find something wrong, please rewrap it or take a new one to replace it.

Charge it appropriately
It is recommended to charge your battery to its maximum capacity when it is almost completely exhausted from power. Much like a smartphone or laptop, your battery's lifespan can be significantly decreased by charging it too much or barely halfway.

How to replace or clean your coils

A coil is a consumption item for your vape device. If it gets worse condition(especially if you are hearing a gurgling noise or are getting a burnt taste), you need to do the maintenance job on it to support you have great inhalation.

Replace your coils
It's a short process; after unscrewing the atomizer head, all that's left to do is remove the old coil before screwing in the new one. However, it is advisable to wait a while before using the vaporizer to let the liquid soak into the wick and prevent burning.

Clean your coils

·For Replaceable coil
1.Give your coil at least a few hours to soak in ethanol, vinegar, or inexpensive vodka.
2.Put it in the sink and rinse.
3.Re-rinse with some distilled water.
4.blow air on the coil's open side to push water toward the wicking holes.
5.Leave it out until all the water has evaporated.

·For Rebuildable coil
1.Wicks should be taken out of the coils.
2.Dry Burn your coils carefully (don't let them glow excessively).
3.Unplug the atomizer from your mod.
4.Rinse it with water
5.Use a toothbrush or coil cleaning tool to gently clean them.
6.Repeat the process of rinsing
7.Finish with a dry burn to get rid of the leftover water droplets.

Tips for vaping

Don’t overfill e-liquid
When you refill your vape juice into the tank, pay attention to its height of it, do not fill the tank fully. It should be a small space left within the tank, which can help prevent e-juice from leaking from the tank.

Don’t entirely run out the e-juice
If the level of vape juice is lower than the bottom place of coils, it may cause a dry burnt. It is bad for your vape kit and also offers you a terrible vape experience.

Regularly change the coil or replaceable pod
If you get a burnt taste or hear a gurgling sound, it is recommended you to replace your coils or replaceable pod to bring your wonderful vape experience back.

Maintaining your vape device is similar to cleaning your computer, car, mobile phone, or other electronic devices. Always check that all vape device components are functioning properly and smoothly to extend the lifespan of your little device and offer you the appropriate vape experience.