A Considerate Guide to Help You DIY Vape Juice

I don’t know how long you have been vaping in your life. Have you ever tasted some blends that don’t deserve to buy? Or Are you satisfied with the nicotine strengths and PG/VG ratio in vaping market?

It is not easy to get a favourite vape juice among numerous e-liquid brands, in addition to the increasing bans on e-cigarette flavours. So why not do it yourself?

When it comes to DIY things, is that make you feel funny and content? Like baking cookies, mixing vape juice not only can let you taste a unique e-juice made on your own but also save you money. It is not just a simple word, it needs specific plans to make it. So, we are here to provide you with some useful information on DIY vape e-liquid, including its safety, mixing tools, and detailed process.

The ingredients of e-liquid

PG is an organic chemical compound commonly used in food products, which is easily served as a diluent for flavours and nicotine and gives a strong throat hit. If using too much PG, you are likely to get a sore throat and need to drink more water. PG base liquid is available in the market.

§Vegetable Glycerine (VG)
Like PG, VG is also an organic chemical element for many daily products, it can be a base to carry nicotine and flavours but it works not as well as PG, so it is common to use PG as a carried fluid.

VG is functional to vapour production, if you are a cloud chaser, you may choose a MaxVG formula. 100% VG liquid is on sale in many vape stores.

Flavorings are usually called concentrates. It can bring us delicious tastes. Flavour concentrates are available from a large option of sources. We recommend a range of dilution ratio from 5% to 10%, whereas 20% is regarded as an upper limit by many.

Nicotine is a chemical compound extracted from tobacco leaves. It helps most vapers satisfy their cravings, particularly the new switchers from smoking. When DIY the e-juice, you can buy a nicotine shot for use, available in different PG/VG ratios like 50/50, high VG, or high PG.

Prevent risks from DIY vape juice
DIY e-juice seems like a simple process, but e-juice is a selling product that has been under the monitor of related e-cigarette apartments to ensure safety. If you make it by your hand, for your health, it is necessary to consider the risk factors. There are two points requiring you to raise awareness: unusual materials and nicotine poisoning.

Unusual materials
For your safety, especially for the first-time DIYer, it is not suggested you add unusual components to your mixture bottles, such as oils, water, vodka, and water. Among these, water is an uncertain thing.

Some people consider it a good helper to dilute the nicotine density while others claim that will destroy the vape juice. Although some compelling suggestions online may attract your attention, you should take your security a priority.

Nicotine poisoning
Using too much nicotine could be harmful to your health. What’s worse, it may cause nicotine poisoning. According to the research of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC), the fatal nicotine dosage for adults just ranges from 50mg to 60mg.

The common symptoms caused by nic sickness are increased heart rate, tremors, vomiting, seizures, and lightheadedness. If you suffer from these symptoms, please kindly stop using your DIY vape juice and contact a doctor for help.

Equipment and tools
To put all ingredients you need together, you should buy some equipment.

There are several different bottle sizes available, ranging from 5ml and 10ml bottles for measuring and combining flavor testers to 30, 50, and 100ml bottles for storing your favorite flavors.

2.Syringes / Pipettes
Pipettes and syringes are necessary for adding the correct amount of each liquid to your homemade mixture. You can extract the appropriate amount of nicotine, PG, VG, and flavor concentrate required using this precision equipment, and it is safe, quick, and easy to transfer to your mixing container.

3.Measurement instruments
The typical DIY vaper doesn't need to use a container, but if you want to manufacture huge batches of vape juice, you might want to buy several beakers to accommodate greater quantities.

Gloves are an essential tool for DIY projects since they shield your skin from spills. Always keep your hands protected because nicotine can be absorbed via the skin.

5.Kitchen rolls
Keep some kitchen roll on hand at all times while working with huge amounts of vape juice. It works well to wipe up spills, clean bottle tops, clean blunt dripper needles, and generally keep your vape kit dry while conducting experiments.

An example of mixture work

E-liquid calculation and mixing
Before doing the mixture work, you must be puzzled by calculating the exact numbers of those ingredients. There are several issues for you to think about: the nicotine strength, PG/VG ratio, flavour ratio. Then accordingly figure out the volume of nicotine shot, flavour, VG, and PG.

Luckily, there is an E-liquid calculator tool for you to escape from math work, which can be found through google or the app store of your phone.

For example, using this site - e-liquid recipe to make a 10 ml 50/50 e-liquid of 6mg nicotine strength, you can fill in the following numbers below: 50PG:50VG, 20mg nicotine shot based on 100% PG, 5% flavor concentrate fused in 100% PG.

Then, it will show you the result. you need to add 3ml nicotine shots, 1.5ml PG liquid, 5ml VG liquid, and 0.5ml flavour concentrate into your bottle of vape juice. Finally, your DIY job is well-done.

After Mixing

Like giving birth to a baby, you need to give him a name because he is special. You can write down its name, PG/VG ratio, nicotine level, flavour, dates of creation, and version number.

Simply letting the juice rest for a time will allow the components to thoroughly combine throughout the bottle. We advise a natural steeping procedure known as "breathing." Just take off the cap to allow the juice to breathe. This enables the alcohol which is a component of many flavorings to evaporate.

Your juice will need to steep for anything from a few days to a week or more, depending on your ratio and flavour. The more "heavy" the flavor of the juice, the longer it needs to steep—this is a useful generalization for steeping. When compared to a strawberry or menthol, a white chocolate mocha with a dash of chai will take substantially longer to reach its optimum flavor.

Same as the normal e-liquid, do not place it in sunlight or a humid environment. You’d better keep it in a dark and cool place and be away from your kids and pets.

Bottle line
Hope you have got a great understanding of how to DIY your e-juice from this guide and wish you can start a new and enjoyable vaping journey after finishing your own e-liquid.