As vaping has evolved, so too have the devices and technology behind it, offering a range of modes and settings to customise user experience. Whether you’re new to quitting smoking and looking for an alternative or seeking to expand your knowledge, this guide can help differentiate the different vaping modes and explore their purpose and functionality to ensure you get the most out of your device.

What are Vape Modes?
Vape modes are advanced features of electronic cigarettes. They’re designed to offer users various settings like temperature and wattage to suit their preferences. They often come with larger batteries for extended use and may feature digital displays and detailed controls.

Vape Modes Explained

To vaporise the e-liquid to produce the vapour, heat must be generated. The wattage mode achieves this. Users can control and adjust the amount of electrical power sent to the coil via the e-cigarette’s battery to intensify or lessen the flavour and the vapour to their preference.

The higher the wattage, the more vapour production and the stronger the flavour. However, the increase in power consumes more battery and e-liquid, making users need to recharge and refill their vape more frequently, which can be inconvenient and costly.

Power Curve Mode
Unlike the standard wattage mode, which delivers a consistent power level throughout the puff, Power Curve Mode enables the user to program a sequence of varying wattages that the device will follow during each inhalation.

For instance, a user can opt to program the device to start at a lower wattage and gradually increase to a higher wattage, allowing the flavour and vapour to intensify progressively as the wattage increases, or a user can opt to start the wattage high and then reduce to weaken the flavour and vapour. This creative mode not only gives users extra customisation, but its adaptability helps users manage battery life and e-liquid consumption.

Memory Mode
Memory mode works by letting users save their preferred vaping settings. This enables vapers to store their specific wattage, temperature and power curve according to their preference. As users can set and save several different profiles, this vaping mode allows users to effortlessly adjust their device to enhance or diminish the flavour of various e-liquids, ensuring a consistently satisfying vaping experience.

With each profile storing a specific set of adjustments, users can seamlessly switch between them according to their e-liquid with just a few button clicks. This feature saves users the time and the hassle of manually adjusting settings whenever they change flavours.

Temperature Control
Temperature control’s primary purpose is to heat the e-liquid contained in the device to vaporise it. Once vaporised, users can adjust the temperature to obtain a cool or warm vape. While fruity blends and menthol are known to be better at cooler temperatures, spice flavours and tobacco e-liquids tend to be more ideal at warmer temperatures.

In addition, the temperature control mode has the technology to detect a change in the coil’s resistance and will cut off the power when it gets too high. This helps prevent users from inhaling when the e-liquid runs out.

Pulse Mode
This vaping mode works by sending quick intermittent bursts of power. Once the user presses the button and takes a puff, the device will rapidly switch the power repeatedly from high to low, resulting in a smoother and more flavoursome vaping experience. This enables the coil to maintain a consistent temperature, preventing it from overheating and giving users that burnt taste.

Bypass Mode
Bypass mode acts like a mechanical mode in the sense that it uses the battery’s full power to heat the coil without the usual control over the voltage. However, unlike the mechanical mode, it does this while keeping safety features. These safety features include short circuit and overheating protection and automatic cut-off to maintain the battery and prevent overheating.

This mode benefits users looking for a vape that gives them a hard hit. For maximum experience, ensure the battery is fully charged, as strong vapour will decrease with low battery power. As this feature pushes coils to their limit, users must only be able to use them every four to five days instead of the standard seven.

Lock Mode
The lock mode secures the vape when inactive maintaining safety. This maintains safety by ensuring a device doesn’t unintentionally activate inside a pocket or bag, for this can cause the coil to burn and the battery to run low.

Depending on the device, users either press the firing button multiple times quickly or hold down a combination of adjustment buttons to engage lock mode. Once in lock mode, the device will not fire or allow changes to its settings until it is unlocked, usually by repeating the same button combination