9 Tips On Vaping Politely – Your Ultimate Guide To Vaping Etiquette

As you probably know, there’s this thing called manners.
It consists of small things, like holding the door for someone who is older than you.
Or covering your mouth when you’re coughing in public.
Or, if you’re feeling fancy, using the right fork for every dish when you’re dining out in polite society.
As I said, manners are all about the small stuff but they do make the world spin in a slightly more tolerable way.
Unfortunately – and it really saddens me to write this – most of the vapers aren’t really familiar with the fact that there’s such a thing as vape manners. It’s all about vaping politely – and it’s not that difficult. We all do a bunch of different things throughout the day with kindness, consideration, and politeness. Why should vaping be any different?

It shouldn’t – vaping should a well-thought out act that you engage in while taking into consideration everyone that’s sharing a space with you at that moment. No matter if you use a powerful vape mod or a small vape pen, you always need to be aware of your surroundings and other people that are there with you.
That’s why I wanted to talk about the most important aspects of vaping politely. Memorize these and adhere to them – vapers around the world are already being called douchebags because of their (often real) lack of manners. We all need to be a part of the solution, and not a part of the problem.

Vaping Etiquette – Communication Is Key

These days, most smokers will ask you if it’s OK for them to light one up in your company. Or, at least, they should – secondhand smoke is so bad for the health (and actually kills around 45,00 people every year, which is an astonishing number) that it should be a legal requirement for a smoker to ask for permission to smoke pretty much anywhere.
As I said, we’re getting there – almost every one of my smoker friends asks for permission to smoke in my company. They do not get upset if I say no (which I do say if the wind is blowing my way or we’re in a confined space).

Now – this needs to become the norm for vaping, too!
No, vaping doesn’t kill people, that’s true. There’s also no such thing as secondhand vapor, despite what some ridiculous media outlets are putting out. But – and this is very important – most people who are not vapers don’t know that!
It’s disrespectful to completely disregard someone and vape right next to them without asking. You’re not giving that person the choice of breathing in nice, clean (well, as clean as it is) air.

Always ask if you can vape when you’re in the company of others.
If the answer is no, ask why. This is a great opportunity for you to educate people and shatter certain misconceptions that surround vaping. If the people you are with offer a reluctant yes but they’re trying to get away from the vaper as you’re puffing away, take it outside – they were kind enough to say yes but when it’s obviously bothering them, there’s no need to push it.
As mentioned, communication is key. When you ask for permission, you end up looking considerate and polite, which is what vaping etiquette is all about.

Vaping Manners – What NOT To Do If You’re A Vaper

Now that we’ve established that communication is essential to a happy vape life (and to a happy life, in general), let’s talk about some of my major vape-related pet peeves. If you’re doing any of these things, you’re not vaping politely and you’re contributing to the bad name that vapers get. Think about that while you’re puffing on your Creme de Menthe vape juice!

Not asking for permission to vape
As I’ve already mentioned, failing to ask for permission immediately indicates that you lack vaping manners. Other people have the right to refuse to breathe in vapor as much as they have the right to refuse to breathe in smoke. By not asking permission, you’re taking that right away from them. Not cool, not cool at all.

Vaping in unventilated places
Even if you’re alone, why in the heck would you vape in a small place that doesn’t have proper ventilation? Do you like to slowly marinate in whatever vape juice flavor you’re using? Crack open that window, especially if there are more of you in there or you soon won’t be able to see a finger in front of your nose. Better yet, just don’t vape in unventilated places – going without a puff for an hour really won’t kill you!

Vaping in a crowded car

If you’re driving, do you really need that extra distraction? Or, if someone else is driving, do they? After a few puffs, a car’s interior gets so cloudy, it’s an accident waiting to happen. If you’re not alone and don’t have the windows fully open, avoid vaping in the car. It’s just not worth causing an accident on the road.

Vaping around children or pets
I hope this goes without saying but do make sure there are no kids or pets present where you vape. We just not 100% sure about the (most likely small) adverse effects that vaping has on developing bodies. As for pets – the nicotine contents in your exhale are minuscule but they do settle. You do not want to put your pets at any danger by exposing them to trace amounts of nicotine.

Vaping near schools
Do not do it for the same reason you would not smoke near schools – kids will be kids and they will try to copy adults. Schools and kindergartens should be safe zones that do not expose children to any kinds of negative (or unnecessary behaviors).

Blowing clouds in people’s faces

The absolute worst thing that you can do as a vaper! Why would you ever do that? Sure, we breathe on each other all the time but vapor is so visible that it’s extremely disconcerting. Vaping on someone is the only thing that earns you an immediate F in vaping etiquette – just don’t do it

Vaping in restaurants, planes, and other restricted places
Generally, I avoid vaping around food, which is why you will never see me whip out my vape pen in a restaurant. Also, most restaurants prohibit both smoking and vaping these days, and you want to respect that. The same goes for planes, trains, buses, offices, and other places that explicitly forbid vaping.

Asking to try someone else’s vape
It’s true, we both vape. That doesn’t mean I’m going to share my vape with you, especially if I don’t have a spare mouthpiece. If you have any vape manners at all, you’re never going to even ask. Let’s all keep our own germs to ourselves, shall we?

Trying to stealth vape and failing

There’s nothing worse than being caught vaping somewhere where it’s prohibited. You might think that you’re doing it discreetly but you’re not – you’re that guy that ducks under a restaurant table often and comes back up with vapor coming out of his sleeve and the collar of his shirt. Do you really want to be that guy? Really?

Where Can You Vape Politely (Without Asking For Permission)

While I do encourage you to talk about your vaping with people around you, there are situations where it’s permissible to puff away without being too concerned about vaping politely. True, most of these will involve you being alone and not having anyone to ask for permission anyway but they’re good to know!
·In your own home (when alone) – what you do in the privacy of your home is your business. This includes vaping with impunity. However, I would recommend refraining from it if your kids are around, or if you have guests. Again, you need to remember that, even though it’s your home, you’re probably still sharing that space with someone who doesn’t necessarily have to be head over heels with vaping like you are.
·In your own car (when alone) – sure, you can do it. For me, though, this is not a question of vaping etiquette as much as safety. I’m almost certain that there are laws prohibiting it all over the world. In the United States, vaping while driving would be considered “operating a vehicle without due care and attention”, and you can definitely get a ticket for that. That said, if you want to, you can probably vape in your car – just make sure to open all the windows so the visibility doesn’t get compromised.
·Non-restricted public areas (with no large crowds) – if you’re out and about, and there are not many people around you, feel free to take a puff. While asking would be in line with my points on vaping manners, it just feels silly to approach stander-bys to ask for permission. If you’re in a large crowd, though, you might want to leave your vape pen in your pocket or you’ll be risking not-so-polite side glances. Of course, courtyards of public buildings such as schools, kindergartens, hospitals, and similar are all off limits.
·At bars that allow vaping – hey, if you’re in a bar and people around you are vaping, feel free to do it as well – there’s no need to check in with the crowd or the bartender.
·At a vape meet – well, this is where at least one of my rules on vaping politeness goes out of the window, and that’s the one about blowing clouds in people’s faces. While still gross, these meets are great events where vape enthusiasts hang out so nothing vape-related is frowned upon. If you attend one, bring your favorite vape juices to share with your peeps, and try to have fun!

Vaping Politely – You Should Really Make A Habit Of It, You Know!

Why, you ask?

Because it’s not that difficult! And, when we’re polite and considerate, the world becomes a kinder place. For real, it does.

If that’s not good enough for you, try this – vaping politely and being considerate about it takes at least one weapon out of the hands of vape proponents. They can then no longer moan about how we’re “poisoning” them with our fruit-flavored vape juice, or enveloping them in clouds without so much as a word of warning. That’s always a good thing, don’t you agree?