9 Reasons Why Vape is Better than Cigarettes

In this age of information and an open exposure to text as well as experiences, confusion is not hard to achieve! Smoking has some established bad effects that cannot be overlooked and have rather been observed at so many levels. 
The harms caused by vaping and e-cigarettes have also been on the record for quite a while. The important difference between the two is that smoking is such an ancient phenomenon that it has been rigorously researched upon for all this time. Vaping, on the other hand, is less researched, and greatly dispersed a phenomenon.
The speed with which it hit the masses and continues to thrive does not match the frequency of research conducted in the area to be able to understand the actual situation of the issue at hand. This has resulted in an enmeshed state of affairs where it is not known about what benefits and what harms and to what extent!
The commercialization is also a big factor driving the discussions in the desired direction never actually letting people what is best for them. 
Here is a guide to some basic, well-researched points that make sense to a layman regarding the benefits vaping has over smoking.

Why vape instead of smoking? 

·Vaping is safer for health
It is certainly safer than smoking for obvious reasons. Smoking involves the burning of the tobacco-a combustion process that burns substances and contains carcinogens. Vaping, on the other hand, vaporizes the substances by heating them. There is no burning involved and is thus deemed safer.
Apart from this comprehension of the two phenomena and countless studies in favor of vaping, the Royal College of Physicians has declared vaping to be at least 95% safer than smoking. This conclusive statement comes from extensive research conducted on the health impacts of both smoking and vaping. 
According to this credible panel of doctors, switching from smoking to vaping opens one up to the health benefits primarily coming from going smoke-free. These include better oral and skin health, improved circulation and lung capacity, and this also comes with an indirect link to a heightened sense of smell and taste.

·It rids you of the characteristic tobacco odor
Another very obvious plus side to vaping is that since no burning is no involved, there is no characteristic smell of tobacco burning and tar when you vape. It may smell of various flavors though which are actually quite pleasant as these come from food-grade additives. 
Even when vaping tobacco flavors, it still does not smell like smoking because these are the essences and not the actual tobacco and of course, it comes only from the heating of the element and not its combustion. So, vaping is safer for the environment and it generally does not bother the people around as much as smoking does.

·Vaping gives you total control over nicotine levels of intake
One of the biggest advantages of vaping is that it gives you complete control over the nicotine levels to zero levels of nicotine. This is the most useful benefit because fundamentally, vaping caters to people who are attempting to quit smoking and it provides a smooth transition. So this is the entire point and thus is a huge benefit. People, depending on their specific needs, begin from higher levels and gradually bring the intake down to zero. There are also zero nicotine vapes available which can be used for flavor and smoke alone. This sort of flexibility does not come with smoking traditional cigarettes.

·Vaping gives the freedom to decide the extent of vapor production
Another characteristic feature of vaping is cloud chasing. People vape normally for social reasons just as much as for personal reasons which means it does involve a hint of show off. Vaping provides control over vapor production and there are specialized accessories for each purpose. Smaller devices allow low vapor production with convenience, while high-powered devices are best suited for bigger, thicker clouds and cloud chasing. The vapor volume can be adjusted by adjusting the airflow, power output and using the appropriate coil type. So, vaping gives this control in your hand which is not available as a choice in smoking.

·Vaping has all the flavors you can possibly think of
With vaping, you can always have a variety of flavors to smoke. The range of flavors available is extensive, with newer additions being introduced each day. From fruity, sweet flavors to most unusual ones-almost everything and anything that you can think of is available.  Smoking sure lacks this plus point.

·It is instantly available
Vapes are ever ready devices that come with prefilled e liquids or may involve a small initiation process. Once ready, it is as easy as the touch of a button. Like your cell phone that needs to be charged and you are good to go for the day, e-cigarettes to come with batteries which once charged, can survive the whole day without requiring preparation

·It is available irrespective of the budget
Unlike popular belief, vaping products are available in different price ranges and every imaginable attribute. Regardless of budget, you can always afford a vape product that is diverse and accessible! From disposable varieties and sophisticated mods to high-end e-liquids- there is something for everyone.

·It does not require prior experience
Vaping, as technical as it may seem, does not require prior experience. It comes in a variety of variables that do not require you to have experience in the area. There are also specialized devices and kits for beginners that further facilitate the usage. There are also models that are draw-activated which need only to be puffed on and it automatically starts off. It is as simple as that.

·It has greater and easier accessibility than you might think
Vaping products are widely available at all places as opposed to the popular perception that they are difficult to find. Initially, vapes were difficult to find but today, every store, smoke shop, gas station and vape shop carry these. Also, online stores have further facilitated their availability by virtually delivering them to your doorstep at any time.
Vaping has innumerable benefits over smoking that has been proven particularly health-wise by consistent research in the field. While it is ideal to not smoke in any form, vaping is still the better choice to opt fo