9 Reasons Why Switching to E-Cigarette is Better Than Continuing Using Traditional Cigarettes

One of the most indispensable facts that you cannot deny is that smoking is injurious to health. Smoking conventional cigarettes can kill you.
Despite this fact, there are several people who are still in a habit of smoking on a regular basis. Consequently, the number of people who died because of lung cancer every year is increasing. So there a need to call for action so that people can give up this detrimental habit.
The best way to get rid of this noxious practice easy to find out an alternative two conventional smoking. With research, vaping came into existence and it is at present gaining popularity because it is healthier than smoking. The article will further talk about 10 major reason why switching to e-cigarette is a better decision.

1. Smoking kills
According to an article published in 2013, it was revealed that more than 1 billion people all over the world die due to regular smoking. As traditional cigarettes contain tobacco it can lead to severe conditions like heart disease, heart stroke, and lung cancer, resulting in the death of a person.

2. Passive smoking is risky

Smoking is not only perilous for those who smoke but it can be unsafe for those who share an environment with the smoker. The poison inside the cigarette can affect your health if you accompanied with someone who exhales tobacco smoke. According to medical research, it has been found that about 20 to 30% of children and adult are more likely to develop lung diseases due to passive smoking.

3. Vaping doesn’t harm others
It has been finding out through many types of research that nonusers of vaping have chances to be exposed to nicotine. But they are save from the exposure of other toxicants, no matter how close they are to the users of e-cigarette

4. Personalization

Used cigarettes are of no use and people throw it away. But the best part with e-cigarettes is that it can be used for years, is the only thing you need to replace is the e-juice. As there are wide arrays of custom pipes are available, you can get the personalized vape mod according to your personality.

5. You can be more socialize with e-cigarettes
As vaping has shown widespread popularity among youths, they have started considering it is a social hobby. People enjoy their vape while chatting with their peer. It makes you more socialize as it is convenient to share vape e-liquid. this hobby has made people social and also help a lot in bringing them closer by forging a strong bond.

6. E-cigarettes Eliminates Second-Hand Smoke Problem

As there is a problem of second hand smoke with a traditional cigarette, many people tend to avoid smokers. There are many people who don’t like smoking cigarettes and find it annoying while sitting with any smoker.
Vaping, eventually solve this problem. As vaping is different, you need not to worry about the second hand smoke problem from vaping devices. It does not harm the surrounding and the people as it’s simply vapour of the water.

7. No Smell
One of the most alluring features of vaping is that it does not have any foul smell. Traditional cigarettes and cigars smell so bad that sometimes it is difficult for a nonsmoker to sit with the person who is smoking. Its foul smell can get on one’s nerves.
But with an increasing trend and vouge of vaping, the annoying smell of cigarette is decreased considerably. An e-cigarette is an outstanding substitute for traditional cigarette and tobacco products. The best part with vaping is that you need not to worry about its smell. people will not think they are sitting with an ashtray.

8. Vaping flavors you will love

If you found no other reason a valid one, you must try vaping for its flavours. Because vaping comes with several options of flavours, it is completely different from smoking which is bitter and acidic in taste. Basically, e-cigarettes are sweet and available in different flavours including gummy bear, chocolate chip cookie, honey, and green tea flavour. E-cigarettes fill your mouth with exciting flavour and the air with vapor. Eventually, it will not be wrong to say that they are much better than conventional cigarettes.

9. Vaping isn’t so risky for children
Toddlers and infants experience several health issues from the passive inhalation of cigarette smoke. Consequently, their small lungs can be exposed to the toxicity of tobacco smoke which is not good for them. Hence, adults can switch to vaping which is a much safer alternative of conventional cigarettes.

Final thought
Keeping health issues apart, there are many apparent reasons why switching to e-cigarette is a wise decision than smoking. All the above-mentioned reasons are clearly pointing out that it is a safer alternative to conventional cigarette smoking. Hence, it is safer for both E-cigarettes l smokers as well as passive smokers.