9 Reasons Vaping Beats Smoking

If you’re yet to give up smoking but want to understand the best way to do it, vaping is the answer. It not only improves the bank balance as an alternative that costs less than cigarettes but tastes better, and leaves a more pleasant smell in the air and on your clothes. Yet, every day, we seem to come across someone who asks us why we are vaping? Check out our top nine reasons below why vaping trumps smoking, with an in-depth guide about its benefits as a safer option for smokers.

1.Vaping is Safer
This is always the first reason that comes to mind. Making the switch to vapour has a lot to do with it being safer. This may have been up for debate years ago, but that debate is over. All the evidence from medical bodies like the NHS points towards it being a safer alternative than smoking. In 2021, the UK government alongside the National Health Organisation announced plans to potentially introduce e-cigarettes as a prescription to those who qualify and need the cessation tool. This is a groundbreaking step and the first of its kind anywhere in the world. While it’s not advised as something you should start if you’ve never smoked, the British Heart Foundation supports that it can be a useful aid if you have to pick between that and continuing to smoke cigarettes.

It’s recognised through decades of research that smoking can cause damage to the body, including higher blood pressure, while lungs begin to repair once you quit cigarettes, according to medical research. While vaping is still in its infancy as a comparison to smoking in terms of research, early signs suggest it’s a much safer alternative. This is because vaping doesn’t contain harmful chemicals and toxins, which when burned like tobacco is in a cigarette, can cause grave consequences to the body's natural health.

2. Vaping Costs Less Than Smoking
Not just a major contributing factor to ill health, both short term through bad breathing and continuous coughing, as well as long-term through dangerous links to cancer, smoking has become increasingly more expensive. That’s because as fewer people smoke, Big Tobacco has to raise its prices to compensate. Not to mention tobacco taxes that are an easy target for raising money by the government. Vaping beats smoking where it hurts most – your bank account. As cigarette prices go up, vaping costs less when you factor in the different accessories that need updating on a weekly and monthly basis, such as tanks, e-liquids and coils.

3. Vaping Doesn’t Smell Nowhere Near as Bad
One great benefit of pushing that extra bit harder to stop buying and smoking cigarettes is to relieve anybody in your vicinity of the awful smell from clouds of combustible tobacco. You may not realise it yourself. After all, it’s a habit you’ve got used to and it’s even proven medically to reduce the olfactory senses from working as normal, which contributes toward standard taste and smell.

You will instead begin to regain those senses when you quit cigarettes (and realise how much it smells from the outside looking in). In contrast, vapour doesn’t smell with the particles evaporating near instantly. It’s a win-win - you regain your senses, your clothes smell fresh again and the general public who do not smoke will thank you in turn!

4. No Ash With E-Cigarettes
The smell is one thing, but dirty ash is another. When you burn a cigarette, you release a lot of bad chemicals into the air, and you’re left with a not so nice residual called ash. Nobody likes ash, not even smokers themselves. Switch to vaping and you can throw away your ashtray.

5. It’s Tastier Thanks to Thousands of E-Liquid Options
You might love the taste of your cigarette. That’s normal due to its addictive nature, but it’s more than likely just because it’s familiar. Once you switch to vaping, your dulled taste buds will be able to breathe again. That’s when you’ll be able to feel the amazing e-liquid flavours that are out there. You’ll be blown away by how much tastier vaping is.

In comparison to smoking, which reduced its flavour options further following the 2020 menthol ban, vaping offers a plethora of choices, whether in disposable format for beginner vapers or something more in tune with those using e-cigarettes for years. You can pick from drink flavours like lemonade or cola, fruit options such as cherry and watermelon or dessert flavours including lemon tart and strawberry cheesecake. With e-liquids, you can keep your palette fresh to not get bored of the same old flavours.

6. Vaping Doesn’t Stain Your Teeth
You can spot a long-time smoker from far away simply by the colour of their teeth. Tobacco cigarettes are known to yellow a smoker’s teeth and can lead to gum disease or even contribute to oral cancer. Because smoking dries out your mouth, leaving very little natural saliva in the mouth, this, in turn, causes a buildup of plaque bacteria. It also impacts your immune system, meaning the likeliness of gum disease will accelerate compared to non-smokers. Other factors such as reduced blood supply highlight the dangers of smoking for your oral health. Because it’s not a very good look for anyone and most importantly seriously damages your wellbeing, why not avoid these issues by making the switch to vaping.

Research is in its early stages and there have so far been no significant studies highlighting the damage of vaping to a person's teeth. Plus, a logical assumption is that e-cigarettes do not contain ash, or tar and can be selected without nicotine - all contributing factors to a reduced chance of bad oral health and teeth stains.

7. E-Cigarettes Provide Variety
When you smoke, you know what you’re getting every time. The same taste and the same habit time after time. With e-cigarettes, it’s completely different even if the sensation is similar because of the different ways you can change the experience. Whether that’s increasing or decreasing the voltage to get more power or reducing the coil resistance to alter the throat hit. Vaping gives you variety, which we all know is the spice of life.

8. You Can Vape Indoors Whatever the Season

In the UK the weather is unpredictable at the best of times. A cold chill is never too far away, which is why many smokers don’t enjoy their habit and often see it as a reason for putting down the cigarettes for good. It’s cold and you have to go outside to get your fix. With vapour, you can choose to vape in the comfort of your living room. The vapour dissipates quickly, making winter that much easier for you. In addition, you know it’s a safer alternative to puff on when you require nicotine with people around you that don’t vape. Courtesy dictates of course you check with them first that it’s ok to do so. Nevertheless, early research suggests it’s not dangerous as passive second-hand smoke is.

9. It’s Supported by Government and Health Organisations
We’re no longer in the period where vapour is up for debate. It’s become accepted, especially here in the UK. To put the official stamp on vaping being a part of society, and even a recommended one, is its addition to the Tobacco Control Plan. The UK now officially supports vaping as an alternative to smoking, with annual reports on the benefits and the latest studies to demonstrate its use to the public.

The truth is, there are more than 9 reasons vaping beats smoking, but the above are some of the strongest cases for it. If you’ve thought about trying vapour in the past, there’s no time like the present to experience for yourself why vaping is seeing more and more people in the millions switch from smoking. With the pending implementation of e-cigarettes via the NHS as well, its benefits as a cessation tool are only growing in awareness to the public throughout the UK.