7 Tips on Choosing the Right Vaporizer for First-Time Buyers

In this article we are going to talk about electronic cigarettes and what we have to take into account when choosing one. But let’s start from the beginning.

What is an electronic cigarette?

The usual electronic cigarette is usually divided into two pieces; one is the battery and the other the cartridge. The cartridges are filled with liquids and have a resistance inside. When the battery is activated, the resistance heats up and the liquid becomes vapor; it is this vapor that the user aspires to.
The battery has a charger that can be plugged into a USB port or the electric power, and the start packs usually contain two, so you can continue using the electronic cigarette while one of the batteries is charging.
The use of E-cigarettes is commonly called vaping, due to its production of steam instead of smoke from combustion. The use and popularity of electronic cigarettes have grown worldwide since its introduction in the market more than a decade ago.

Guide To Choosing The Best Electronic Cigarette
If you have decided to switch to electronic cigarettes as a healthy alternative to traditional tobacco, it is important that you consider some tips before purchasing the device that suits you best.

1. The Quality

When you are all set to buy a vaping device then it’s always better to compare prices and quality a vape pen holds. You can consult with your friends and colleagues to choose the best that should fulfill your needs at a reasonable price tag. Vape pen comes in different sizes and shapes with a hell of features. One can easily get confused with overwhelming information.

When choosing a product, consider the brand of the electronic cigarette and the reputation of the supplier. Some brands and manufacturers have achieved an excellent reputation. A little research can give you an idea of what you can expect from a particular company.

And do not forget to look carefully at the guarantees. This is an excellent indicator of how a company follows its products in the long term.

There are plenty of shops and online stores where you can go and buy.

2. Design
There are two different types of vaporization process: the conduction, through which the material is heated immediately upon contact with a hot surface, and the convection, through which the material is heated indirectly by transferring hot air through the material.
All vaporizers are equipped with elements of both types, but mainly correspond to one type or another. Most new vaporizers include the convection mode, but models that follow the driving mode are still manufactured.

3. Effectiveness
Some vaporizers are considered more effective than others, but this is usually achieved by keeping the vaporization temperature low, and by making the material load also small. This improves the aroma and creates a much finer vapor.

4. Resistance and Size of Battery
When you press the button on your vaporizer before you inhale; the battery gives the energy necessary to heat the resistance of the reservoir, where the e-liquid is, allowing it to evaporate. It is the vapor that, when passing through the throat, gives the sensation of the passage of smoke from a traditional cigarette.
Electronic cigarette’s battery comes in different sizes and with different load capacities. The batteries of 650mAh (milliamps/hour) have an approximate duration of  four hours, those of 900mAh of 6 hours, and 1100mAh of up to 8 hours.
The most popular battery model is the 900mAh eGo-T, which combines a comfortable size and a more than acceptable duration. They are the most requested by users since those of 650mAh are exhausted too quickly and those of 1100mAh, although more durable, are excessively bulky.

5. Taste of the Liquid

One of the most important key factors is vape juice. What flavor should we choose? The success or failure in the substitution of traditional tobacco for the electronic cigarette depends to a large extent on the choice of an E-liquid that is satisfactory to us.
There are many options: fruit, coffee, menthol, chewing gum… A very interesting alternative is represented by the flavors of genuine tobacco.

6. Nicotine Presence
Another very common doubt is that which refers to the level of nicotine that each consumer requires so that their experience with the electronic cigarette is fully enjoyable. There is a simple scale to determine the level of nicotine you need: For smokers of daily usage or more, a level of 24 mg of nicotine is recommended.
If you smoke between 20 and 30 cigarettes a day, the recommended quantity will be 24 mg. If you smoke less than 15 cigarettes a day, the concentration of 10 mg is the most appropriate. And, if you smoke less than 10 cigarettes a day, the recommended quantity will be 6mg.
Although there are non-nicotine vaporizers, their use is not recommended if the intention is to stop smoking conventional tobacco.

7. Portability
The decision to buy a portable or desktop vaporizer will depend on several choices. If you want a vaporizer that you can easily transport when you travel, attend festivals, etc., what you are looking for is a portable device.
On the other hand, if you are one of those people who enjoy vaping more at home, you will have to opt for a Desktop model. Desktop vaporizers have the advantage of providing puffs that are stronger than portables. The highest quality ones also last for many years, which is not necessarily the case with many of the cheap portable models.

The decision to make your life healthier with the help of electronic cigarettes depends solely on you. To ensure that you can take that step firmly, it is important to know the various alternatives offered by these increasingly popular devices.
So always choose the vaping device which meets your vaping needs.