7 Things No Vaper Should Leave Home Without

If you love your flavours or need your nicotine fix, it is incredibly stressful when you cannot vape. So, don’t leave home without everything you need!

Whether you are setting off for a great day out or simply popping to the corner shop, take your vaping essentials with you. You never know what could happen along the way. From getting stuck for hours on the motorway to locking yourself out of the house, life has a nasty habit of serving up the unexpected. We’ve all had those incredibly bad days that keep us away from home for much longer than we had expected.

Trust me, it isn’t a good idea to go anywhere with just your e cig in your pocket.

Experienced vapers will already know the drill but if you are new to vaping, read on.

Here’s what you should to take with you to ensure you can continue vaping, whatever lady luck throws at you:

1.A spare battery
Even if your vape kit features the beefiest of batteries, you can never be sure exactly how long it will last. A variety of factors can impact battery life including extreme temperatures and accidental firings. It’s worth bearing in mind that if your battery gets wet or overheats, it could cease to function. Always carry a spare just in case your battery fails, or you are away from home for much longer than you anticipated.

2.Power Bank
When you plan to be out and about for a lengthy period, it’s best to take a fully charged power bank with you. This might sound like overkill when you are carrying a spare battery but if, like me, you have ever been stuck in a snow drift overnight, you will know that a power bank will become your favourite thing in the whole world! You can use it to recharge your vape and also your mobile phone.

3.Charging cable
Your power bank isn’t going to help you if you leave your charging cable at home. Your cable will also enable you to recharge your device in the car or anywhere else where the opportunity arises.

4.Plenty of e liquid or spare pods
You never know how long you will be out and about. So, you can’t know how much juice you are going to need. To make matters worse, it’s easy to lose those little 10ml bottles of e liquid. Always grab at least two bottles of juice before you leave home and keep one of them in a zipped pocket or anywhere else that prevents you from accidentally dropping it. If you use a pod system with prefilled pods, carry a few replacements.

5.Spare coils
Your coil may have been designed to last for several days but that doesn’t mean it will. Forget to refill your tank before it runs dry and you will burn out your coil, rendering it useless. Just one senior moment or an engrossing distraction could stand between you and a dead coil.  You will also discover the occasional dud amongst your coils. Always carry at least one spare!

6.Tissue and hand gel
More overkill? Not really! You need the ability to mop up spilled juice, wherever you happen to be. A few stray drops are inevitable if you switch your coil. Take some tissue and one of those incredibly useful little bottles of hand gel with you to clean both your hardware and your tank, not to mention anything else you may spill e liquid onto.

7.Spare mouthpiece
E cig drip tips are easily knocked off your device and their threads can fail. Without a mouthpiece you are dead in the water. Many kits come with a spare but if your kit didn’t, invest in a spare and keep it your pocket.

It might sound a little silly to carry so much with you when you aren’t exactly planning a major expedition with Bear Grylls. But like the aforementioned Chief Scout, you should adopt the moto “Be prepared”. You never know what is going to happen and when.