7 of the Best Vape Mods for 2022

Step right up and take a peek at some of the latest and greatest vape mods available to vapers for 2022, from the short and powerful to bulky, with an impressive array of features, all providing maximum flavour and cloud. What you like and need is always going to be different from the next vaper standing next to you in the street. However, we believe this list provides a versatile mixture of mods that indicates what’s required to vape at a direct lung Sub-Ohm level. The experience should be enjoyable and beneficial with the right mod as you enter the later stages of your vaping journey (unless you’re confident enough to jump straight into it - there are some options below which facilitate all levels).

GeekVape Aegis Mini 2 - Best Compact Vape Mod
In the past, the Aegis series has impressed for design, structure, performance and flavour from beefier mods. However, the Mini 2 - following on from its predecessor - demonstrates the quality of GeekVape with a stylish and compact vape that will rarely overheat. This is because of how the airflow cools down the chamber of the coil.

In addition, the top airflow allows high cloud performance and smooth vapour up to 100W with the B Series coils via 0.2 Ohm or 0.6 Ohm (latter more RDL than DTL).

It’s important to note vapers should be aware not to puff at too high a wattage as it is a single 18650 mod, so the battery performance will not last as long when vaping a high VG e-liquid near max wattage. But overall, the build quality is great, offering type-c charging and a large battery capacity (2500mAh) for such a small and surprisingly lightweight device. It fires quickly and rarely leaks due to top fill and airflow while also feeling comfortable to hold. Best vaped between 40W and 70W.

·Upgraded IP68 rated, meaning it’s dustproof, shockproof and waterproof for a long-lasting kit
·The locking switch seen on some previous Aegis models is a fantastic feature for peace of mind, ensuring safety when in a pocket or bag and ease of use when you want to keep the wattage consistent
·Range of features such as temperature control, puff counter and bypass mode

Smok R Kiss 2 - Best Vape Mod for Beginners
Smok have nailed it with the Smok R Kiss 2 Sub-Ohm kit, impressing with a trendy design and easy to use device. While most vape mod enthusiasts don’t need to reach up to 200W of vapour, it’s nice to have the option if required, although the coils are not recommended at that level of power to prevent them from burning out.

Nevertheless, this is a great start for vape mod beginners because of how it sets up, feels and looks. From a practical standpoint, the screen is nice and big so that you can easily see your settings when you want to adjust them, so if you’re short-sighted it comes in handy. It’s also not too complicated to navigate yet still packs a punch with impressive vapour and some of the largest vapour clouds you’ll see this year.

·Sturdy quality build with stylish honeycomb-style design
·Decent battery life
·Dual 18650s and dual mesh coils
·Handy side firebar, ideal whichever hand you hold the mod in

Vaporesso Gen 200 - Best Vape Mod for Clouds
Just like the recently released Target kits from Vaporesso, the Vaporesso Gen 200 vape mod fires up to 220W and offers vapers a powerful Sub-Ohm kit. The cloud performance and consistency are impressive for a device that’s sleek, ergonomic and easy to grip in the hand, as well as smaller dimensions than the Target series.

The design doesn’t impress like some of the other mods in this guide but makes up with a near-instant impact whenever you add new GTi coils that come with the kit, adding to the top airflow iTank. The GTi coils are available in 0.2 and 0.4 Ohm and offer fantastic flavour from the mesh design right from the get-go. For Sub-Ohm vapers, this is the dream, as you need to change the e-liquid and coils more frequently than a high resistance MTL coil.

·Bright display and menu with different adjustable coloured themes
·Large clouds and wattage potential
·Reliable and light build quality with a nicely finished neat design
·Quickfire draw and adjusts wattage at a fast speed
·Different feature modes to change the flavour

Innokin 217 Z Force - Best Vape Mod for Flavour & Long-Lasting Coils
Why do vapers seek coils that stretch the realms of flavour beyond the standard expiry date? For a few simple reasons: it’s cheaper, less hassle and just good value for money. The Innokin ZF duo prime coils that go with the Z Force tank do not disappoint, lasting at least a couple of weeks thanks to features on the Innokin 217 vape mod like the refresh setting, which extends the life of the coils.

The Innokin 217 Z mesh coil structure is uniquely designed to store e-liquid first on the outer layer, warming up for maximum flavour and heat before passing into the inside layer of mesh within each coil. This delivers the best results possible for longer flavour and consistency.

·Adjustable bottom airflow
·Supports not just 18650 batteries but 21700 and 20700 too
·Stylish design with rubber grip and available in a variety of colours
·The tank fully disassembles for cleaning when required

Vaporesso Gen 80S - Best Single 18650 Vape Mod
The Vaporesso Gen 80S is the smaller condensed wattage kit released with the larger Gen 200 discussed above. With a similar design in a more pocket-friendly form, the 80S works a treat for those who seek a vape mod that provides a stellar vape at a slightly lower wattage. Because of the adjustable wattage capabilities, you can take your pick with your vape juice based on preference, whether that’s 50/50 or high VG.

Slim and comfortable to hold in the hand with nice screen brightness and menu layout, it’s just what’s needed for those switching from smoking who seek an easy to use vape mod kit. It's versatile and straightforward to pick up and use straight away, even if your e-cigarette knowledge is limited.

·Single 18650 mod
·Sleek and slim design
·Powerful performance from such a lightweight mod

Voopoo Drag X - Best Vape Mod for Durability
The craftsmanship that went into every corner of the compact Voopoo Drag X creates a wonderful vaping experience. From top to bottom, there are no design flaws or issues with the vape, starting with the PnP coil system and the removable drip tip. The PnP coils are so easy to remove that it creates zero effort for the vaper and they’re super secure, thanks to the magnetic connection.

Meanwhile, the leather on the handgrip adds elegance to the mod while the easy fill system creates very few (if any) issues with e-liquid leaking. Overall, it’s a reliable singular 18650 mod that’s great value for vapers of all levels.

·Smooth adjustable airflow
·Great flavour and cloud performance
·Option to go with a large 2500mAh internal battery with its sibling Drag S vape mod

GeekVape Aegis Legend 2 - Best All-Round High Wattage Vape Mod
If you’re looking for a jack of all trades, the Aegis Legend 2 delivers with a near-perfect vape mod. Similar to the Aegis Mini 2 above, this bigger mod has tri-proof technology to create a safe experience for each vaper with high shock resistance, plus dust and waterproof technology at an IP68 rating.

In addition to that, it vapes huge clouds of vapour that produce amazing flavour with each hit, reaching up to 200W if you wish, thanks to the dual 18650 battery capabilities. Boasting top airflow and four different power modes, what’s not to like from this mod? It looks sleek, works with a range of coils and has a lock switch.

·Drip tip suitable for DTL or MTL (at a lower wattage)
·Rapid draw
·The awesome flavour from the Z mesh coils

Vape Mod FAQs

What is a Vape Mod?
A vape mod is a device with more advanced settings and features providing more power for vapers seeking stronger flavour and clouds of vapour. These kits will likely be wider and bigger in length as they typically contain batteries with higher amperage, thus producing more nicotine per hit. In contrast, vape pens or pod systems have less battery power and are focused more on the right throat hit for mouth to lung vaping. They’re aimed at new vapers switching from smoking or experienced vapers who prefer less cloud.

Is a Single, Dual or Internal Battery Best in a Mod?
This depends how you vape during the day - in terms of frequency and the intensity of each hit. If you like to vape high VG e-liquids direct to the lung, these heat at a quicker rate within the coil, therefore needing more battery power. Vape mods tend to include dual 18650s or a large internal battery of at least 1000mAh. A single 18650/21700/20700 mod is fine with a lower-powered mod. For very low wattage vapes focused on the nicotine hit via the mouth to lung method, a high internal battery will mean less charging and should last all day.

Can You Vape a Mod Mouth to Lung?
In most cases, no, because a vape you can modify tends to be tailored more towards advanced vapers that seek more clouds and flavour at a higher wattage. They’re paired with low resistance coils. A high powered device will heat nicotine e-liquids too quickly. Too much consumption of nicotine can lead to nicotine poisoning.

Are Vape Mods Compatible With Nic Salts?
Nicotine salts contain the highest amount of nicotine - usually 10-20mg per e-liquid bottle. Therefore, a vape mod with more power will feel too intense on the throat and could cause throat issues from the e-liquid vapourising at a faster rate, creating a dry heat, leading to dehydration, a sore throat and even coughing.